The Men and Women Behind CPAC

Thank You to Those Who Make it Possible

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ImageToo often in life we don't say "thank you," and in the case of CPAC, it's easy to take this remarkable event for granted. But in reality, putting on the three-day conference with 5,000 6,300 attendees, nearly 200 speakers and about 100 co-sponsors is a monumental task that requires a year's worth of planning.

This year the job fell to Lisa De Pasquale, who took over as CPAC director from Stacy Rumenap. I knew Lisa before she started working at the American Conservative Union. I had full confidence that she'd do a fabulous job, but she managed to exceed my expectations. With eight presidential candidates on the agenda (I'm counting Newt Gingrich), this year's conference was anything but ordinary.

I spent most of my time at CPAC on Bloggers Row with many old friends and some new ones. CRC Public Relations hosted us this year, providing bloggers with meals, drinks and a top-notch photographer in Kristina Grabosky. Kudos to Greg Mueller and his great team.

So as we debate Ann Coulter's comments and dissect the straw poll, let's not forget about the people who make CPAC possible. As far as I'm concerned, there's no better event for conservatives.

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I wish I'd been there myself. I really do. And I plan to be at the next one, which I hope is twice as big. From everything (else) I've read it was a great event, and keeping things moving with eight presidential candidates packed into three days is a Herculean task. When you've got eight people with egos that big showing up to your shindig, you'd better be good, and it sounds like Lisa and the rest of the folks at CPAC were up to the challenge.

"Violently anti-communist, and much more militaristic than the norm."

I don't normally read her, but Michelle Malkin's take hit me like a two-by-four to the forehead: this was a family event. Take your shock-jock style of debate elsewhere.

Sometimes, I think too much. Ok, I always think too much. I guess I make up for quality with quantity.


See the Academy for a complete rebutttal to everything.

...I'm still hoping that you'll answer this - especially in light of your change of heart here. :-)

CRC Public Relations went to some trouble to keep us running, caffinated and fed; they also took the time to pick our brains on what the best way was for groups and candidates to work with bloggers. That made showing up worth it, right there: blogs aren't a cure-all, but the GOP and the Right can improve their working relationship with them.

Very many interesting people, interesting groups and, of course, people who like Redstate, who are thus the most interesting people of all. :)


The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

Great point, Rob.
The CPAC organizers pulled off a huge event and deserve a hearty thank you!

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