The Messenger and the Message

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Denny Hastert should throw no stones. Given Denny Hastert's inept management of the House, his siding with William Jefferson in his scandal, and his love of earmarks, he is not the messenger to attack John McCain.

Denny Hastert bashing John McCain is like a burglar bashing the police. For every tax payer dollar Denny Hastert was willing to let out the door for frivolous purposes, John McCain and Tom Coburn fought to keep in the treasury for better purposes.

There are valid criticisms to raise against John McCain, but at this point, the messenger and the message are equally important. Having Denny Hastert accuse McCain of siding with the Democrats is foolish (see e.g. William Jefferson).

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Especially given that Hastert's issue with the FBI raid on Jefferson's office is a very legitimate opinion based on the role of the executive branch and the legislative branch of the federal government. While I disagree with his stance, it's far more respectable than any of McCain's faults.

I think generally Denny Hastert is a good conservative, but it's a bit odd to be lectured on conservatism from a guy who twisted arms to pass the Medicare Prescription Drug bill and fully embraced the earmark culture.

"The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions."

was a conservative champion. Then again, he can lay claim to that mantle at least to the same extent as John McCain.

So, regardless of what you think about Denny Hastert, the one thing you can't deny is that he is someone, much like former Senator Rick Santorum, who was inside the room when key decisions were being made. Isn't it telling that they both are adamant and so vocal in stating that time after time John McCain was not on their side?

Erick is right, the messenger can cloud the message. But it doesn't entirely invalidate it. Especially when you have other witnesses saying pretty much the exact same thing.

Regarding the messenger clouding, but not invalidating the message. The primarys are still happening; I'll support McCain if he's the nominee, however he doesn't get my primary vote.

...after Newt stepped down as Speaker. Just as the NYT with McCain, Hastert's endorsement of Romney is not something the candidate should be proud of. Hastert was a Speaker who had no business speaking in public. Usually what came out was stupidity and a political ear of the purest tin. Newt, on the other hand, is looking much better as time passes.

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as someone who has had occasional interaction with Denny Hastert, I will readily concede that he was not the best speaker (small s), face, or image of conservatism. But McCain supporters are suffering from a bad case of "potcallingthekettle" if they think they think they are in a position to criticize Hastert's conservative credentials.

I think any cursory review of Denny Hastert's record would show a much stronger conservative case can be made on his behalf than for the senior Senator from AZ.

On some issues, you might be right, but on spending, his record is the worst of the worst.

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Delay was the #2 Republican. Hastert was the #1. And yet Delay got all the criticism while Hastert seemed to slide under the radar.

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has been that DeLay was the real muscle and initiator in the congressional leadership at the time. Hastert's nature I think, made it easy for him to let Delay run with a lot of things while Denny was content to take a much more laid back approach.

and I think he really got the blame after his "there is no waste left to cut" comment. That's when I thought he went overboard and had become the ultimate insider.

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At least Denny Hastert didn't entertain switching parties or being a running mate as VP on a Kerry 04 ticket.

But push these petty attacks all you want. And McCain fought pork and will continue to do so. It's time to become Fiscal Conservatives again and put the Hastert/Delay era behind us.

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Pork is an ethics issue. On health care reform, McCain's stance is that prescription drug companies are evil. On social security, McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts because he wanted that money to go into his social security program.

I agree its time to put the Hastert/Delay era behind us but not if it means McCain in return.

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