The Politico Calls Florida for Gore. Panhandle Is Still Voting. [UPDATED]

Frigtarded Actions That Piss Erick Off

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Stories like this at the Politico hack me off. I have great respect for Jonathan Martin, but this is a rather below the belt article.

It's like Dan Rather calling Florida for Gore while the panhandle is still voting.

In fact, sources *in* the Thompson campaign tell me that they have a solid ground game operation going on in Iowa. I also know that more than one campaign's internal polling has reflected what Zogby has seen -- a late breaking surge toward Thompson.

Notice, again, that the Politico talks to "'Republican officials *close* to Thompson." When they actually talk to a Thompson "advisor" s/he tells them exactly what has already been reported.

So I can only look at this Politico article and wonder who has decided they want to sabotage the Thompson campaign. It seems the media has made a game of it.

The fact of the matter is, Thompson has made no secret that he needs a strong third place showing in Iowa. It's also no secret that were he to drop out, he'd probably endorse his friend John McCain.

A headline like this though, and an article like this, really is nothing but a media generated device to tap down turn on for Thompson. I'm sure that was not the Politico's intention, but considering they aren't really breaking any news that couldn't wait until tonight, after the results were known, makes them look as shallow as Fox News has looked lately in its treatment of the Thompson campaign.

[UPDATED:] Making the rounds this morning, several people are fingering McCain guys for initiating this article. I know at least two campaigns are also seeing a late breaking surge for Fred. McCain's invested in the "I'll be a surprise third" story line, so it makes some sense that McCainiacs would push this.

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The Politico Calls Florida for Gore. Panhandle Is Still Voting. [UPDATED] 55 Comments (0 topical, 55 editorial, 0 hidden) Post a comment »

...but I don't understand how/why Fred would endorse a guy who is at such odds with Fred's current stated positions. Would any Fredheads feel a bit betrayed if he did such a thing? Do Fredheads not care about amnesty anymore? Do you know want to pursue carbon offsets?

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

Also, personal connections do matter. The idea that endorsements are solely about a list of issues is wrong. It is about who one trusts to be a good President.

See Sen. Brownback's endorsement of Sen. McCain. Brownback could have thrown his support to Thompson or Huck, but he went with McCain. Now his old Iowa network of organizers (and especially Catholics) is helping McCain. It is an underreported reason McCain is not at 6% with Rudy in IA and instead at 13% with Thompson.

Sen. Thompson endorsed McCain in 2000 so it isn't surprising that he would think about doing it again. And after IA (assuming Thompson's not in the top 3) when McCain calls him and says "I could really use your help buddy and you know I want to use your skills in my administration, but I can't hold a spot for you if you continue dividing our vote" then what do you think Fred will do?

He's not an egomaniac. If his odds of winning are 1% then why not drop out and try to put your friend over the top instead.

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...but if Fred endorses him, it makes his staunchly conservative campaign look like somewhat of a sham, given that Fred positioned himself as the "tough" immigration guy, the anti-McCain-Feingold guy, the global warming is bogus guy. Absolutely none of that jives with McCain.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

but a candidate is not just a slate of ideas and policies. Many voters (and Senators) care about integrity, honor, leadership, commitment, and service. Or put more simply, character.

If you keep listing the few issues where Thompson has changed and arguably disagrees with McCain, then you are missing why Thompson would likely endorse McCain. They still agree on a lot of things (anti-pork, pro-national defense, tough foreign policy, reform entitlements) and I presume Fred thinks Sen. McCain is a strong, good leader who would do the right thing when in a tough situation.

If all of your issues only analysis was right, then why did Fred endorse McCain over Bush in 2000?

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...on many issues since then, albeit to the right side of those issues, but a flip nonetheless.

“.....women and minorities hardest hit”

Of course it was a sham. Fred saw an empty slot in the GOP lineup and moved to fill it. Because his voting record in the Senate was so generic GOP, it was easy to do. He'd never taken the lead on much of anything - one of the few he did push for was CFR, but he couldn't talk about that. I've never understood how people couldn't see that in his way, Fred was as plastic and packaged as Mitt Headroom.

John S. McCain III.

I don't think you can fake a lot of those 99-1 votes where Fred was the lone opponent, on federalist grounds.
"Hobbes, what do you think happens when we die?" "I believe we play saxophone in an all-girls cabaret in New Orleans." "So you believe in heaven?" "Call it what you like."

I found a link where Thompson claims he was on the lonely end of some 99-1 votes in defense of federalism, but I didn't see any specifics.

I also found a blog which undertook to refute the claim. The guy searched the records, and found only one 99-1 vote where Thompson was the dissenter, and it had nothing to do with federalism. Someone else left a comment, having found two other Thompson dissenting votes, but they don't seem to be any grand stand protecting federalism either.

Iowa and New Hampshire? Should he endorse Thompson if that happens?

McCain will win New Hampshire.

acturarily speaking.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

McCain has lead the last two national polls. He is arguably ahead or in second in NH. I think he is unlikely to win the nomination if he loses NH, but he is competitive in NH, SC, and FL so it doesn't really make sense to drop before 2/5.

Thompson on the other hand is fighting for 3rd in IA and that is his best state right now. In NH, he's in 5th or 6th. In MI, he's 4th or below. In SC, the two most recent polls have him 4th and 5th. If Thompson does really well in IA and gets good press off it, he could do better in those states. And since "4th" is often 10% off of "1st" he could really catapult to the top. But it's a slingshot effort. And if he doesn't get the bump out of IA, then he really doesn't have a path to the nomination.

As I've said elsewhere, my views on issues probably lines up with Thompson more than any other candidate. But that doesn't change his chances of winning the nomination which are slim and headed toward none if he doesn't place at least 3rd in IA.

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Nonetheless, Thompson will become quite viable in South Carolina, and possibly Florida given the Rudy implosion, if Huckabee loses tonight and Thompson places third. I actually believe it would be foolish, if Thompson has the funds and performs well tonight, to drop out before February 5th. The same would apply to McCain, Rudy, Romney, Huckabee, and Paul. This race remains volatile and wide open. There really is no frontrunner.

I am looking forward to a good laugh over a nice strong beer later tonight after Sen. Thompson comes in a solid third with near 20%. I think he'll be in the race at least through SC. There really isn't any reason why he shouldn't be. His bus tour through IA can be duplicated there, and it doesn't take a lot of money.

Develop alternatives to existing policies and keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable. Milton Friedman

obvious political hit piece. I think we all are aware that Fred needs to pull out a 2nd place or 3rd place win to continue big secret there. I am hoping though that he does not swing his support to McCain if he does not do so. I personally see this as a likely McCain "rumor" to help his chances in IA.

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

...the shortened nature of the primary season, and Super-Duper Tuesday (The Tuesday of Destiny sounds better) being so comprehensive this year - well, I'm missing why anybody would drop out before 2/5/2008.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC. I've been usurped!

Fred raised approximately another $40,000+ yesterday on his website without any front page advertising...I bookmarked his red truck campaign donation page and have watched it everyday since, and yesterday was one of their largest days.

It'd be crazy to drop out before SC at the earliest, but then it's just a couple of weeks, plus a few days till 'Tuesday of Destiny', so I think he's in it for the long haul...

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

Gotta pray and pray some more for our man Fred tonight!!!

I actually started praying back in April, when Fred first hinted at a possible run....I'm not going to stop now...

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

This may seem funny, but I think I will actually wait until the voting is done to make an assessment of where the candidates are. Iowa is known for having surprises.

I am actually hoping Iowans comes to their senses and dump Huckabee in favor of Thompson. The best thing that can happen to the party is to have Romney and Thompson as the last two standing. IMHO.

Fred has been amazingly forthcoming with the press and everyone else during the campaign, saying things that political activists think should never be said by any candidate that wants to win. This article, depending on how accurately it reports what Sen. Thompson is thinking and saying, seems to fit in quite well with the history of his campaign.

they have admitted that their candidate is a "bit senile" and while they don't worry that he will drop out, they do fear he will "wander off".

I think it is safe to call the writers of the Politico article liars and journalistic scum.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

If politico are liars and scum, I guess that would make you a petty liar and scum.

Aimed at Politico

I did not take it seriously.

he was pointing out how assinine the writer at Politico was being...

If you're not going to cite something other than anonymous sources, then it shouldn't be reported.

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

but why bring out the old McCain is senile routine again? It is a shameful and petty attack.

Again if Fred had half the energy and enthusiasm as McCain, he wouldn't be in this position to begin with.

as much as I do a sense of entitlement...McCain seems to want the presidency just to say he won it...

Will I support McCain if he is the nominee? Yep...The only one that would make me pause and pray and possibly drink for the first time since I was 17 is Huckabee....

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

but seriously if you had a job interview and some guy came and just acted lethargic and un-enthusiastic, would you not get the impression that his on the job performance would be no different? Fair or not it is the impression he gives voters.

when I was a sales manager, yes I wanted enthusiasm and knowledge....

However, if I were interviewing someone to watch over an arsenal of nuclear weapons, I'm thinking enthusiasm might not be the best trait.

In Fred's case, it's not a lack of enthusiasm for the job, it's a lack of enthusiasm for the process...Quiet frankly, I can't blame him for that...

Do you have dogs? If so, I bet they are worn out after going to the groomers and putting on a show....I know mine are.

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

One of the reasons I was able to open my business 6 years ago was because I didn't play by the rules when I was in sales and sales management.

I did just the opposite of what those that were 'successful' did at my stores...and I outsold them 3 to 1 in most cases...I was the youngest and most successful salesperson that Southwestern Bell Wireless, then Cingular, had or has yes to ever see...

Rules are meant to be broken...especially when it's the liberal MSM setting the rules in place.

Texas Proud and Texas Loud

Had to jump in.

Two things:

1. If you really think Fred is lethargic and unenthusiastic, then I have to doubt that you've ever sat down to watch Mr. Thompson speak on the issues. Sounds to me like you're just a McCain fan who has made up your mind and simply chosen the easier path of parroting someone else's talking points.

2. I've interviewed lots of folks in my time and I would hire Fred in an instant. In fact I've hired guys just like Fred and politely sent the over-caffeinated "I really NEED and WANT this job" applicants packing.

The world needs more employees like Fred and I would be delighted to have him work for me as my President.

The greatest single cause of Atheism today is Christians who profess Jesus with their lips & then go and deny him by their lifestyle. That's what an unbelieving world simply finds..unbelievable -Brennan Manning

What a joke that comment was. The same old stale line that the media has been running. I give any man credit that can do 52 cities in 10 days, PLUS press interviews on radio and tv...totalling some 5-10 events a day.

I'm some 15 years younger and I couldn't do half of that.

What everybody is ticked about is that Fred got in the race in September when everyone used to get in, such as when Reagan got in. Fred's done wonders, I'll bet a 3rd place finish or better; what with so much less time and money that given some strong finishes, I like his chances.

one in the room not to get the joke. One would think by now you would have learned to at least act like you get them. Oh well.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

it is a shameful attack that has been used against the senator many times. What is next will you make a joke about his adopted black daughter?

I will suggest that an apology is in order.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

I don't like your implying that I would make a racist joke. I can't help that your guy is old and a little goofy already and probably headed for the big A.

I wouldn't want some 72 year old codger flying my plane, driving my bus, as my surgeon and particularly not as running the Country having to rely on others to do his thinking and change his Depends.

Shill for him if you want. That seems the only reason you're here.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

"I'm sure that was not the Politico's intention...". Not so sure that is the case. I have been perusing the web and find many that seem to want Fred out of the race, especially libs. Fred was interviewed on KCCI last night and denied the article.

"Senator, given that your campaign supposedly had this late surge that the polls didn't reflect but you finished (it doesn't matter what) tonight, are you still planning to drop out since you are doing so much worse than you expected?"

Carl Cameron reporting that Fred got arrested for something 40 years ago.

"Making the rounds this morning, several people are fingering McCain guys for initiating this article."

You should pitch a piece on that to Politico. I bet they'd like it.

I do think this was a shameless hit piece by Politico. It was clearly dropped the night before the caucus to dampen his supporters from coming out tonight. I really hope it doesn't work, and don't think it will because all of his supporters seem to know the media bias against him.

If this was done by McCain's people, I think they just shot themselves in the foot by ever getting an endoresment from Thompson.

It wouldn't surprise me if, and that's a big IF, he did drop out he didn't endorse any of them. I think that would be more of Fred being Fred. And I'd resepect him even more for it.

I would be surprised to have him prop up McCain and not surprised if he didn't endorse any of the others - except perhaps Duncan Hunter, who is the only other credible Conservative left after Fred.

The greatest single cause of Atheism today is Christians who profess Jesus with their lips & then go and deny him by their lifestyle. That's what an unbelieving world simply finds..unbelievable -Brennan Manning

They shouldn't be in the race. I don't like the fact that press are scum with agendas but thats life. If our president can't overcome the press during the election, it bodes ill for his presidency.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

You deal with the press by pointing out their shameless bias again and again.

I think Thompson and his campaign fairly well appreciate this bias and are dealing with it accordingly.

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." -Edmund Burke

Looks like some movement toward Ron Paul over the past few days, and movement away from McCain to push McCain into 5th place.

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." -Edmund Burke

I read the Politico story last night and was so upset I stayed up until 1:00am Pacific time posting a response there, which now requires registration. And they took my critical comment down, but the phony late hit piece is still on their front page this morning. The headline is contradicted throughout the text, so Jonathan Martin knew full well his story was baseless drivel.

Check out the delicious parody at ScrappleFace titled "Thompson: Political Reporters Lack 'Fire in Belly'," which was published yesterday before the Politico story. Scott Ott's fantasy describes Politico more accurately than Martin's fantasy describes the Thompson campaign.

Given all the speculation swirling through the blogosphere (Right Wing Nut House and Evangelical Outpost, for starters) about takedowns of one or possibly two GOP candidates by January 8, neither of whom is rumored to be Thompson, this is no time for Our Man Fred to quit, even if the Politico claptrap suppresses some of his caucus results.

and I mean publicly.

I read the Politico article before reading the article here or any of the responses. The whole time I kept thinking it was people from McCain's camp feeding the lines to Politico in hopes of ... I don't know. If it was me who'd gotten knifed like that by anyone connected with an old friend, any chance I might have endorsed the old friend would be evaporating even faster than our friendship.

that McCain is attached to this. McCain actually wants Fred to drop out and endorse him. So it makes no sense to poke him. And of course McCain likes Fred which also makes it less likely.

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I respect the guy's war service and he is a hero, but he looked and talked down to all of us Conservatives who dared to not want the back room shamnesty deal, and even intimated we were unpatriotic.

Ask John Cornyn, who got a McAmnesty F__ You, if that bill was not amnesty. To deny that it was it simply a flat out lie, and he damn well knows it.

"Gang of 14, waterboarding is torture, close Guantanamo, opposing tax cuts"!!! I respect the guy's service, and will pull the lever for him over any of the democraps, but we can do much, much better and that much, much better is none other than Fred Dalton Thompson.

Come on, that was uncalled for. Go wash your mouth out with a bar of soap, then your hands, then the keyboard, and try again. To be critical is fine, to make ridiculous statements like above ... is like a liberal.

Proud supporter of McCain '00 and McCain '08

The FDT campaign planted this story. That way even if Thompson comes in a weak third, they can claim victory and a "surge" in their favor.

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