Three Quarters of a Loaf -- Better than nothing, better than half.

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ImageThat was the best speech John McCain has given this election season. He won't calm everyone nor resolve all issues. He alluded to that.

But the speech was good.

He pledged to hold the line on taxes. He said he will cut the corporate tax rate and make the Bush tax cuts permanent. He gave a great contrast between himself and Hillary and Obama. It was an unapologetic defense of the war, defense of low taxes, defense of life, defense of liberty, and defense of the American way as we know it.

John McCain is the nominee and he sounded both Presidential and conservative.

Conservatives may not have gotten the whole loaf of bread they wanted, but they know where McCain stands, and he's willing to fight on grounds the Democrats would abdicate to the socialists within and terrorists without.

It was a good speech.

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My problem with McCain, is that I just don't believe him. I fear he'll stab the conservatives in the back at his first opportunity. The opportunity to get good press coverage will be too much for him.

Now, I didn't really believe Romney either. As I told my father, however, I at least felt Romney would continue the lie for 4 years. I don't believe McCain will.

...since when has John McCain LIED to you. Since when has he lied to ANYONE? This is emphatically NOT a guy known for making campaign promises and then breaking them, for saying anything and everything necessary to get votes and then going his own way. As near as I can tell from looking at his record, he's been pretty darn good about remaining consistent like that.

So if McCain is making promises, there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever to say that "oh, he's lying and he'll double-cross us." On what grounds? That he's done it before? He hasn't. That he's being insincere in his claims to have met us halfway? Well jeez, people sure seemed to have no trouble believe Mitt Romney as he performed backflips in almost all of his substantive positions, yet now these moderate acts of conciliation on McCain's part are obvious lies?

C'mon, people - and I'm speaking to anti-McCainiacs everywhere here, not just you - have the guts to admit that the whole "I don't trust McCain to keep his word" line is an absolutely unsustainable rationale, one that people are clinging to in order to justify an otherwise destructive stance.

cant think when mccain has lied - he is usually up front. i may be forgetting something here.

And what's more, as I said in another thread earlier, there will be opportunity to judge McCain's sincerity.

Simply put, the media won't continue to fawn over the "Maverick" if he runs to the right. And McCain's response will either be to A.) return to the center, upon which he'll lose a good bit of the Republican vote because he will have betrayed them or B.) keep giving speeches like this, and denounce his now-detractors in the media as feckless opportunists.

Either way, voters will get their fears about McCain answered. And I'm betting on option B.

Exactly. Anybody who thinks he's "lied" is just an idiot. If anything, he hasn't sugar coated the truth enough. The complaint isn't really that he's lied, it's that he's smacked us in the face with the truth as he sees it when we'd rather he be quiet.

"I ain't never votin' fo no Democrat so long as I draw breath! I'll vote for a dog first!" - Leola Thomas

Romney has never lied either. Doesn't mean I believe he is sincere in his current positions. I recall hearing a presidential candidate say "read my lips." Now, I was kind of young at the time so I don't know whether he lied in his past or not, but things didn't work out well.

There are lots of reasons not to believe somebody other than just whether or not they lied. As I thought back in 2000, if I only read things about McCain, I'd like him a lot. I really like his anti-pork and anti-farm subsidy stands. But what does he do while in office? I hear about Coburn and DeMint fighting against pork but I seldom hear McCain's name. How about a little advocacy on those things when it matters?

What does McCain advocate? Global Warming, campaign finance, voting against tax cuts, (unlike some, I'm not as against his immigration stance).

No thanks.

Conservatives' problem with McCain is his unpredictability. His conservatism is intellectually inconsistent. He can make promises on any known issue right now, but we can't trust him to make the right decision on new issues that may come up during his time in office.

are going to come up on somebody's watch so for me, temperament and judgement are huge. Beyond my concerns with him on the usual 'list', it's his temper, his unwillingness to forthrightly ever admit that he's wrong, and the way he scorches those on the right who disagree with him.

It would be hard enough for me to support someone with those character traits if he agreed with me on all the issues.

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

They that are with us are more than they that are against us.

work on the state and local level for conservative Republicans. Got selected to attend the GOP county caucuses in MN.

A lot will decide on who McCain picks as his VP. McCain estranged himself from me through actions (and his vitriolic verbal attacks) so it will take more than words to get me back.

Bottom line is I need in my heart and head to decide whether over a longer period of time a McCain presidency hurts or harms the country. Haven't decided that yet. But I do know that I've taken to resenting those who say that the _only_ way to do so is to fall in line behind McCain. I don't _give_ my vote away to anyone. Too many have died protecting it to do so.

Color me massively conflicted.

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

it's I don't trust McCain!

On critical conservative issues over the past eight years. His past record as a conservative has some positive things about it, but he has simply been on the wrong side of the isle to many times and the wrong times. I simply don't like the guy. You may be infatuated with him and that's all right with me, but don't go ballistic on me for not liking the man. As far as I'm concerned he's the Republican Clinton, it's all about power plays for him. Hey it's politics though, and if he wants to play that way I'm in. He can buy my vote by selecting a strong conservative VP choice and several strong conservatives for his administration.

I agree with you muxedo76. And to those posters below who have asked when McCain LIED? All I have to say to that is Keating Five!
Keating 5!!!

And don't forget the POW/MIA's like McCain did in 1991-93. McCain said, "While the Committee has some evidence suggesting the possibility a POW may have survived to the present, and while some information remains yet to be investigated, there is, at this time, no compelling evidence that proves that any American remains alive in captivity in Southeast Asia."
Some evidence?
Some information remaining to be investigated? What? Are you kidding me? Don't be fooled and don't believe the hype.
This guy is going to leave America hanging out to dry!

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You must have been listening to a different speech than I did. Mitt pushed me to reluctantly to support McCain. McCain speech may have pushed me back on the fence. His arrogant on immigration was a huge turn off. Now what do I need to do? I guess I will have to wait and see. :o(

I think you heard a different speech than I did.

He said he FAILED on immigration and pledged that the first thing to do is secure the border and then to figure out what to do from there.

He didn't say he was wrong. He said he failed. Which is true, for now. Go look at the vote totals.

then to figure out what to do from there

Thats the problem, start deporting. Is that so hard to say. It seems he hedged on this. Don't get me wrong. With Romney out, I want to support him, but he needs to earn my support.

Sitting down with Romney is a good sign, but we will see.

If you're merely talking about the idea of sending illegals back if they're caught committing a crime or something, then yes I agree with you: send them home. But if you actually are advocating that we start sweeping the streets...umm, the government $$$ outlay would be ridiculous, the task would be wildly unsuccessful, and the resultant effect on the economy would be a KNEECAPPING.

Deport criminals? Heck yeah. Seal the border airtight? Do it yesterday. Mass deportations? I thought that was a strawman argument, but you're actually advocating it, well then you're kind of out to lunch.

This is where we have a fundamental difference. Raid work places, that’s what the INS is for. I am still against amnesty. Government is suppose to enforce the law, not look the other way when the law is broken.

deport 12 million illegals. Start enforcing the hiring laws and they will self-deport. Look at what's happening right now in AZ.

I also find the "deport the 2 million criminals". A) how do we know how many there are; and B) if we know how many than we must know where so why haven't we already do this; and, C) if we can deport 2 million 'criminals' why can't we deport at least 2 million 'non-criminals' ((ignoring for the moment that the other 10 million are criminals through their use of forged government documents)

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

McCain is going as far as he can:

1) He'll secure the border.

2) THEN he'll figure out what to do "while honoring the rule of law and not encouraging another wave of mass immigration."

Hey .. no one else has done #1 yet so if he can do #1 then I can wait to take care of #2 later.

In the mean time, if other states follow Arizona's example, the states will clean it up before McCain gets a chance to.

Because they will all come to Washington or Oregon.

State actions are working, but the problem is just getting moved to a different state. I don't think our reps here would ever implement the measures AZ and OK have enacted.

Then again, if enough states enact the proper'll force the other states to act as well. So, ok.


Secure the borders first. I guarantee you that the debates over what we do next won't be nearly as heated once we've managed to do that.

The proof will be in the eating.

That starts with his Veep choice.

He needs to get his tax positions into a coherent argument. And he needs to address the death tax.

His piece on judges needs more refinement. It was cumbersome.

And his disquisition about Iran also needs work.


specifics always help - and putting words into action will only cement things. today, i feel, was a good way to start heading toward november.

The proof will be in the eating.

That starts with his Veep choice.

His VP choice will make or break my vote.

I look forward to reading the full speech. I hope to find many olive branches. I really want to be enthused. Hopefully this speech will start me on that long process.

regarding the VP choice. I'll pull the lever for him as it is now (heck, I voted for Dole and I didn't much like that), but if he goes with a Huckabee or some other "populist" I'm out.

I'd like to see some specifics on what he means by 'a general consensus' to secure the border. I'd also like to see if he has any plans at all to deal with the 50% of illegal immigrants who come here legally on visas and then stay illegally. And I'd like him to move towards some more free-market solutions for global warming, instead of cap-and-trade and auto regulation. But the speech could have been a lot worse.

Words are cheap. McCains problem is that he has a checkered past. And its well documented. He wasn't called the Maverick because he moved right of the party. This is the first time in years he even bothered to attend the CPAC meeting. Doesn't that tell you something?

And you are right. We know where McCain stands. And it differs in a lot of ways from what he said today.

1/2 for the GE.

AND, God forbid this disaster gets elected...

1/8 from the WH!

erick posted the entire transcript.

The most disturbing part of the speech was where he said that the vast majority of the amnesty opponents had the respectable motive of trying to protect the rule of law. The implication was that people who had other motives didn't have respectable motives (i.e., were racists). I don't think this was a deliberate swipe. It just shows that McCain doesn't even understand those of us who are immigration conservatives. And that worries me.

There are some people that jump on the illegal alien bandwagon who ARE racist. I've heard them talk about how all 'foreigners' should go home. And I have many LEGAL alien friends who are working in this country making it better.

To acknowledge that not all people's motives are pure is to tell the truth.

Personally, I am with the poster who talked about the deportation being a strawman argument. I don't want illegal aliens here, I want those who are here to learn English and I want to close the border. However, I think it would be pointless to try to round up 20 million people here and deport them. The amount of time and resources to accomplish (half accomplish) would be ridiculous. I can think of better ways to spend my money than to contribute to that. Spend it on finishing the wall, using technology to ensure it works well and then give me the left-over.

My wife was a legal immigrant, got no problem with them. But she came here legally. She didn't break the law. Its not about immigration, its about the rule of law. Making excuses for breaking the law, is still just an excuse.

is that we forget people who violate these laws for the sake of greed and unfair economic advantage. Several US industries are not "shipping American jobs abroad" as Barack likes to hector us, but rather importing foreign workforces to the US to avoid minimum wage laws.

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

No need to be completely blind here. If you *think* that there is not a faction of people in the immigration debate who is racist (initial point of this sub-thread), then it is you who is blind.

Just because YOU might differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants does not mean that everyone does. To assume everyone else is so enlightened is to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to a vocal minority (no pun intended). Then I have a bridge to sell you too.

it is nothing but a Dumocrat TalkingPoint™. Are there racists out there? There sure enough are. People who ONLY see the color of a persons skin -- and who demand we all see people only for the color of their skin -- we call them Democrats.

But this TalkingPoint™ that racists are the ones against ILLEGAL aliens is nothing but a smoke screen.

I agree with you. Well said.

That's exactly my problem. I think McCain *honestly* thinks that opposition to immigration is motivated by either rule-of-law or by racism. Like you, McCain doesn't get that I'm not racist just because I want to see legal immigration decreased for awhile.

A bunch of people on the pro-illegal side are racist folk of the La Raza persuasion.

while many want to preserve the rule of law, some people don't have respectable motives, and oppose illegal immigration from Mexico because the illegal immigrants are Hispanic.

I vigorously opposed McCain's amnesty program -- indeed, I am calling it an "amnesty" program -- but I must also be honest and say that there were a rare few who opposed it for racist and xenophobic reasons. They were very few and far between but they were there.

Although I do not think racism is widespread, I also think it is foolish to say that it no longer exists.

Blah, I lost my comment.

Basically, there is a small, though vocal faction of people in the immigration debate whose beliefs are fueled by racism. That does not mean YOU the reader is. No need to be sensitive, right?

Most everyone here wants to stop illegal immigration, right? Build the wall, make it good, make it work. We nearly all agree with that. The question is how much do you really want to expend on a rounding up effort. This will be tremendously costly (will look like the 3rd Reich rounding up people in Life is Beautiful), in terms of money, resources, reputation, etc. In the end, I'm not sure that's the best route. Perhaps enforcing the laws already on the books (sounds like gun control), closing loopholes, punishing companies who look the other way will discourage people from staying. If they want to leave voluntarily, then we open the fence for that.

I don't claim to know the best solution. But I do believe that most people here are on the same page about preventing illegal immigration. But how do you really approach those who are already here? What is realistic?

As to employers, harsh civil penalties for negligently hiring an illegal alien. Criminal and civil penalties for knowingly hiring an illegal alien.

As to the aliens themselves, most will self deport when they cannot find a job. Those that don't voluntarily return will NEVER be allowed to become U.S. citizens. A modest amount of jail time would also deter overstaying your welcome.

Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies...

Some of us have not read the transcript and thus respond to what we wanted to hear or what we think we heard and not what was actually said. I did not hear any such racist implication regarding immigration conservatives. I think McCain understands immigration conservatives (I am one). He may simply disagree.

is the only reason that illegal immigration should be an issue. What other valid reason is there?

Obviously there are related issues such as strains on healthcare and education systems caused by illegal immigration, but those are consequences of the original issue.

Illegal immigration is in violation of the law. Amnesty is in essence a waiver to the law. A "free pass" of sorts of that violation of the law.

I can't think of any other reasons that aren't racist honestly.

In other words....what other "respectable motive", other than enforcing our laws, is there?

Healthcare and education aren't strained by *illegal* immigration. They're strained by immigration, period.

And if you can't see any reason at all, other than racism, that we have immigration laws, than I don't see why you would care about enforcing them.

It doesn't speak well of your character, though, that you're so willing to believe that us immigration conservatives are racist.

My sense is it was.

R's have to work hard to get the NYT endorsement.

He's not boughten my vote yet. He says "secure the border" but left open the whole argument about what to do with the illegals already here.

Mitt's speech was excellent and made me proud of my vote for him. How do we influence the VP slot towards Mitt? With that secured, he'd have my vote.

Seal the borders, make it easier for people to come in LEGALLY and the illegal population will take care of itself.

Legal immigration was expanded greatly in the 80's and 90's - far greater than at any other point of time in our nation...and still the illegal issue grew.

The question that you need to answer is "how large a population do you want to see in the U.S.", knowing limitations of resources, etc. 500 million, 1 billion. If you have an answer to that, then you know how much the borders should be open or shut and the amount of immigration you are willing for the U.S. to take in. Go to for more information on our nationally exploding population.


Legal immigration abets illegal immigration. Immigrants have support networks so its easier for them to come.

So therefore what? Stop immigration period?

This sounds like gun control: Legal guns abet illegal guns abets crime.


Its funny, if I didn't no better, I would have thought Romney was the nominee. Romney got a much better receiption than McCain did. McCain still has a lot of more work to do.

I did not hear it, or see it, but read the transcript and seen what others said. We must stand strong as conservatives and hold him to what he said today. He needs to start by picking a strong VP. I have heard about Coburn mentioned. Don't know much about him? What's the word on him?

If McCain's record on fighting earmarks and other waste, fraud and abuse is good, then Coburn is an absolutist. (In the positive sense!)

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

Anywhere? Bueler?

I voted early in the Florida primary. Find out who and why.

done in Iraq. I don't agree with McCain all the time, but if you whiners sit out and let Hillary or Obama win and pull our troops away from Iraq and their sacrifices be for nothing this conservative will be pissed. If you sit and let more unborn children be aborted because of young LIBERAL Supreme Court Justices appointed by the democrats, I will be pissed. I guess all of you will be happy in 4 years and you can hope at that time someone you agree with 100% of the time is the nominee. If not, lets let the country go to hell and say if they do it my way I might vote.

Go Dawgs, Sic em' Woof Woof

done in Iraq. I don't agree with McCain all the time, but if you whiners sit out and let Hillary or Obama win and pull our troops away from Iraq and their sacrifices be for nothing this conservative will be pissed. If you sit and let more unborn children be aborted because of young LIBERAL Supreme Court Justices appointed by the democrats, I will be pissed. I guess all of you will be happy in 4 years and you can hope at that time someone you agree with 100% of the time is the nominee. If not, lets let the country go to hell and say if they do it my way I might vote.

Go Dawgs, Sic em' Woof Woof

He basically came in and said that he disagreed with conservatives on some issues.

He listed the ones where he has been faithful:
low governemnet spending
win the war

He reminded us in case we forgot that he wouldn't pander on:
Ethanol in Iowa
Hurrican insurance in Florida
Auto bailouts in Michigan

He promised to veto any spending bill that contained earmarks.
He promised to build the fence first.
He promised to select conservative judges.

I agree that his VP choice will be telling. Hopefully, its NOT lindsey graham.

They that are with us are more than they that are against us.

Did you believe him or those words? He said that when he was in Michigan, he said/campaigned on what they wanted to hear, when he was in Florida, he said what they wanted to hear, in Iowa, again, he said what they wanted to hear....What makes CPAC any different...he was "campaigning" at CPAC. A true Conservative wouldnt have to "campaign" at CPAC!

Judges, no evidence of Conservatism here. I mean big deal, he voted for the card carrying member of the ACLU Ruth B Ginsberg also? Who is to say that his votes in the past 8 years havent served as political cover to this years nomination? Still not buying McCain. Sorry.

Laura Ingraham was great and spot on! McCain, his speech writer was great. "Should we calm down?"

They had to INSTRUCT people not to boo McCain....yet again, McCain taking hits at free speech; in a Conservative back yard; what Maverick! They conveniently put ALL McCain support up front today with their little signs and they had to applaud many times to hope to drown out the boo-birds for the media. Sad. Wonder why Fox didnt pan the room at all? Hum? Did anyone notice how Jane Skinner stayed with Mike Steele so that he could keep pimping McCain while Coburn was getting boo's during the opening of the intro of McCain?

So you guys can start the whole "that did it; he was great" BS if you want to, no one will buy it. Seriously, one written speech? Again; his words dont match his actions.

He has surely sewed up the nomination but if he is smart and serious about his economic ideas he will NOT buy into the Huckabee VP nonsense. He should grab a true economic powerhouse like Mitt the CEO (who could learn foreign policy and CIC roles) or Rudy. Huck as VP would prove his liberal tendancy.

and I will blame YOU and others if our troops sacrificed their lives in Iraq and more unborn babies are killed because of Liberal justices appointed.

Go Dawgs, Sic em' Woof Woof

McCain sounded like Harry Reid on Iraq. He sounded like Charlie Rangel on Tax Cuts. He only sounds like a Conservative when he needs our votes. I'll be principled, you can play that blame game somewhere else, we aint buying it. Who have you blamed up to this point? Keep plugging away with your unborn and dead soldier BS. You sound like a politcian.

Look in the mirror!

Go Dawgs, Sic em' Woof Woof

and my cause than let the SOB McCain take office.

That will teach him.


McCain has poorly positioned himself with a lot of the Republican base by the stuff he's pulled over the past eight years.

I'm still going to vote Republican (unless McCain does something really stupid), but it's going to cost McCain. He's going to have to have several strong conservative voices in his administration.

I see where you are coming from. Thanks for the clarification.


In his speech, McCain was making the point that, even though it could have hurt his campaign, he did *not* tell people in Iowa, Michigan and Florida what they wanted to hear. To the contrary, he campaigned on what they did not want to hear. Go back and recheck your information. Also, don't forget that he was the one calling for a surge before others, even though it almost ended his campaign.

At least one thing is for sure, Romney dropping out, and Huckabee staying in, drops any chance that Huckabee will be the VP.

Usually, a Nominee needs a VP to win a particular part of the country. But in McCain's case, he needs someone who shores up the base. This means Huckabee is out as far as VPs.

There is more to the base than just SoCons. You need fiscal conservatives too. And frankly, there is nothing more that would push conservatives away than Huckabee on the ticket. Huckabee is a pro-life socialist.

Thus the Dobson outburst from Monday. As for Huckabee you are wrong on both counts.

The spelling police are out; might get banned.

I have taken notice how grammar matters more than supporting Conservatives.

I've created something custom for conservatives:

The Red Sox Republican: Burkeanism, Baseball, and Sundries.

This is so emotional, I may weep.

I'm glad he resisted the temptation to pander. I'm so proud of him.

I love this guy.
The revolution will not be televised. 1965

They that are with us are more than they that are against us.

Nope, I will NOT vote for McCain.

I listened to his speech, and he was playing conservatives like a fiddle. He basically said, "tough crap" if you don't like my stance on illegal immigration, . . . basically stated that he understood we were standing on the principle of the rule of law regarding illegal aliens, . . . but "tough crap." He didn't apologize for calling us bigots and racists. . . He didn't say "I was wrong, the rule is law is first and foremost, . . is the MOST important thing to consider."

And his goal to secure the border FIRST is nothing more than him throwing conservatives a bone. . .

The fact that he has pro-illegal alien Hispanics in top campaign positions says more than all the words in his speech today.

Sorry, . . . all he did was solidify for me why I will NOT vote for him.

you would not now vote for Reagan if he were running? He gave amnesty to 2.5 million illegal aliens.

I don't think Reagan would make the same mistake twice.

It's the results of the first amnesty that are driving people to oppose a second amnesty with vigor.

but you don't know. So we give Reagan a pass and nail McCain. Sounds pretty even-handed.

First, it was supposed to be a ONE-TIME fix. . . not an addiction for lily-livered, yellow-bellied politicians who had no problem selling out this nations sovereignty for votes.

Second, the middle class had not been decimated by outsourcing and bad trade deals with China, and 20 million cheap workers had not flooded what was left of said decimated labor market, further depressing wages.

Third, those illegal aliens weren't protesting state and local lawmakers who were trying to bring some semblance of law and order back to their communities by legislating against providing services to illegal aliens, they weren't marching with mexican flags in OUR streets, and they had not yet bankrupted our schools, hospitals, and prisons.

Fourth, Reagan didn't sit and take a bunch of hypocritical crap from Mexican presidents.

Not EVEN the same situation. Not EVEN.

Any other questions?

That's pretty funny. NO, it was never advertised OR devised as a "one-time" fix. How silly. We'll never have any more illegal aliens....ever? No, my point still stands. Reagan did it and you guys look the other way (and whine)......McCain just proposes it and it's off with his head. Double-standard for some folks with a pathological hatred of McCain.

screw Hispanics. Let's encourage another minority group never to vote Republican again.

Sacrificing soldiers lives, freedom for Iraqis and unborn children because you disagree with McCain-Feingold.

Go Dawgs, Sic em' Woof Woof

Let's be honest, McCain deserves some, if not more then not, of the blame for the rift, but he was pummeled by certain people unfairly from the very first second he dared running against GWB in 2000.

"I ain't never votin' fo no Democrat so long as I draw breath! I'll vote for a dog first!" - Leola Thomas

When those who *don't* adhere to First Principles ah......don't adhere to First Principles, then the rift that develops was NOTABLY NOT CAUSED by those who continue to adhere to First Principles.

A rift does not require misbehavior on both sides. This being one of those cases.

Kill the terrorists
Protect the borders
Punch the hippies
-- Frank J

I love all the talk about principles. I just watched the liberal wing of the Republican Party gut a principled man with dishonorable tactics.

All the posturing for God, patriotism, ideals and someone fusses about using "neocon" to describe our new standard bearer's enforcers?

And Huckabee? Principled? Ethical?

Karl Rove?

Wow, we have come a long way baby.

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"If we want to take this party back, and I think we can someday, let’s get to work." – Barry Goldwater

but advise you that profanity will get you ejected by the mods. You are right about one issue voters, and people who just hate on J-Mac.

I supported Fred, then Rudy, THEN McCain, but once I decided he was the best of a less-than-perfect litter, I minimized my whinning over FDT's demise and got on the team.

"I believe we must adjourn this meeting to some other place." - The last recorded words of Adam Smith.

UGA VI is running loose. Will his owner please come and retrieve him.

"It was a good speech..."

Keeps saying it.. someone is bound to believe it ..

Good news for America, bad news for democrats
Bad news for America, good news for democrats

him at this point. He can't abandon his previous controversial positions wholesale or he would get the "pander" label plastered on his forehead. On the other hand he mentioned them and then moved quickly on pointing out as he needed to, the areas where is is conservative. He also did a good job of stating the differences between himself and the Democrats. This helps him largely because he seems even more conservative by comparison.

All said I think it was as good as he could do.

mentioned Lieberman's name being passed around as VP. I agree that he hasn't really been caught lying, but he isn't upfront about things either, much sneakier in my opinion.
I do think people should jump on immigration right after the election. It's a hot potato know, but anyone opposed to amnesty should start the ball rolling early. I believe it is the defining issue of the country, and will virtually end any chance for a conservative republican party. I'm not a racist, but I am very concerened with bringing in 15-20 million of one group of people from anywhere at one time. That 20 million becomes 60-100 million after family members become legal and the culture will change. I do have a problem when white people will become a minority in 40-50 years not because of natural occurences, but because of social engineering. I refuse to be called a racist because of this. I believe in controlled immigration that is based on qualifications and the country's needs. If people don't wake up soon regarding this issue, we will be a socialist state and republicans will be left in the wilderness.

crm, by cdm

I have been against illegal immigration since prop 187, and I have to tell you that I am shocked to hear you state that you want to base policy decisions on whether white people are in the minority or majority. This is race based policy making, and is racist - wheter you consider it or not. What is next, aparthied?

Should we reopen Manzanar and Topaz, and seperate non whites from the general population?

1. Tried to be John Kerry's running mate. John Edwards was the second choice for Kerry AFTER McCain. Happened less than four years ago, people.

2. He thought seriously about switching parties in 2001.

3. His temper and vindictive personality.

4. His stance on the first Bush tax cuts when it mattered. Forget that he changed his reasons from the class warfare angle to the "no spending offsets" angle. Both are lies. He voted against them because he was bitter at Bush. Speaks to his judgment.

5. He's a Neocon who said "There will be more wars" during his presidency. Need to bring back the Reagan foreign policy. Strong, but humble. Smart and lethal. And not dumb enough to take the bait of regimes that have no business outflanking us from a PR perspective.

6. Keating Five. See

7. Alito. "Wears his conservatism on his sleeve." That's real shame.

8. ANWR. Changed his position to make nice with the lib media.

9. CFR

10. Climate change. Wants to impose a massive tax on us without regard to impact on business, jobs and the overall economy.

11. He's antagonistic to capitalism. See comments on drug companies and his consistent use of "patriotism, not profit." I respect his patriotism. He should respect everyone's drive to put food on their table and try to climb the ladder.

12. He knows conservatives do not trust him. He won and if history is any guide, he will exact his revenge against our movement.

13. Said he is the grandfather of the "surge." Forgets he said going into Iraq would be "easy." Though he claimed that others led us into believing this would be "easy" or a "cake walk."

14. Words in one CPAC speech mean nothing. He lied about Romney and lied about his own record. He is checking boxes today. Where was this "McCain" during the Bush tax cuts, ANWR, and other fights when we needed him and his leverage with the liberal media.

15. The one guy who refused to fall in line behind the conservative movement now demands us to fall in line behind his personal ambitions. No thanks.

The quote about Alito "wearing his conservatism on his sleeve" was a plant by a Romney supporter, and when Byron York pressed this individual he backed down and admitted that he wasn't sure that McCain said that. Look in Byron York's archives, I couldn't find it at a quick glance but I read it ealier this week or last week. The bottom line is he voted for Alito and fought to get him confirmed, and said he'd appoint judges like he and Roberts. Your statement is ill-founded.

I will take your word that McCain did not say that about Alito. I stand corrected.

However, do you have any issues with the other 14 points I bring up? And I mean that seriously, not sarcastically. I am anxious to hear someone make a good case for McCain.

Please note that I did not bring up immigration, because I agree with McCain on immigration. And Bush for that matter.

It's less about McCain's ideology and more about his political character that concerns me. I have a great deal of respect for his service in our military. But his political character has serious questions. From the Keating Five scandal to him cursing at fellow Senators to him voting against good legislation to settle a score or considering switching parties...twice because he didn't get his way.

about your "movement" than the country. Very patriotic of you.

It's not my movement. It was started more than 200 years ago. And it is, in my view and the view of many other conservatives, a movement that is critical to the well being of our country.

But with McCain, it's more than just ideology. It's him, personally. The man is a hot head who when he doesn't get his way, the first thing he does is contemplate joining with the Democrats to settle a score. If that's patriotism, then I am far from a patriot.

I can respect people like Rudy or others who don't fit the perfect mold of a conservative candidate. And I can respect McCain's service to our nation in the armed forces and in much of his elective service.

But I have a great deal of respect for both liberal and conservative politicians who do what they believe is right for our country. What I have little patience for is a vindictive old man who puts the settling of scores above good government.

I don't think I fit your mold of a patriot who believes that I should ignore my personal opinions, swallow a bitter pill, and pull the lever for McCain because he has an "R" next to his name.

has stated on several occassions he has no intrest in the veep spot. I think McCain will pick a veep that is lockstep with him on spending and the war and Huck is neither. My money would be on Sanford or Burr.

McCain '08

McCain's been in Washington twenty years, but now we are supposed to take his word. Yeah right.

The more trivial the matter, the more conservtive he is. John McCain - he'd throw Sam Alito under a bus, but he fought against the bridge to nowhere!!! Yippee.

above. The Alito comment was a smear and false.

You are exactly right. He could have taken a stand on the Bush tax cuts when we needed him. Oh, and not considered switching parties...twice.

You can also add the 'Gang of 14' to that list. Have you people forgot that when Democrats were blocking Bush's judge appointments, while we had a majority in both the House and Senate, that it was McCain that joined a bunch of Democrats to stop us from settling the issue once and for all?

McCain is directly responsible for conservative judges like William Pryor NOT getting on the bench.

Most importantly, McCain-Feingold is enough for me to NEVER vote for McCain. This legislation revokes our right to not only free speech, but to political speech.

I am not normally a one issue voter, even on issues that I hold dearly, but freedom of speech is one issue that I can't compromise on.

if teh nuclear option were acted upon, and we have a Democrat president next year with a Democrat Senate, we wouldn't be able to filibuster even the craziest ACLU loonies that were nominated to the Court.

The Gang of 14 got virtually all of Bush's nominees confirmed. Yes, a few didn't make it.....but most did, thus reshaping the judiciary.

The Gang of 14 was a positive, not a negative. Republicans in the minority now retain their rights, and we may have to use them.

I never got around to the question :)

The Nuclear Option would have required Congress to follow the Constitution. If you don't like the Constitution then change it via the ammendment process.

This is my biggest problem with McCain. He seems to have little regard for the Constitution.

There is a lot of debate over whether Frist ever actually had 50 votes for the nuclear option, esp. for JRB, Owen & Pryor. I do believe there would've been 50+ for Alito, tho.

For the poster who said the GO14 allowed "virtually all" of Bush's nominees to be confirmed, that's a bit of a stretch, although aside from Peter Keisler, most of the top ones DID get through--the Big Three, Kavanuagh & Southwick. Roberts & Alito got themselves confirmed.

A lot of Bush's problems with confirmations, esp. to the 4th Circuit, is due to his own mistakes, but that's a whole 'nother website... :)

STEVENS, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which SCALIA, J., joined.

The question is, what exactly is your motive since you appear to question the motives of many on this board? From implying racism to questioning people's patriotism. And I mean really questioning patriotism, not some BS that liberals through around in 2004.

I certainly can respect where you are coming from. Just prefer you would extend the rest of us the same courtesy.

_"and we may have to use them."_

If McCain and the Republicans had ever actually _used_ this option this would be a better argument. Instead, they voted for Ginsburg 94-3. I'm not sure you get any further left than her.

"All that need be done for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

"McCain is directly responsible for conservative judges like William Pryor NOT getting on the bench."

Whatchu smokin'? Bill Pryor was confirmed along with Priscilla Owen & the great Janice Rogers Brown. Whatever one thinks of the GO14, it was an explicit condition of the deal that the "Big Three" NOT be filibustered.

STEVENS, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which SCALIA, J., joined.

That should have been I agree with #84

I listened to John Fund on NPR and he confirmed the Alito sentiments if not the actual "sleave" quote. Bob Novak also confirmed the sentiments.

and you're calling others liberal??? :)

He started the rumor, and Novak was his source. And Novak's sources didn't say anything about wearing anything on any sleeve. And the same anonymous sources confirmed that McCain wants judges like Roberts, constructionist, originalist judges who are not judicial activists. What more could you possibly want?

A man is offering two identical vehicles for sale, different only in color, and a customer whispers with him and drives away in the green. If someone told you he asked the salesman, and the salesman said the customer whispered he liked them both, but green was better, you would conclude the man won't appoint vehicles to the supreme court.


but I reserve the right to appoint my Red F-150 for SecDef.

Two thirds of the world is covered by water,
the other third is covered by Champ Bailey.

Fund says - But he indicated he might draw the line on a Samuel Alito, because "he wore his conservatism on his sleeve." Here is the actual WSJ article

This site has audio of John Fund standing by his article

Here is Novak's article written in support of Fund

There are other articles asserting that several sources confirm McCains remarks

I don't think you got what I said.


I can listen to different viewpoints, both conservative and liberal, and still make up my own mind.

Mitt's speech had me reconsidering McCain, then John opened his mouth and ruined it.

Where Hillary/Obama would be a class 5 hurricane destroying our country, John would do class 4 hurricane damage.

The operative question is do you want the next four years of chaos to fall on the Democrats or a RINO who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." -- James Madison

Bingo. That's is the question I've been asking myself.

But considering we only got about 1/2 a loaf in the White House right now, I guess I can settle for 1/3 next time around, since the alternative is nothing at all.
Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. - Milton Friedman

Well, we got the heel anyways.

His positions:

Immigration - open borders Hillary - open borders
Carbon Tax - for it Hillary - for it
Conservative judges - nope Hillary - hell no
Tax cuts - against Hillary - more taxes
Free speech - against Hillary - against

McCain is a RINO.If Kerry would have had him he would have jumped ship in 2004.He has more in common with the democrat liberals than the conservatiives of his own party.Conservatives dont trust him and for good reason just look at his penchant of supporting liberal positions over 20 years.

His positions:

Immigration - open borders Hillary - open borders
Carbon Tax - for it Hillary - for it
Conservative judges - nope Hillary - hell no
Tax cuts - against Hillary - more taxes
Free speech - against Hillary - against

McCain is a RINO.If Kerry would have had him he would have jumped ship in 2004.He has more in common with the democrat liberals than the conservatiives of his own party.Conservatives dont trust him and for good reason just look at his penchant of supporting liberal positions over 20 years.

McCain has a lifetime ACU rating of 82 and Hillary has.....9. Yeah, their both liberal. How silly.

The chances of John McCain winning the presidency rests on one thing only - Hillary is the Democratic nominee. Even then, there would have to be enough Conservatives that are so worried about another Clinton presidency that they hold their nose and vote McCain. If Obama is the selection, McCain does not stand a chance.

Looking at the turnout during the primaries, it is obvious that there is excitement on the Democratic side and none on the Republican side. I do not see anything that McCain says or does that can change that. You cannot select such a marginal candidate on our side and then expect to get enthusiastic support. Heck, I imagine that he will run out of money well before the election anyway. His main contributors will be the GOP big donors and after they are maxed out, well don't expect the rank and file to chip in enough to carry him through.

So, like many others here, I look forward to 2012 and chalk this loss up to the GOP and their continuing rush to the left. Don't come blaming the conservatives when McCain goes down. Look to yourselves for continuing to support a party that rushes to collaborate with the Democrats - they will not change as long as you continue your support.

Formally known as Deagle... "Golf is a way of life..."

I am a CPA in the middle of tax season. I discuss the future tax situation in our country with every client with whom I meet. It is not a promising prospect.

The last two days every client, to a person, has expressed emotion ranging from disappointment to outrage at the prospect of our choices being down to Hillary, Obama, and McCain. They doubt, as do I that any of the three will extend the Bush tax cuts.

Most of my clients are middle income families. They will be hit hard if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to lapse. The lie espoused by the left that 'the tax cuts only benefited the rich' will be disproven if they are not extended.

The middle class is the only group that benefits from the child tax credit ($1,000 per child) and the Hope and Lifetime Learning credits for college students. Those will both expire in 2010 if not extended. They are only two of the many items set to expire. Middle class taxes will increase dramatically and the vast middle class will not be happy.

I still can't say what I will be doing in November. The GWOT is so important I may have to vote McCain but I don't trust him to be conservative on issues that will come up. He has compromised conservative values way too many times to trust he will do the things he talked about today. I listened to the speech and was impressed that he said all the right things, but Obama can give a good speech too and I don't trust him. I would rather see a Democrat mess up domestic things and help the conservative base get moving again. I figure the more damage teh Dems do the more likely a conservative movement will gain strength. I also see the current R's in congress standing up to Hilary or Obama more than McCain.

As a Conservative, I have made up my mind. I refuse to "hold my nose" for John McCain. I will not sit it out, I will vote AGAINST McCain! I have already signed up and contributed to the Republicans for Obama campaign... and I feel good about this. Despite the numerous downsides, I believe that it is the only choice the Republican Party's establishment gave to me by not taking Conservative's and conservative principles as the bedrock... as the base.

Best of luck to John, but I don't trust him. (And it really freaks me out when he keeps winking at me!!!)

Further support for empty suited socialist Democrats belongs elsewhere.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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"If we want to take this party back, and I think we can someday, let’s get to work." – Barry Goldwater

I've come to terms with the fact that McCain is going to be our GOP nominee. I don't like it, but I can see how it would be good. I'm an optimist. However, as much as I haate at least 5 of Huckabee's policies, I can't get over what a charming and charismatic guy he seems to be. I just had to get that off my chest.

Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully, but also as a determination to live decently.

All this McCain blah, blah, blah....can you people hear yourselves?

Here's John McCain's worst enemy - himself.

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