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I'm on the radio this morning. For the last thirty minutes, I've been talking about the Clinton v. Obama race war. This isn't a new topic, but something very interesting happened.

Mayor C. Jack Ellis, the recently term limited out of office Mayor of Macon, GA, called in the show. Mayor Ellis was the first black mayor of this racially charged city. And he is hopping mad at the Clintons. So mad, in fact, he's off to South Carolina to help organize the vote for Barack Obama.

He said this morning that the African-American community stood by the Clintons through eight years of everyone else abandoning them. After all (and this is me, not him), they took the Sister Souljah moment, they took welfare reform. Hell, they took Ginsberg and Breyer. How did the Clintons' pay them back?

They didn't.

Mayor Ellis also turned on Bob Johnson, the former head and founder of Black Entertainment Television ("BET"). As the mayor pointed out, Bob Johnson ran "some of the most disgusting music videos" and things on television, polluting the African-American community. Then, according to the mayor, he sold it off to CBS after corrupting the community.

There is a real undercurrent of angry sentiment against the Clintons. Mayor Ellis reflects it. I'll say against what I've said before -- the Clintons are not good politicians. Under Bill, the Democrats lost the House, lost the Senate, lost the majority of state legislatures, and lost the majority of Governors' Mansions.

The Clintons are just good self promoters and the chickens are starting to come home to roost.

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straining at the seams. If your party is group based sooner or later the groups are going to start looking at each other and asking where's ours ?
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

The outrage being shown by black leaders and other simpletons over the Clintons supposedly becoming members of the KKK is nothing more than a justification excuse to vote race for Empty Suit Balack Obama.
If Bill Clinton was the first black President how is it conceivable his wife has suddenly morphed into Senator Bilbo?
Hillary Clinton is a joke, and she is not above using any and all means to accomplish her goal to be president,but to paint her and Bill as George and Lurleen Wallace is laughable.
Why don't black politicians and voters just have the guts to say I am voting for one of my own because he is a
black man, and skip the blatant hypocrisy.

If I recall, Hillary has the support of several black politicians and quasi-political groups. Sheila Jackson Lee is her campaign chair here in Texas (or is she THE campaign chair over the whole campaign?) and she has the support of the NAACP.

To compare Bill and Hillary to George and Lurleen is not that far off, if not in terms of motivation then certainly in terms of strategy. Pitting one race against another isn't new in Democratic politics.

Also, the phrase "black leaders and other simpletons" is a poorly chosen phrase and sullies your whole post, IMHO.

Its kind of strange you would be repeating this canard as if it had any actual merit. Having a bad family life does not make you black. Overcoming it by conning everyone around you should produce alienation from any community. What happens the Democrats go to work setting up a false equivalence that because Bubba had a bad childhood and blacks have bad childhoods due to the Democrat party's destruction of their families. This then becomes Bubba is black and blacks should vote dem.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

but I don't think they are the Clinton chickens.

The Democratic party for the last few decades has sustained itself on the new American racism: Black = Democrat and Republican = KKK. And they forgot the first rule of Scarface: never take a hit from your own stash. They've become so reflexive in their use of racebaiting, that they are now using it on their own.

Unfortunately, the conclusion of this will not be pretty and I don't foresee anything good coming out of it for the country.

Does anybody know the breakdown of total Democratic demographics? Is there a site to go to for a state-by-state breakdown of this?

Obama's already shown an ability to get a large number of whites to vote for him. If he couples that with an overwhelming percentage of blacks, then I'd imagine he could win handily.

However, the more the Obama v. Hillary race turns into a Black Candidate v. White Candidate race, the more heavily the black vote will go to Obama and the more heavily the white vote will go to Hillary, as I'd imagine it turns the stomachs of a lot of Democrats to here Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tell them who to vote for. That in and of itself could be counterproductive to Obama, and I think he's smart not to play up the racial tension in the race for that reason.

Lastly, and this is a bit off topic so I apologize: I think Hillary's more beatable, but I'm still rooting against her in the primaries versus Obama. Why? I dislike her so much that I don't want there to be even the possibility that she's president. But I feel weird cheering for the more electable candidate of the two.

Agreed. The nice thing for us is, Sen. Clinton can win the nomination without the African-American vote, but it will be difficult for her to win in November without it. So, anything she does to make it difficult for herself in November is appreciated.

Senator Obama needs the white vote to win the nomination, and to win in November, and I agree he is smart not to play up the racial tension.

works in Hillary's favor, especially in the Dem party. Obama is smart not to play it up in his campaign, but so long as he himself doesn't engage in it, I think the black angle works to Obama's advantage in the campaign because the white Dem primary voters are all eager to prove they aren't racists by voting for a black man. Mark Steyn did a good analysis of this the other night on his radio show. If either Hillary or Obama were the in a race against other white male Dems, either would handily win the nomination, but because they are fighting themselves over whether to nominate the first black president or the first woman president neither is able to unite the party for a first president. I think this is also the fundamental reason Dick Morris was always so keen on a Condi run: She blunts either because she's a two-fer and was at least perceived to be moderately right because of her association with the war on terrorism and real-politic.

Of course none of the above is any way relevant to who would actually make a better President for the country. To decide that you need to look at policy papers to discern the reasoning behind them and subsequently discern the philosophies the candidates will use to address the unexpected problems they will encounter during their administrations.

They're like a country with the atom bomb that threatens to use it every time anyone looks at them wrong. Now it's the Clintons? What on Earth was President Clinton supposed to have done when he was in office that he didn't? What did anyone say recently that was that offensive? Almost everything in the world is insulting to the NAACP and they can get a big, nonlinear response out of the press almost instantly.

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The article below was just published in Toledo Ohio's African American Newspaper. What's makes the article more telling is it's author Jack Ford a Democrat who was the Mayor of Toledo until 2006 as well as a featured speaker at the 2004 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION.

My View

By Jack Ford

The Truth’s Political Columnist

It looks as if the black community is being marginalized in Democratic Party politics at every turn. Now, Mike Ashford has been dumped as president of Toledo City Council. While many are crying about the perfidy shown by newly-minted Councilwoman Lindsay Webb, she was not the real culprit. Nor was it the mayor who orchestrated the whole deal.

The real culprit is us. We, the people. We let the few in the Democratic Party trample on us because there is no fear of political retaliation by us.

We have quietly let person after person be passed over, fired, maligned and put out to pasture by a few greedy operatives at the Party. Enough is enough.

As I look to the future, I always felt that both the school levy and the ¾ tax levy would be tough sledding. It may be even tougher now. The last time, the ¾ levy passed by just a few thousand votes. The black community really supported the levy as usual. One of these days, the spigot from the black precincts will shut off.

Ross Perot for all they have. With out him they are just a couple of Little Rock injury lawyers.

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
John Paul Jones (letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont,16 Nov.1778)

The ONLY thing the Clintons care about is the Clintons. Above literally everything and everyone. I don't know why people don't get this.

The Clintons have been entirely successful in sucking the oxygen out of the Obama campaign. The whole "making race an issue" controversy that has errupted in fact strongly benefits Hillary's campaign.

The prior problem for her had been that the Obama campaign had been dominating the media coverage with its "inspirational" narrative of hope and bringing people together. And the Obama narrartive was drawing in lots of people who don't normally participate in the process, which resulted in the Clinton machine being swamped in Iowa.

Clinton needed to change the narrative so that Joe Schmoe watching CNN or the evening news wouldn't see this ongoing "inspirational" Obama campaign narrative. Now they see the same old-same old negative back and forth, people arguing about race, insinuations about drug use, being told the whole thing's just a fairy tale, etc.

So all these people that were drawn to the positive, inspirational message Obama was trying to spin are no longer drawn into the process. That just leaves the Dem machine to get out the loyalists for Hillary and she should cruise to a comfortable win.

This approach may hurt her with Obama supporters she will need for the general election, but she can cross that bridge when she comes to it. For now, mission accomplished.

What was the Sister Souljah moment? I know I should know this, I'm just losing my mind.

was a black singer with offensive lyrics. Bill Clinton just said that, but because he was willing to state the obvious, even though she was a member of one of the democratic party's 'protected classes'.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100 percent.

Thank you...I remember that now.

I'll run away from Obama like he has the plague.

Ellis has done more damage to Macon then anyone could dream.

With Friends like these, Obama is gonna be sunk.

So, Obama for the Republican win! :)

"The bass, the rock, the mic, the treble, I like my coffee black, just like my Metal." - MSI

Did he happen to mention that he also converted to Islam while he was mayor and that he riled up quite a few folks by sending a letter of support to Chavez?
See here.

What is that supposed to mean?

Does the mayor have some complaint with Ginsburg's and Breyer's jurisprudence? It's not obvious why he should. It is obvious they're Jewish. Why is appointment of a Jewish judge a per se insult to African-Americans?

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