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Having fun yet, CNN?

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From the WaPo, eventually (and Wizbang, also eventually):

The debate format remains the same as it did for Democrats in July. CNN's political team will review the submissions and choose about 40 videos that can be used Wednesday. David Bohrman, CNN's Washington bureau chief and the mastermind behind the format, said he heard from two campaigns - he won't name which - expressing concerns about the selection process and the perceived liberal bias of CNN, dubbed by many conservatives as the "Clinton News Network."

"Some of the Republican candidates don't trust us. They're not completely convinced that we're going to wean out the Democratic gotcha questions," Bohrman said. "But I've been very clear from the beginning: This will be a Republican debate, and the goal is to let Republican voters see their candidates."


Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it's always easier to use the memory hole the second time, guys. Just saying, that's all.

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SMACK, right across their liberal-biased faces.

Two thirds of the world is covered by water,
the other third is covered by Champ Bailey.

My spies tell me that prior to going on air with last night's debate, Anderson Cooper was entertaining questions from the live audience. One question he got, which he repeated before answering, was "How many questions did Hillary Clinton plant in tonight's debate?"

Cooper thought that was a funny question. I bet he doesn't think it's funny now.

Drink Good Coffee. You can sleep when you're dead.

a laugh of embarrassment by Cooper. He knew just exactly how many questions had been planted and how many shills were in the audience.


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