The ARG Polling Is Faulty

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Drudge is making a big deal out of this ARG poll. Both the Democrat poll and the Republican poll are wildly different from all the other polling coming out of Iowa.

I suspect it is because the polling was conducted over the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before Christmas. Exactly which sorts of malcontents would rather sit on the phone answering polling questions than visiting with family and playing Wii bowling?

I respectfully suggest we should ignore this particular poll. Of course, I generally ignore all ARG polling.

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that didn't get a Wii for Christmas? Heh.

Have a Happy New Year!

The Democratic poll is clearly wrong, though it could reflect a trend. The Republican poll would be believable IF Fred Thompson has 10 of the remaining 12 points tacked onto his 3.

According to a story in today's NY Post, David Yepsen, the dean of Iowa political reporters, had a comment on his blog this weekend to the effect that "all of these polls are garbage."

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