The Politico and Sensationalism

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"McCain adviser ousted in conflict uproar," reads the Politico headline. That may make for a great headline, but neither it nor the sensationalism in the story are accurate.

Craig Shirley, a friend who helps RedState with PR work (hey, they should have mentioned us too), has done work with Stop Her Now, that our own Kevin Holtsberry is involved in. The Obama campaign no doubt pushed this story on the Politico, which as an organization seems more susceptible than any other media organization save the New York Times for candidate generated stories, and the Politico gladly went with the sensationalism.

Actually, Craig was asked by the McCain campaign if he wanted to continue working with the campaign or with Stop-Him-Now. Craig chose, not the campaign.

Likewise, Stop-Him-Now is not one of those shadowy 527 organizations, but an internet website that FEC regulations do not apply to. Stop Her Now was a 527, but certainly not shadowy. It only existed on the net and largely went unnoticed by the press until the guns turned on Jesus Obama.

Add this to the Politico file.

Oh, and pay attention little lefties:

RedState -------------> Craig Shirley-------------> Stop-Him-Now------------->Kevin Holtsberry ---------------> RedState

What a web we weave.

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"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

for dropping the campaign and sticking with the website...

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

I've seen multiple references to "Stop Her Now" as a 527 in all sorts of newspapers, so I was puzzled to read in this post that it's not a 527.

FEC regulations don't apply to web sites per se, but they do apply to organizations raising money for influencing campaigns who may, among other activities, have a web site, so while not every political web site is a campaign of a 527, merely having a web site doesn't mean a group isn't a 527. Are you saying that the web site is Stop Her Now' is /only/ a web site?

If it's not a 527, then what's this filing all about? Expenditures listed include lots of "public relations", "telemarketing", "direct mail"/"list rental"/"postage", etc.

Are there two different organizations with similar names, one of which is a 527 and one of which is not? Is/was Craig Shirley affiliated with only one of those, or both?

I'm genuinely puzzled. I always assumed this group was a 527 and that was not controversial.

I'll double check, but I'm pretty sure it is not a 527.

Fight On!

Stop-Him-Now is just a website. Stop Her Now was a 527. I've modified that paragraph.

Fight On!

Thanks for the correction, now I think I can make sense of this.

So, Craig was indeed working with both the campaign and a 527, and that was the reason the campaign asked him to choose one or the other, yes? If that's the case, what the Politico got wrong was that the campaign just told him to leave, rather than letting him choose.

Given that redirects to (I just checked, it still does), I think it's understandable for them to identify that "just a web site" with the existing 527, and that distinction doesn't seem relevant to the substance of the story anyway.

I've come to the conclusion that until the SCOTUS and/or Congress acts to repeal &/or strictly limit McCain-Feingold, the only way to bring 527's to a crashing hault is for a massive 527 buildup, vis-a-vis Reagan's assault on the Evil Empire.

Out-spend, out-maneuver, out-campaign and beat 'em back at their own stupid game!

Is there a site yet posted with right-leaning 527's and PACS?

p.s. Smart choice their Craig ;o)

Wasn't Politico set up by the washington Post and originally staffed by post people? If so, maybe this is the Post's dirty tricks (we wouldn't do this in the Post) operation.

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