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I hate giving "that woman" any more air time than she already has...bought and paid for by the kool aid kooks in Liberal la la land, but THIS is just more than I can stand:

The American people have called for change, the facts on the ground demand change, the Congress has passed legislation to require change. It is time to sunset the authorization for the war in Iraq. If the president will not bring himself to accept reality, it is time for Congress to bring reality to him.

I double dog dare you losers, wimps, and political hacks to belly up to the bar, throw back a double Jose, and call an end to funds TODAY...this very moment, or shut the (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) up about it and get back to doing what we pay you...yes, WE PAY do.

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Don't you just love all the ways these fools and their minions go about mangling the American will by playing games with our words?

"The American people have called for change" means something new to these lunatics on a daily basis.

Americans are calling for LOTS of changes, but the Democrats just can't get their heads out of their (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) long enough to actually IMPLEMENT any change, so they just circle around like the buzzards they are waiting for something to die so they can pounce on it.

We want immigration reform. And, the bill is on the President's desk, right?

Healthcare reform? Taxes? (we want them lower, they want them higher...but still...)

Oh yeah, and that Katrina mess. That bill is on the President's desk, no? Nagin and Blanco have it all fixed now that you losers are in charge, correct?

Social Security, Prescription drugs, Welfare, oil exploration, energy self-sufficiency and independence, and...oh yeah, war funding. Wait! I almost forgot! You DID secure our borders already, right? And those shipping containers and ports...all better now, yes?

Hmm, I believe NONE of these things are done. Yeah, yeah, I know - you've only had 4 months...give you time, you ARE after all, just settling in from your trips abroad and your '08 campaign strategy meetings.

You people make me sick.

America demands a change in Iraq because they don't like seeing Soldiers die. For every one of those Americans out there that wants to see us LEAVE, and LEAVE TODAY, there are just as many who want to see us win...or at least not lose.

You tried for a sense of Congress, you lost. You tried for a pork-laden earmarked "strings attached with handcuffs on Generals" war funding bill, you lost again. While you are trying to shove the bill down this President's throat, HE continues to shove it up...well, never mind-you get the point.

Look lady, you suck as a Senator, and you would suck as a President. How 'bout you take a moment to try NOT sucking at being an American.

Playing games with war "end-dates" that keep finding themselves conspicuously and suspiciously so closely attached to your hopefully failed bid for that house you trashed last time you lived in it, frankly, is getting old.

If you REALLY believed in ending this thing, end it today. Otherwise, shut up about it and do your job...the one you REALLY suck at.

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First off haystack, I totally agree with your statement:

" America demands a change in Iraq because they don't like seeing Soldiers die. For every one of those Americans out there that wants to see us LEAVE, and LEAVE TODAY, there are just as many who want to see us win...or at least not lose. "

It's my view that when Americans answer these "polls" about wanting a change in the Iraqi War, what they've been saying all along is they want results, they want positives - no where do I see the American people saying, Let's Surrender and come crawling home.

Anyway, I do believe this is a defining moment for Hillary. To me, this is an act of desperation - she has seen this surprising climb and staying power of Obama and some groupie advisor of hers with a "Green is Good" teeshirt told her she can't be so hawkish so she teams up with Sen. Byrd to repeal the President's authorization. If you hooked this woman up to a lie detector right now, you'd find out she does NOT want this legislation but by golly, she has a chair in the Oval Office she's got to get her butt into!

And she teams up with Byrd. She picks the one member of Congress who no one will attack because he's senile, he's pitiful and he's so flippin' out of it, they're all scared of what he would say IF they attacked him.

Hillary's "bill" will backfire and she's gonna pay a big price.

what they want to repeal is their own resolution (which Hillary voted for) authorizing the use of force in Iraq. Reminds me of a similar old John Kerry line, and I would sum up this idiocy as follows- "I was for the resolution before I was against it". This is the soundbite that Republican Senators should be using to derail this bill. It may even embarrass the likes of Susan Collins from voting with Hillary.

Didn't she say something recently like she didn't realize how much power that gave the President, which translates into that she was too stupid to understand that an imbecile like Bush was playing her like a drum?

You end wars one of three ways: you crush the other guy so he stops fighting, or you bring your guys home so they stop fighting, or you sit down and reach an agreement to both stop (if there's someone to do that with).

It may be cowardly and foolish to bring the troops home, but at least it's a plan to end the war. But is Hillary seriously suggesting that we keep the troops in the field but strip them of legal sanction for the use of force? I'm no expert on the laws of war but it seems that if Congress has renounced any authorization of the conduct of the war, people who keep fighting it are doing so at a variety of legal perils. That's insane.

"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

What is best? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

They could cut off funding if they are so against it. But they're too chicken politically to do that. So they are trying to go through all sorts of exercises to make Bush do what they want when they have the power themselves.

In a way it's like with tobacco. It kills 5 gazillion people a year, but do the Dems try to ban it? No way, their goal instead is to extract the maximum amount of income for government entities via lawsuits and taxes from tobacco companies and tobacco users.

It would be suicide to not submit a spending bill; I think this falls more under "self-preservation" than "chicken".

"Why doncha commit political suicide? What are ya? Chicken?"

Otherwise, not a word to disagree with.

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

A random walk through my head at Indiscriminate Tastes

haystack's 12th:
Conservatives (and Presidential Candidates especially) shall offer no aid and comfort to the opposition in times of legislative conflict (and ensuing political campaigns).

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

A random walk through my head at Indiscriminate Tastes

"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." -- James Madison

Thanks for demonstrating that it's just as good an argument technique today as it ever was.

...had said "Don't listen to these people because they're poltroons!" As he's actually saying "These people are poltroons for doing this!" your objections do not, in point of fact, apply.

I'm glad that we could straighten this out for you.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

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