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The Audacity of Kryptonite

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Barack Obama says immigration reform will have to wait for an Obama presidency:Superman

“I’m not going to vote for something if I think ultimately that it’s going to repeat mistakes of the past and not going to solve the problem,” Obama told reporters Monday. “At the end of the day, if I don’t think it’s quite there, it’ll have to wait until I’m president.”

Obama's statement came after he and addressed 500 people gathered for the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition conference.

Obama is concerned the temporary worker provision in the Senate deal would create “second-class workers” who would be forced to go home every two years without acquiring any rights. He is "unlikely to vote for an immigration reform measure this week unless changes are made to address his concerns about temporary workers."

Even with Obama's opposition, Senators support the senate immigration deal by three to one.

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doesn't mean we'll get the same breakdown among the other 80. My guess is several more Democrats will join with Obama and find objections to the bill. That's not to say it won't pass, but Reid appears to have craftily decided to let enough Dems pull out so that the Republicans can take heavy blame for the bill if it does overcome a filibuster.

guest worker program creating some sort of second class worker pool. While I think a guest worker program is better than having tons of unknown illegals in the country, I am not sure a guest worker program does much to promote assimilation.

on the one hand you say that guest workers create second class citizens, but you also say that illegals create even worse second class citizens. Thus, if he votes against the bill and keeps the status quo then isn't he creating an even worse class of second class citizens that is his reasoning for voting against the bill. This is more if his duplicitous logic designed to tug at our emotions while at the same time making absolutely no sense. He opposes the bill because temporary workers will be second class citizens. Second class citizens who volunteered to come here and do it legally and are still better than the second class citizens that are created by the illegals that cross the border every day.

So, please, what exactly is to agree with.

are here illegally.

They are legally here, but they aren't going to be staying here, and in the end may not assimilate into the culture any better than those who are here illegally.

I honestly don't think the problem is the number of immigrants so much as it is the lack of enforcement of current laws.

But I do think he has a bit of a point with regards to the status of those who would come on a guest worker program, although I think to some degree he is looking for an excuse to stick to the status quo as much as find a solution, but then I think a lot of congress members are content with the status quo, it is the rest of us that aren't so content.

I admit I am not a huge hardliner on immigration-I basically believe the best way to deal with illigal immigration is to make coming here illegally more painful for the illegal immigrant and the people that hire them than for them to do it legally or for employers to hire only those who are legal. But I would also allow a lot more legal immigrants in than we currently do as well-I don't see much need to keep artifically low immigration numbers, but I think the real problem is in the area of enforcement-it doesn't matter what the program is, until we have the will to actually secure the borders and enforce the law on illegals and employers, it is mostly just going to be words on paper.


this is where the differences of concerns of Dems and Reps become most obvious. What is the Rep base most concerned with, amnesty, not sealing the border, and repeating the mistakes of twenty years ago. What is the Dem base concerned with, creating second class citizens of the temporary workers.

Obama's lack of seriousness on this issue is no different than his lack of seriousness on most issues. He is concerned that we are going to create second class citizens with these temporary workers. As opposed to what I say. What kind of citizens are the twelve to twenty illegals now? Also, these temporary workers would be coming here voluntarily. Whatever kind of citizens they would become it would be better than the kind of citizens they were in their home country.

This is one of my biggest problems with Obama, he puts passion and emotion above logic and common sense. He cares not about the national security threat caused by illegal immigration but rather about all of the second class citizens we create.

I have no idea what a second class worker is. Is it a first class worker from Mexico taking a wrong turn at the border and falling into the hands of cruel Anglo overseers? Does anyone think the Mexican wage slave will be denied the usual string of benefits that accrue to anyone able to climb a wall or ford a river? And if there is something called home for these s c w's why shouldn't they drop in in there every two years or so, or every night as desired.

The key is enforcement, there isn't and won't be any. The worker, 2nd class, will probably be voting in our elections, with Spanish ballots of course, and demonstrating in our streets. Is it still safe to say "ours"?

And the next person who uses the bone rattling, teeth shattering "at the end of the day" should be sentenced to 90 days in a third grade English class for vocabulary lessons and be deprived of the NY Times for a like period.
Starting with Barack "The Body" Obama.

"a man's admiration for absolute government is proportinate to the contempt he feels for those around him". Tocqueville

if you've seen this movie then you will recognize this line,

"message, we care"

that is all this rhetoric about second class citizens is designed to do. It is designed to make politicians look compassionate. They care about the poor Mexicans that voluntarily crossed the border illegally or would voluntarily become temporary workers. They care because they don't want them to become second class citizens even though that is what they are now and each one did it willingly. Like I said, this is an emotional arguement designed to tug at heart strings and draw a connection to segments of the population. It is nothing more than political calculation, but make no mistake Obama has no substantive answer to our illegal immigration nightmare.

What we have is the message "We Don't Want The Bill" being internalized even by the left. They are getting it to the point that they think they can gain by heralding it.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Remember, Obama went on record in support of the bill originally. If he carries through, look for him to peel of Hillary and perhaps Biden and Dodd as well. I'm sure Reid has greenlighted such defections already.

Or maybe that's just me as well.

The politics of 08 is really overwhelming 07. Seems like the continuous campaign is a distraction maneuver.

But figure at least 13 dem senators who are up for re-election will have taken a position both unpopular with the electorate and against their party's candidate. If they don't get primaried they may well be the cause of their own voter suppression.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

liberals is nowhere NEAR as solid as you might think.

See this thread on DKos for evidence.


Thanks by bs

That pointer to Kos was enlightening. While the thread does lean left of what we do here, it's definitely a lot less pro-immigration bill than I expected.

“I’m not going to vote for something if I think ultimately that it’s going to repeat mistakes of the past and not going to solve the problem,”

The legislation as currently proposed simply grants citizenship and all the entitlements to *everyone* illegally in the coutry.
There is no enforcement and if those bozo's are telling us it 'impossible' to send them all home now how in the hell are they going to make them leave after the 2 year 'Z' visa expires.

No, I'm sorry... The last time they pulled this BS I wasn't happy but I was to stupid to do anything about it. Now I have the power of mass communication via the internet and blogs like this and I'm going to raise absolute hell letting anyone and everyone know that I'll make life positivly nasty if this bill passes.

What a loser. That's a terrible picture...he looks silly to say the least. Psh, liberals.

All that's missing is his tank driver helmet...

They want all illegals to become citizens (voters.) Guest workers won't be able to vote.

As long as Democrats keep getting elected, conservatives will never get what they want.

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