Racist Republicans on Obama

No Shame?

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Can there be anything more insulting than praising an African-American as "articulate" with the presumption that you're contrasting your subject with others of the same color? I mean, come on now - how tin-eared is that? (reminds me of remarking about their proficiency at swimming...)

And now a neanderthal GOP candidate for the presidency has gone and done it AGAIN. Good grief, would these idiots learn how to avoid opening their mouth and stuffing both feet right in? And "clean"?! For the love - where di that come from?

On Barack Obama's candidacy:

"“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Only one slight problem...that wasn't a Republican. It was the senior senator from Delaware and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. I'm sure the outrage train is just running a little behind schedule.

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Um, "clean"? Does that mean that those with darker skins than Obama are "dirty?"

"I'm kind of old-fashioned. I like to engage my brain before my mouth." Donald Rumsfeld

I wonder how CBC feels about that. I'm sure they won't actually be saying anything that we could figure out, but hey.

I think Biden brings up a good point. I think the reason we're in Iraq right now is that Bush had all those people in high places and couldn't understand what they were trying to tell him. That Powell guy and the skinny piano player girl are tough to figure out.

If there were any expectation of justice in this life, the "outrage train" would run over Biden.
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Do not read the second sentence while drinking a glass of water. It's not good for the keyboard.

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I don't think that's going to go over all that well with the all-important black vote...or anybody else, for that matter. It's not hard to gather some insinuation that previous black candidates for president -- Jackson, Sharpton, Mosley-Braun, Chisolm, Keyes -- were inarticulate, unbright, dirty, and not-so-nice-looking.

While I understand that this comment is what's making headlines, I do have to give Biden kudos for (finally) saying what just hasn't been said about Obama: he's an empty suit...a beautiful and intriguing package full of nothing.

Biden's comments on Hillary are incoherent.

...until just now (I also hadn't had my caffeine ration, either).

Sweet. Suffering. Jeebus.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

I'm very glad that Senator Biden was so candid, because for weeks now I've been telling people that Barack Obama was thrust into the Senate because he fit all the "right stereotypes" and that that was evident to me as far back as 2000. Barack Obama is the quintessential "lump of wet clay" that Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg have been waiting to mould into a Dream Candidate and sell to the American public.

Biden correctly points out that Barack has said virtually nothing about Iraq during his time in the Senate. That's deliberate. He also points out, I think indirectly, that the theory behind Obama's meteoric rise was to just get him in there after the huge Republican flameout in Illinois, and basically keep him from hurting himself until Dreamworks Pictures took an interest in him.

Barack is the most pluperfect Hollywood Candidate to come along in the last century, on more levels than just the ones that Biden blurts out in that piece. I have a very strong feeling that one of the reasons Kerry decided not to run (behind the scenes) is that Spielberg wasn't interested in trying to stage-manage anohter one of his failures "Reporting for Duty." Instead, Barack is a fresh canvas.

Pass the popcorn, folks, because for the next year and a half, if Obama stays in the race, Hollywood is going to work like you've never seen them work to construct Barack Obama: The Candidate, The Hero, The All-American, The Prodigy, The Savior. It wasn't just predictable, it was the plan. Almost six years ago in Illinois, when the Donks got George Ryan over a barrel and blew the Republican party there to smithereens.

I have to disagree with Robert Hahn's premature assessment that "We Hardly Knew Ye." My feeling is that B.O. hasn't even begun to be blown across the fruited plain by the Hollywood moguls selling him at $5,000-a-plate dinners. Barack Obama is *The Project* and even though Biden participated in that, I think he's a little jealous and airing some sour grapes in that interview, of the "Hey, why not me?" variety.

With little effort, the Republican Party will have an easy cruise into the White House in 2008... and I say this with the utmost confidence for one reason...
The democrats (having suffered 2nd place humiliation SO long) are intoxicated.
Like a country tune played backward they finally “got the house back”… got the senate back too…
They have “power” and have gathered in mass about this holy chalice to drink in mighty gulps...
And now, in their drunken stupor (as most who are under the influence will do)... they have become clumsy, their memories are failing, they find it hard to focus, and they have become…"chatty"... blabbering (unintentionally, of course) about those dark little things kept normally locked behind the firewall of sobriety. And… as it has also been statistically proven that alcohol (and the case of the democrats, the sweet elixir of power) promotes violence in many of its users…
I promise you… the all out bar brawl is coming.
And it will be ugly…
Posturing… mud slinging… insults… gossip… lots of verbal punches being thrown…

Fun part is… it will all be on one side of the isle.

"Even when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward."

See what happens when you Speak Truth To Power inside the Party and then let it leak out in an interview featured on the Drudge Report?

Into the Memory Hole With You! Maybe Biden should switch parties. No, scratch that. We don't want him either.

Especially for Joe Biden. He knows right now that he'll most likely be an 'also ran'. His only chance at the nomination is to get down in the mud and hope more of it sticks to the other guys (and gal). He has no ideological position to run: Hillary and Vilsack are representing the DLC, Obama is the 'charisma candidate' and Edwards is the working man's candidate.

Biden just needs to go home.

from Michelle Malkin are:

"Question A: Who will press Joe Biden to name the names of the inarticulate and dim and dirty and unattractive African-Americans he was thinking about when he, um, complimented Barack Obama?

Question B: Will the Washington Post give this coverage equal to its Macacaphony over George Allen's racial blundering?"


You’re a persistent cuss, pilgrim.
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I thought he was pretty much a mainstream Democrat. Guess that means he isn't "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

Dating back to the Reagan Era, in fact, in his book: "Mr. Gazoo: A Cartoon History of the Reagan Era" that observes precisely the same thing. But even Je$$e is in on this one. He has learned that the most important thing is to have Hollywood be able to Make the Man.

That Jesse Jackson is supporting Barack Obama, the "cleaned-up Black Presidential candidate."

It was a major shift in strategy in internal Donk circles not to support Jackson to run this time around. The theory was that the "cleaned up", non-offensive, no-record candidate from Harvard stood a much better chance once Hollywood started telling His Story. And you will see no shortage of stories about Barack Obama in the next 18 months, starting off with the most recent one in the New York Times.

You can read the Times' interest in helping to manufacture Obama in a full-court, Left-Coast, Right-Coast, Heartland Press here.

Biden is going for the white vote.

In addition to spouting this soft bigotry against African-Americans, he has taken after Americans of Indian descent:

You can’t walk into a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts in my state unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking!

Watch out Hispanics! If Bill Richardson's campaign gets any traction at all, you may be next!

But that's not all. Biden isn't just disparaging minorities. He is actively pursuing the white vote. How else can you explain this?

"[Delaware was a] slave state that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way."

Don't you see? These comments aren't gaffes, they're part of a strategy. Biden is so smart! He is deliberatley trying to look like a bigot to differentiate himself from the rest of the Democratic field, which we know is full of uppity minorities running first-of-their-kind campaigns. What's a regular ole white guy supposed to do?

Develop alternatives to existing policies and keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable. Milton Friedman

The problem is that Joe Biden is channeling Tim Robbins just after he emerges from a cloud of pot smoke, and when he does that, he leaks very important internal Donk strategy objectives to the press.

Biden is an egotistical, bloviating fool, but come on guys. I know that's how the Dems react (over even less than that), but I don't think there's anything there. I don't think that interpretation is justified over seeing the sattement in two parts: "he's the first mainstream African American" candidate (and it is certainly on point to ask whether he is truly mainstream, but in comparison to say, Jesse Jackson, its a fair enough statement) and he's "articulate, bright.." etc, etc. I also don't find him particularly articulate, but others do, so fine. as far as "clean" I think the obvious interpretation there is "clean-cut" or "smooth" not a "them negroes iz durty" statement. in other words, the relative clause modifies "candidate", not "first ... African American candidate". let's not act like the dems.

If you listen to his response on FOX he's really trying to retract the statement in a way that makes it more clear that he actually meant it. I love it when a plan comes together for the Democrats. :)

didn't hear his backpeddling (or the original statement either, of which, tone of voice, etc could go a long way in determing the right interpretation/intent).

though he could just be trying to retreat from the howling moonbat lynch mobs (if the use of the word "lynch" here isn't somehow deemed to be racist by Joe Biden's masters. oops, there I go again)

Nah, these are legit complaints. It was a stupid thing to say and people are right to criticize him for it. There are plenty of African-Americans that fit Biden's description.

I might disagree with their policy preferences, but I will certainly say that Powell and Rice are both articulate and bright. And clean, even.

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