Recalibration Watch, 05/19/2008 (Obama Campaign) [Updated]

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[In what will no doubt relieve the the Obama campaign, two new polls have come through with two solid double-digit wins for him in Oregon. Always a thrill a minute for our Democratic colleagues, huh? - Moe Lane]

Good morning.

We have received reports showing concern over American Research Group's forecast yesterday of 50/45 the Obama in Oregon, and 65/29 Clinton in Kentucky. We would like to remind our operatives that ARG has been notoriously bad this election cycle in picking a winner, so be sure to mention that often.

Particularly since, according to Suffolk, it's 45/41 the Obama in Oregon and 51/25 Clinton in Kentucky. Accordingly, please be sure to also use the words "outlier" and "statistical blips," emphasize that Oregon uses exclusively a [mail]-in ballot, immediately switch to a narrative where the Obama was always going to have a fight in Oregon, and of course redouble all efforts to insist that a bare majority of pledged delegates in a reduced primary total gives the Obama a moral right to his Party's nomination.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Hope and change,

The the Obama Campaign

PS: And for the love of Barack, don't talk about thermostat regulation. People are going to wonder why we even care, given the whole global warming thing.

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Those are certainly some disquieting numbers for The Obama out of Oregon. I expect him to win there by low double digits (say, 12%) and for Hillary to win in KY by about 25%. Such a result would give Obama a plausible opening to declare victory (having secured a marjority in the pledged delegate count). But if the numbers are worse than that, Hillary could have an opportunity to shift the media narrative away from Obama's inevitability and more towards his vulnerabilities.

P.S. - You should capitalize all words in your defined terms (i.e., The Obama instead of "the Obama").

The proper spelling should be "The Obama," not "the Obama."

But I think we could go "Il Barry," and we'd be just fine.

...with "the/The Lord;" so I dunno which way actually works better.

I should do a poll.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

At least in the OT, because the translators are generally translating "YHWH." Actually, I'm not sure that makes it different.


Clearly, "the Obama" is the appropriate rendering. So, when quoting, "thus saith the Obama" or, in a complete sentence, "The Obama only knows."

Only a racist would fail to do it that way.

Gone 2500 years, still not PC.

The man has been talking about the rules as they stand ever since he got a majority of pledged delegates out of a minority of Nevada caucus goers, and especially since he weaseled delegates out of a primary loss in Texas.

He can't flip and start talking about subsets of the vote now.

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The closing should be "In hope and change, Comrade"

If she would attack Obama mercilessly and pull off an upset in Oregon, she could actually win this thing.

Unfortunately, probably due to money woes, she appears to be going gently into the light.

Let me say straight away that I believe The Obama will win in Oregon. Like Mose, I think that low double digits is probably what we can expect. These two polls are largely outliers, and conducted my pollsters that have had notoriously bad track records throughout this primary season.

That said, if, by some implausible magic, Oregon went for Hillary, even by 1 vote, it would set off an unimaginable political earthquake. There is absolutely NO WAY The Obama could successfully spin an Oregon loss. It would be impossible for the Obama sycophants and the MSM (I know, redundancy) to explain away the "All but certain nominee" losing in a state demographically favorable to him after two weeks of a near universal assumption amongst the punditocracy that the race is over. No blaming bitter, racist yokels here; rural eastern Oregon does not have the population to outvote Portland and Eugene.

A Hillary win would guarantee a floor fight at the convention; the Clintons would spend every cent they have if need be. Furthermore, it would intensify the serious doubts about Obamessiah that I am sure are in the back of a lot of super-delegate's minds.

Most importantly, it would clearly establish that a majority of the population doesn't take the MSM very seriously. No, Keith Olbermann, Obama has not been crowned. This is still a democracy (sort of); not a media autocracy. That alone would make me giddy.

Again, I don't think it's going to happen. But if it does, get ready for trench warfare in the Democratic ranks that will make everything that has happened thus far look like child's play.

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