Immigration and Ken Calvert. They Actually Are Related.

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When I declared war on Ken Calvert I made two points. First, his appointment is a sign the House GOP Leadership does not get it and they need to get it to win back the House. Second, unless we scalp a Republican, the GOP Leadership will not take us seriously.

And as I've tried to say more delicately, it's not that they don't treat me seriously, they don't treat *you* seriously. They don't. If you don't believe me, ask John Linder, a member of the House GOP Steering Committee. Today in the Atlanta Journal, Linder says

"I really don't pay much attention to blogs," he said. "You can say anything on those blogs without any attribution and get away with it."

Liberal blogs have been influential, the Georgia lawmaker acknowledged. But he dismissed their conservative counterparts, saying, "I don't pay any attention to them."

So when you are calling Capitol Hill to complain about immigration, remember how seriously Republican leaders treat you.

And then think how much more seriously they treat you after we've scalped Ken Calvert.

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I am afraid we will have massive 2008 losses--and even that may not get their attention! Give the Kossacks one thing: they made their party fall into line. The quote you cited is an indication we have an even steeper hill to climb. That assumes we have the will to do so, and on a personal level, I'm about played out carrying water for a party that has been hollowed out by the parasites in elected office and in its midst. It is nice to know others like you will do so, and I have become something I loathe--a cheerleader who doesn't do the hard work. But that's where I am.

Congratulations on your work. Despite the dismissive comment above, it has shaken things up. Maybe after our party hacks look at a Democratic president, House, and Senate for a few years, maybe--maybe, they will return to basic principles.

I'm about played out carrying water for a party that has been hollowed out by the parasites

That's why we *need* to go after Calvert.

Did Ted Kennedy give them the name, perhaps?

Just because we aren't rabid hysterics doesn't mean that we can simply be ignored... personally, the theatrics of people like Kos would just give me reason to ignore them.

If these politicians want to drive their careers off the proverbial cliff, let them. We won't miss them one bit. But to let them destroy an entire political party in the process is unconscionable.

"To all those whom I have not yet offended: Please stand by, and I will work to remedy the situation as soon as possible."

Patiently waiting for a Fred Thompson / John Engler ticket.

I like Redstate and its consistent high level of discussion; however, I find most blogs unhelpful because so many participants say outrageous things while accepting no responsibility for what they say.

I understand why many people on this site want to be annonymous. But anonymous comments carry less credibility and thus less influence than do comments which are signed. That reality is, in my opinion, unlikely to change.

Steve Willis
Professor of Law
University of Florida College of Law

and the ananomously published essay signed simply "Mr. X" after WWII had no effect on US foreign policy.

Not to mention the "unamed sources" so routinely quoted on the front page of the NYT.

I just found this site and this first article struck a cord with the phrase about republican lawmakers, "they don't take you seriously." What is it with our party? Why do none of them seem to stick to conservative principles after campaigning on them and getting votes because we were stupid enough to believe them. If anyone out there can help me, IS THERE ANY ELECTED REPUBLICAN OFFICIAL WITH A SPINE? I am disheartened throughly by the last few years after watching the democrats scream and the republicans cower. Even when we were in the majority we weren't. I live in California and in the past have written Diane Feinstein because of my concerns about illegal immigration even though I know she could care less what I think, but I just don't know what to do, no one in my party is listening. They send me ten letters a month asking for money but never do what my money elected them to do. Them tolerating corruption is just another insult in a long list of insults. I'm looking for a glimmer of hope from someone, anyone, I'm willing to work for the party but only if I KNOW the party will work for me. The thought of another Clinton presidency scares the heck out of me, but that is what is coming if things don't change. Is there really anything we can do to make them hear us?

Janice Cantore

I just found this website today because I got my June 3rd ballot and Calvert is the only name on the list for Congressman. As a black, conservative Republican, I am tired of the liberal rhethoric that comes from our elected officials. The goal is just get into office "by any means necessary". Maybe if we all wrote in names other than the one on the ballot, that would make a change. I just call the state offices of our candidates to tell them how discouraged I am and I get the same message, Thank you for calling. They take our money and vote for higher salaries and lifetime healthcare and pensions for themselves and leave the working class that put them into office out to dry. Anyway, I agree with you Janice and if you find anyone - let us know. I don't think there is such a person. futurern

Frankly, "scalping" an elected official is not a serious goal. So it's little wonder that you're having trouble being taken seriously.

CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

The Conservative Community rallied to kill the deal on what turned out to be phony information about the deal. Our sovereignty was not at stake. Our security was not compromised. Similar deals had been done many times. We damaged relations with an important ally and we increased the reputation of Iran in a vital region while decreasing ours.
I am very suspicious of orchestrated blog/talk radio attacks these days. We ahve gone through months of similarly misleading agitation over the jailed border agents. The fact is that our border must not be too insecure since we are not being attacked by terrorists coming in from over our border.
The fact is also that short of ethnic cleansing and maybe civil war we are not getting rid of the illegals we all allowed to come here over the last 30+ years. I think we need to calm and chill a bit.
We are fighting a real war. And thanks to dhimmiecrats, we are fighting that war not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also at home.
I am not entirely happy with the current propopsed compormise. I may not even support it. But I will resist being rushed into condemning it by the blogosphere or talk radio. The track record is not very good, with all due respect.

the Dubai Ports deal failed because its backers failed to assure people that a legitimate conflict of interest did not exist

this is news to ESCALATE the GOP War, not stop it

If we don't like Calvert, let's get behind an opponent and get him out the democratic way. Why hang a lantern on GOP corruption? Isn't the MSM doing a good enough job?

All campaigns like this do is lead to stories about Republicans eating their own, disarray, unhappiness, blah blah blah.

Aren't they any sleazy Democrats we could focus our attention on? would have if you focused on the opposition's corruption while very explicitly tolerating similar corruption in your own camp?

Come on - you either care, or don't. Stop trying to morally equivocate.

...and tolerating aren't the same things at all.

I'm not saying we make excuses or support Calvert. I'm saying we only have so many (metaphoric) bullets in our gun - why go hunting for Republicans first?

I don't count Lieberman as a kos success story - yeah, he lost a primary, and all it did was make him alienated and bitter, and they can't count on his vote as much as they used to.

Is that what we're trying to do?

Why hang a lantern on GOP corruption? Isn't the MSM doing a good enough job?

No, actually, they are not doing a good enough job. If they were we wouldn't be seeing these stories about corrupt politicians with "R"s after their name drip, drip, dripping out of the news every other day. Let's not pretend those stories are false, either.

Either we believe what we say or we don't. We need to take that stuff about a beam in our own eye instead of the mote in the other guy's more seriously.

Otherwise, we're just going to have short-term, meaningless victories, and a lot more big losses.

Senator Demint from South Carolina is one man that has intergrity. He is a true conservative and votes that way.

I just wish that I lived in South Carolina so I could vote for him. If we only had more Senators like him, the Republican party wouldn't be in such serious trouble.

and ask the state and local parties to recruit more people like him to run for local, state, and national offices.
"That's funny, because I can see him eating her liver with some falafel and a nice hot tea." - kyle8

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