Hey, thanks, Glenn Greenwald.

Have to say, you anti-FISA folks have been really helpful with doing our oppo research.

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And you're right, this is spinning:

And yet you're voting for him anyway. He can't even participate in a cloture vote - the last even semi-realistic hope that you had to slow FISA down - and you'll still vote for him. This would be sad, if it wasn't as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise. But enough about my amusement; let's talk about your pain. How does it feel to live with the fact that your (assumed) candidate for President is a moral coward?

I wouldn't know myself, you see: I'm a Republican.

Moe Lane

PS: Just keep going after those Blue Dogs, Glenn. Thanks a bunch.

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Why does anyone bother to read Greenwald anymore? Not only is he a nauseating blowhard and a bully, but he's also guilty of one of the greatest sins in blogging: sock-puppetry.


This is not exactly a new story either. Salon.com keeping Greenwald on as a contributor is another nail in their already tightly sealed and deeply buried coffin. Geez, even TNR was smart enough to ditch Stephen Glass after his fiasco back in the day. You'd think Salon's managers would clue in.

.....we need someone to "watch the watchers."

But we can't afford to spend time to "vet the vetters."

Help me out Mr. Obama. It would be a lot easier to follow your train of thought if you weren't dodging and weaving so darn much!

I love your blog..

"How does it feel to live with the fact that your candidate for President is a moral coward (and a pathological liar)?"


This so isn't the "Can you hear me now guy" that I use to know.

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