Video from Obama's Unity Gaffe.

Normally I'd just update, but this is prime stuff.

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Via AoSHQ, via Ed Morrissey, watch this video from the gaffe I mentioned earlier. Remember, this is for a event specifically designed for Unity:

Contra Ed, I'll call the MSNBC coverage a wash: fawning introduction, yes, but they were also kind of mean in their commentary while watching the clip in question. Not that I blame them for not resisting temptation: that was such a dumb error to make. We expect a certain professionalism from our professional politicians, yes?

Moe Lane

PS: Given that Obama is telling his people that fundraising efforts are going a "little slow" right now, and that Clinton's campaign debt needs to go away, just why is he being so sloppy?

Actually, the real question there is whether anybody knows the answer to that.

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Then, I think shortly after the Tex/Ohio primaries, he started to unravel. Now he's just falling apart. I kind of feel bad for him. can we expect him to handle the pressure of the office?

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There will be no encore.

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Not a bad split for a unity event. 30 minutes talking about Obama, 30 seconds about Hillary.

I'm sure his 2010 State of the Union will go well, 45 minutes of Obama, 0 about the US.

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One of things I often miss out on Redstate is video clips, as they don't have closed captioning. Normally, I don't complain, because it's not something anybody could do about it, if at all. Yes, yes, I am Deaf, there you have it. The story of my life!

I know it wasn't intentional, but thanks for Obama video clip! ;)

Daniel 2:20 And he [God] changeth the times and seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

is there anything about unity? Everything about the left is about "me!" i.e. What do I get, what will you give me? How much power can I get? Obama was merely showing the epitome of the ME party when he "forgot" that Hillary was there for here ME moment!

Watch closely as he gets his bags out of the SUV...LOL

"I could have had debt if I hadn't won"---"I know the drill"--just beautiful. So the reason you want ME to pay off Hillary's debt is that it COULD HAVE BEEN YOU WHO WOULD HAVE HAD DEBT IF YOU HAD LOST! Therefore, Hillary's debt needs to be paid off because YOU TOO would have been spending money like a drunken sailor if you were in Hillary's (a.k.a THE LOSER's) shoes.

Yes, I think anybody who overspends and goes into debt to try to achieve ANYTHING must have their debt retired. My business went under, can you erase my debt? Sure! I borrowed money to invest in GM, can somebody please pay off my debt? Thanks!!

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