Rudy Giuliani: Right Man. Right Time.

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I think Rudy Giuliani will be a superb president. There are many reasons I support Mayor Giuliani's candidacy – his leadership after September 11th, his turning around of New York City and his fight against crime – but what I most admire is his record of fiscal conservatism.

As Mayor, Rudy Giuliani cut taxes 23 times while turning a $2.3 billion dollar deficit into a $2.9 billion surplus. He saved taxpayers more than $11 billion by controlling the projected growth of city-funded spending, and he created a smaller, more efficient government by cutting the number of full-time city-funded jobs by nearly 20%, excluding cops on the street and teachers in the classroom.

When Americans choose their next president they need a proven leader who can get things done. Rudy Giuliani is that leader. Like I mentioned in a recent op-ed I wrote, Rudy Giuliani is not afraid of trying to do big things. He successfully tackled the welfare mess in New York City, even before the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. By the time he was through, welfare rolls had been cut nearly 60%.  It's clear Rudy Giuliani is not afraid to pursue major structural changes, even in the face of the conventional wisdom and an entrenched status quo political establishment.

Moreover, Rudy Giuliani realizes no issue is more important to our nation's security than winning the terrorists war on us. He is the man to keep our country on offense, not defense.

Tonight, as Americans watch all the Republican candidates come together for the first GOP debate of this election cycle they will hear many plans for moving the country forward. There is no doubt that this country needs to elect a Republican President to keep our nation secure and fiscally sound. Rudy Giuliani will be the kind of President to do just that. I encourage you to visit Rudy's site at and sign up to be a part of his team. I'm confident that once you read about his record and his optimistic vision for the future you will agree with me that he is the right man at the right time.

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Hmmmmm. by Oz

Welcome Mr. Forbes. It's always good to have distinguished visitors.

On a side note to the editors, are we going to give equal time for, say, Lindsey Graham to come have a McCain lovefest here and the like?

I know Fred is already blogging here and I don't mind actual issue discussions, but blatent political advertising in the guise of blogging should at least make redstate some money.

Signature disclaimer: I'm not currently paid by any campaign, but I am available. Current preferences for President: 1) F.Thompson; 2) Romney; 3) McCain; 4) Gingrich; Guiliani removed 04/03/07

It seems to me that Forbes is encouraging Republican activism. If Lindsey Graham would like to blog here on behalf of John McCain, he could contact Erick.

An election season is either about to happen or is happening, and supporters and activists have things to say. I've seen Romney supporters here, McCain supporters, Giuliani supporters, Brownback supporters, Fred Thompson supporters...

Let's not forget the former Speaker himself...Newt Gingrich came on here. Mr. Speaker, please run!!!

And he actually proposed bold ideas. Or, as he says, "real change" that "requires real results."

And statesmen at her council met
Who knew the seasons when to take
Occasion by the hand, and make
The bounds of freedom wider yet
- Tennyson, _To the Queen_

...with your comment about Republican activism.

I, personally think that if Fred Thompson runs, with Thompson, Giuliani and McCain in the field it is overall, an Outstanding group of candidates. Outstanding. They all have strengths and weaknesses but man oh man, I am praying day and night right now, that whoever wins the nomination can pull every single conservative, right-winger, RINO, libertarian, conservative democrat and kitchen sink together under the GOP banner in 2008.

This is going to be the most important election in the history of this Country, in my view - a Liberal/Leftist victory in 2008 doesn't just mean pain for the Land, it could very well signal doom.

Happy to do so. We've already had John Thune on the front page for Senator McCain.

I had forgotten about Thune. One of these days we'll need to meet up at some event since I'm in the Atlanta area. I'd enjoy picking your brain on things like how we (the GOP) can retake the house and such.

Signature disclaimer: I'm not currently paid by any campaign, but I am available. Current preferences for President: 1) F.Thompson; 2) Romney; 3) McCain; 4) Gingrich; Guiliani removed 04/03/07

Malcolm Steve Forbes Jr. is being too forgiving towards Rudy when considering how "leftist" Rudy is compared to almost all of the other major '08 GOP Presidential contenders-especially on all of the social issues. Rudy even endorsed Cuomo's run for N.Y. Governor over Pataki! This is just a friend endorsing another friend while Forbes also puts aside his overall political ideology.

maybe, like me, Mr. Forbes wants to make sure we have an actual fiscal conservative in office for the first time in like, forever.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

What do you mean by on all of the social issues we disagree with Rudy on Abortion and thats it he doesn't believe in gay marraige so just what are all of the other social issues that he is supposed to be so liberal on. Tell I would like to know.

Gun control - he doesn't really believe that the Second Amendment means what it says. That is enough of a deal-breaker right there.

you ran for President. We are both very ecstatic that Rudy Giuliani is running and have already to his candidacy. It's time to get some fiscal responsibility back into the Republican party and back into the nation.

Rudy might become more attractive if he was as willing as Mr. Forbes to make sweeping fiscal reforms to our government. Well see if he is nearly as ambitious tonight.

"I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance"-Socrates(the real one ;)

I truly believe rudy will piss away our 2nd. A. rights in a heartbeat to appease the left!!
He truly deserves the label R.I.N.O.

far left knows that it's political suicide to do so.

Rudy is basically the anti-Bush. Whereas Bush is a social conservative and a fiscal liberal, Rudy is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I like Rudy and I like Bush, but I would prefer a more well-rounded conservative in the White House.

republicans because they will give more entitlements. We lose alot when we move away from our traditions of small government.

Not by KyleH

There has never been a fiscally conservative and socially liberal national office holder. There are those who are fiscally liberal and socially conservative. There are those who are fiscally conservative and socially conservative. Oddly, the fiscally conservative and socially liberal is completely missing. I thought Schwarzenegger would fill that void. Initially he looked promising, but he has gone off the fiscal deep end.

I am leaning Rudy. More important than my leanings, or anyone else's, is the need for the GOP to have a CIVIL discourse while selecting a candidate.

Repeating my tired mantra today- the GOP needs to do MUCH BETTER than our 271-267 electoral vote victory of 2000, while losing the popular vote and barely hanging on to the House.

I think that much of the criticism that Rudy gets from mainstream conservatives is not only unfair but isn't taking into account the big picture. I, along with most of you, disagree with him on abortion, guns and gay marriage and frankly who cares. Rudy, like all of us, believes these issues should be settled on the state level not the national level. That means that while most of you will make this a huge part of the campaign it will take up about fifteen minutes of his administration. He will appoint originalist judges who like him, believe that these issues should be settled by the state. While his personal belief on these matters may differ dramatically from ours, as a matter of policy, his actions will be in line with ours.

On the flip side, Rudy has proven himself an effective leader since his days as a prosecutor. He will prosecute the war on terror forcefully, he will be for lower taxes and smaller government, and we all know his record on law and order.

In short, all of the supposed short comings that many of you find, will in my opinion be negligible during his administration, and the positives he brings far outweigh any positives of any of the other candidates.

Given his love for abortion (he wants the government to pay for it), I suspect he'll find pro-choice, anti-criminal judges when it matters (i.e. Mahoney).

He was my #3 until the beginning of last month.

Signature disclaimer: I'm not currently paid by any campaign, but I am available. Current preferences for President: 1) F.Thompson; 2) Romney; 3) McCain; 4) Gingrich; Guiliani removed 04/03/07

picks while he was the Governor of Massachusetts.

Antigay Romney Goes Liberal in Judge Selection

AP Reports that Romney Appointed Two Homosexual Activists to the Bench

"Of the 36 people Romney has named to be judges or clerk magistrates, 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made contributions to Democratic politicians or who have voted in Democratic primaries, according to records reviewed by The Boston Globe."

"Overall, Romney has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats, including two gay lawyers who have supported expanding rights for gays and lesbians."

That's a clueless article. Do you know anything about the Governors Council in Massachusetts that appoints all judges? Please tell me from the list attached below, who you know and which ones supported Romney's nominations. I'll give you a hint - there is not one single Republican on the Council.'s_Council

It's great to hear from you Mr. Forbes, I think you and your ideas are a tremendous asset to the Republican Party. I hope you continue to be active in politics as Republicans would be well-served to listen to your ideas.

Any chance you would consider running for another public office, I think you would make a great Senator? New Jersey has a Senate election in '08, I hope you consider running.

Your endorsement carries a lot of weight, and I am also planning on supporting Giuliani's candidacy. If Giuliani pushes for a flat tax (a favorite issue of mine), I think he will capture the nomination. Rudy is a staunch conservative on the issues I care most about, and he has shown to be a tremendous leader. Giuliani would be a modern-day Eisenhower, a center-right figure respected on both sides of the aisle who would greatly improve the Republican Party's brand-image. I also happen to think he would beat ANY Democrat in a walk.

"Back in the thirties we were told we must collectivize the nation because the people were so poor. Now we are told we must collectivize the nation because the people are so rich. "

William F. Buckley, Jr.

All of the GOP Presidential candidates should embrace the Fair Tax instead of some of them embracing the Flat Tax. The Flat Tax rates for everyone could eventually become just as bad as the present tax system, and the Fair Tax is foolproof to the point that even all illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. will be forced to pay into it as well as every law abiding U.S. citizen and every legal immigrant at the same tax rate forever. The Fair Tax is a much better overall tax system for everyone.

I beg to differ.

1. The "fair" tax proponents say they won't place an undue burden on the poor by giving them monthly subsidies to help cover the outrageous 22% sales tax. This will require an army of bureaucrats just to track everyone's income to determine who's entitled and to how much. And what do you do about people who's income fluctuates monthly? Since the middle class probably won't qualify for such entitlements, they will end up getting squeezed the most (but what else is new?).

2. A nat'l sales tax will stifle impulse spending. Ask any salesman what that will do to the bottom line.

3. Those who can afford to will buy their products overseas.

4. A whole new "tax free" black market will emerge.

Steve's flat tax idea is simple and fair. It's one of the reasons he was my choice in 2000.

I believe the way the FAIR Tax works is that EVERYBODY gets an identical refund. For the rich big spenders, this refund amounts to a tiny percent of the taxes they pay in as sales taxes. For the poor this refund amounts to a 100% refund of all the taxes they pay and for the very very poor it amounts to a subsidy or a refund larger than the taxes they paid in. The result is a progressive tax system that is achieved in a very simple manner with no army of bureaucrats and also without a $100 billion expenditure on tax accountants in the private sector.

Another point to add to your list. It would be too easy to raise taxes on sales tax. It is automatically added to purchases so most people do not pay attention.

Two simple questions:
1. To the nearest dollar, how much did you pay last year in sales taxes?
2. To the nearest dollar, how much did you pay last year in income taxes?

Could calm a lot of conservative nerves, leading to a President Giuliani pehaps being the most fiscally responsible president since Grover Cleveland.

"As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this."
- George Mason

Of course they were a much different party back then.

I supported your candidacies in both 1996 and 2000. I think you'd have made a fantastic president.

Just about every time that I read one of your columns, I find myself nodding in agreement. And I still remember the time when you, presciently, said that Alan Greenspan's monetary policies c. early 2000 were unnecessarily moving the country toward recession. You were right -- and the other candidates, from both parties, didn't even seem to have a clue.

I'm still uncommitted to any candidate right now. I like Giuliani. But I also have appreciation for Gov. Romney and Sen. Thompson. I think any of them would be a good choice for the Republican Party.

Thanks for posting. As I said, your endorsement carries weight with me.

While Rudy's critics will say that he's always been an "open borders" Republican (which isn't entirely untrue), it's not something he's nearly as identified with as his views on abortion, gay marriage, and gun control.

I think he's got wiggle room on immigration -- enough so that he can shift to a more GOP-palatable position without being tagged a flip-flopper. Of course, it's still a tough issue for anybody. But somebody like McCain, whose name was attached to the amnesty bill, has much less room to move.

I think immigration's going to be a bigger issue than many expect in '08. Everybody's expecting war, war, war. But I think immigration is on a lot of peoples' minds and it doesn't appear terribly likely that anything significant is going to be done there this Congress.

This will help Rudy. And I think he can get away with it.

When you mention illegal immigration as a big issue, perhaps Pat Buchanan's time has come. He has a very strong stand on illegal immigration. I heard one commentator suggests that the real candidates for President have not even emerged yet.

As far as Rudy, I wonder if we have ever elected to the Presidentcy someone who's highest rank attained was Mayor. His claim to fame may be 9/11, but as Mayor, his job was to protect the City.

Pat Buchanan is too old to seriously run for President, and he has run for President and lost too many times already no matter what else people think of him overall!

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936, in Panama Canal Zone, Panama)

Patrick Joseph Buchanan (born November 2, 1938)

Pat Buchanan is also labeled by the mainstream media as more of a racist compared to most other conservative GOP politicians, Pat left the GOP to run as a Reform Party candidate for President the last time that he did run for President, and too many voters view his protectionist economic views as being too socialistic. There are also other people who question the political temperament of a President Pat Buchanan-Is he "thick skinned"? Others also see Pat as a nut.

I do warmly welcome your thoughts, here and those that you have offered over the years in service to our party.

I'm sorry that many of my fellow Redstater's chose to offer you a less than warm welcome due to your outspoken support of the former Mayor of New York City.

For some reason agreement on 90% or more of the major issues is not enough to prevent some from disparaging an otherwise fine man. I concede that for some single issue voters where that single issue is make or break, that 90% is merely a number, yet what eludes me is the reasoning behind the absolute lack of regard and disrespect instead of agreeing to disagree.

While I have not totally thrown my support behind anyone I am certainly heavily toward Mayor Giuliani for several reasons.

His willingness and success at dealing with a hostile media is of great importance, this being the most significant failing of the current administration in my perception.

This skill alone made a huge difference between his being able to get things done in NYC. Great ideas without implementation is still a failure, so although he was not able to do everything he set out to do in NYC, what he did accomplish is of historical significance as you clearly pointed out above.

Is this, in part, something he learned from working with his hero Ronald Reagan, certainly there are parallels to be made here, in looking at the results, although the methods were vastly different. Rudy was a tad more.... brusque lets say.

The most compelling issue and one that is hardly discussed at all for some reason is what the results of his broad appeal can possibly do for the party. Some time ago was published a report showing what could be considered an electoral landslide and despite his recent decline in polling, this point has not changed.

The impact of this could be potentially staggering, for those who fear his centrist views on social issues, despite the fact that the president has little impact on actual law as written, picture an underticket running to the right as stewards, a buffer perhaps socially. This I believe would result in an electoal landslide and HUGE coattails.

The people who would actually write the legislation, these people running solidly behind the candidate across the nation.

The potential of turning blue into some shade of red is suddenly possible and realistic in states where the GOP has not been viable in some time.

This candidate's ability to articulate and stand in front of the cameras, to bring over independents and democrats, to possibly usher in an era where the democrat party is crushed in overwhelming defeat.

This is what I see as the underlying strength of a Mayor Giuliani candidacy.

As an aside, I would also like to see someone clean up Washington. I would like to see the justice department investigate corruption and prosecute it wherever it is found and I think it's past time for it to happen and I do think that a Giuliani administration might be up to that task. At the least it would make for some great TV!

Again, thank you for your work for our party Mr. Forbes and thank you for posting your thoughts on Redstate.

Please come back again soon and bring Rudy with you!

Well done is better than well said. —Benjamin Franklin

If Rudy gets the nod, I'll most likely stay home or vote third party for the first time since I was old enough to vote in the 1988 election.

Another RINO in the White House is not what we need right now, whether it's a socially or fiscally "moderate" Republican. I'll even go so far as to say I'd rather have 4 years of a Democrat than see the Republican party continue it's shift to the left.

While I respect his leadership in the aftermath of 9/11 and his accomplishments as mayor of NYC, it's not enough to counteract my concerns about gun rights, judicial appointments, immigration, etc.

Plain and simple, if Rudy gets the nod, I stay home, and I won't be alone! GWB was supposed to be a "uniter" based upon his tenure as governor of Texas. I think history has aptly demonstrated how effective he was. Rudy will do no better, perhaps worse, if thats possible. This next election is the Democrats to lose. It is going to take the Republican Party a decade to undo the damage they've done to their base over the last 7 years. Get used to it as it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better! For those that want to freely compromise the Conservative principles that used to be the foundation of the Republican Party in order to elect a RINO as opposed to a Democrat, have at it. A lot of us simply threw in the towel 4 years ago.

Guliani= non-starter open borders fanatic.

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