Turn off the giant Obamatron

We've paid to see this movie, and now we won't pay again.

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There you go again. Reagan said it to Fritz Jimmy, and I repeat it in the same spirit addressed to the media.

Look at what they are telling us: That as the GOP Sharpens Attacks on Obama, they've noticed that In Flag City USA, False Obama Rumors Are Flying.

Meanwhile, as Obama Fiercely Defends His Patriotism, they've talked to a few people and discovered that McCain game plan worries insiders. (In early July? What kind if idiot "insiders" are these, if their opinions are accurately portrayed? Sorry, but lefty bloggers do not count. For much. Interested, yes. Worried? Hardly.)

Notice how Barack the August soars above the pagan rhetoric of the GOP and of his lesser-endowed fans, while John McCain is unleashing the flea-bitten hordes, bitterly clinging to the stale demons of the yesterday's politics.

They have their meme, do Barry and his pals o' the press, but I am hereby raising my hand and shouting: ENOUGH! Stop idealizing an unreconstructed leftist whose greatest feature is his willingness to play nifty tricks on the ditzy masses waiting for a guide to come and take them by the hand, leading them to the magical land of HOPECHANGEHOPE. For all of our faults, the American voters deserve much better from all of you than this hysterical swoon. Our nation faces important problems on which our government is Constitutionally empowered and entrusted to lead. To promise us the moon and the stars when they are only models created in some left-leaning Hollywood studio is to distract us from the business at hand.

We, the American people, want to win this war and leave Iraq for the Iraqis. We, the American people, want to sweat our way out of these economic doldrums. We, the American people, at long last realize that we have the energy under our own land to solve our current energy problems AND the ingenuity which, if unfettered by trite regulations, can create and transition to the next sources of energy.

This country, to paraphrase someone of whom most of us haven't heard, has paid to see the Carter Administration, and now we won't pay again. The cost is too high, even if its face is prettier.

The giant Obamatron be damned.

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... not Mondale.

He might have also said it to Mondale, but I know he said it to Carter.

It was right after Jimmy had said that Governor Reagan was against a list of liberal items, including, presciently enough, a form of universal health care.

It's fixed.

So much so that if he were to break wind they would rush to print stories of his magnanimous sharing...

We know this, I for one hope it gets so transparent that even more people are turned off from the MSM & turn on to the alternative media. We simply have to go over their heads, as does McCain. There must be a mix, however; more information on why to vote for McCain than to not vote for Obama.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Thou art the Great Cat, the avenger of the Gods, and the judge of words...-Inscription on the Royal Tombs at Thebes

It is difficult for me to sum up what McCain stands for.

When I talk to my conservative friends, I spend most of my timing talking about SCOTUS, Iraq and hoping they don't bring up immigration.

When I talk to leaners, I talk about Obama being incompetent.

There's a gap there that McCain's campaign should be filling.

Since he doesn't believe immigration, he could always take on a few of Hugh Hewitt's points of view:

Confirm the judges
Win the war
Cut the budget

I do think his talk about lowering gas prices will help him. I don't know if he can really do anything about it, but it will help in the election.

A lot will come down to his choice for VP.

If Obama goes with a man (like Webb) then that opens McCain up to choosing Kay Bailey Hutchinson and I think that may be his only hope.

of government, though he was doing that since Hewitt was a vocal Rombot. Those are important difference between McCain and Obama.

His choice of veep might be important to some of us who follow this tightly, but most vote top o' the ticket only. Although a Hutchinson (or, better, a Sarah Palin)would open the "change" and "breaking barriers" bit for the media, something they'd look bad downplaying.

Oz, honestly, if you want to know what McCain's for, just listen to him. It's not all my cup of tea, but there's enough there.

pick three, or at most four big issues and hammer away at them, than to try and answer every policy concern. Be specific about a few big issues, and then talk them up all the time. That is a much better way to win an election than to try to be a policy wonk.

I am not saying that the American people are dumb, or have a limited imagination, well, yes, that is exactly what am saying.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

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