The Vileness Of The Left

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A Fox News reporter has been kidnapped in Gaza. The Huffington Post puts up a blurb about it. The left reacts. Here's a snapshot of their reaction:

Can we afford to have these people be victorious in November? I think not. The left has become fascist -- wishing death on its opponents, demanding to be heard, crying censorship when we ignore them, and themselves trying to silence those with whom they disagree.

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This type of kidnapping in Gaza goes on all the time, with a happy ending most of the time.

Geez, lefty moonbats, take a breath! God help us if they get back in power, El-Rushbo thinks not, and he is right most of the time!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - "We did not have a revolution in order to have democracy."
See The World In HinzSight!

The only thing that would have made these hatemongers happier would have been if they had kidnapped Bush himself.

I'm praying for a safe and quick return.


Buzz Blog

a cameraman was also taken.

Hopefully they will both be returned unharmed.

When the head of the US forces in Somalia says, "We just lost the initiative".

That's how I am feeling these days about conservatives. We've got a damn serious situation but we are reduced to a state of outrage over the behavior of the left.

Conservatives have gone from leading the way with ideas and action to playing defense and squabbling among ourselves. There are still a couple months left. More than anything else, we need turnout in November. Put everything else on the shelf, we have our own war to win. I see no upside to America nor conservatives to a victory by this pack of howling jackals in the mid term elections.

Thanks for providing yet another reason why.

To hear the hate directed at the right leaning FOX, when we had to put up with 50+ years of left leaning coverage from the likes of: The New York(lets not say anything bad about commies)Times,
NBC(lets blow up a truck), CBS(lets publish a fake letter),
and Reuters(lets make up a fake atrocity).
Of Course they never admitted their bias even once, So lets give them the same treatment. Whenever the subject of FOX comes up just tell them they must be imagining a right wing bias. Its all in your head dude!

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

Why would God invent a thing like whiskey? To keep the Irish from ruling the world of course.

they must be beaten in November. Any one of the “sit this one out” crowd who actually does (which is in essence a vote for Kos) and then complains about the behavior of the moonbats if/when they run the show has no room for complaint.

Also, while I hope nothing happens to reporters for other agencies, isn’t it funny Hamasistan targets a Fox News guy and not somebody from al-Jazeera/(MS)NBC/CNN/Bloomberg/Al-Reuters/AP/cBS/ABC?

If you have a Rino for a senator or congressman and can't defeat them in the primaries, then I suggest you do not vote.

This whole "they must not win at any cost" thing is silly if you look at the long view. We cannot STOP them from winning eventually. Every party, person and movement gets old to the public after a while and fatigue sets in.

The public has notoriously short memories and need constant reminders. That is why a takeover of one of the houses by the Dems this fall would not be such a bad thing. Their hatred and incompetence would be highlighted, especially if they tried to impeach Bush.

Furthermore it would be sort of an inoculation to a lager victory for them in 2008. Thats the election I am really worried about.

So I say if you cannot in good conscious support a Republican, then don't vote for em.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

We need strong primaries and stop worring about not bruising a cannidate.
"Peace had a chance"

if/when Murtha/Pelosi/Reid abandon the GWOT and the troops by trying to defund military activities, will you then say it was a good idea to sit out just because Trent Lott got an extra $500,000 for a rhubarb farm in Tupelo (I don't know if that's true,but I'm trying to make an example) or something like that. Or, will you be happy then, because that veto pen was rattled?

both by kyle8

it would show everyone just who the dems are, and it would force Bush to veto something again.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

Why do you figure Bush will start vetoing stuff, just because the Democrats have control? He's spent the last six years working with them while they were in the minority. I don't think he is suddenly going to stop if they get the majority.

Everybody already knows who the Dem's are.

your reason for sitting out is the "rattle the veto pen" theme. At least you didn't cite Mexico or gays in the streets or "meeting my maker with blood on my hands". (sidebar-I have never understood that one. Sitting out because a guy is only 97% on your side and helping elect a guy 0% for the unborn does more harm for "meeting your maker". But I digress).

At what point will you put your views behind defeating Islamofascism? If that isn't beaten, pork becomes irrelevant. Oh, and don't think a Dem. Candidate in 2008 will be anti terror. The Kossacks have overtaken the party, and their only agenda is surrender to Nasrallah/Bin Laden, etc. The Dem candidate will make McGovern look like a neocon hawk.

Most people will not quibble about schadenfreude concerning people they don't like. I certainly cheer when a hezbollah terrorist is blown to kingdom come or when an insurgent in Iraq is fed copper jacketed lead. The difference between normal people and liberals is that normal people are comfortable about feeling good in these situations. Liberals feel the need to lie about their true feelings. This is why Ward Churchil and others of his Ilk are so useful. They provide an insight into the undisguised feelings of liberals.

Rmemeber, liberals by their definition are more caring and tolerant than a conservative could ever hope to be.

Believing these kind of conspiracy theories is a hallmark of weak minds. There is still a similar controversy raging over the Giuliana Sgrena kidnapping in Iraq. I have to admit, that thought crossed my mind, because the event has catapulted her to power in Italy. But if there was a real story here, someone would have dug it up and proved it publically.

_Goldwater: In your heart, you know he's right_

And by the way, why don't _italics_ work anymore?

_Goldwater: In your heart, you know he's right_

"The Road To Freedom Is Seldom Traveled By The Multitude"

"In this day and age, you're not going to get a fair shake in the media" -- Lance Armstrong

What is autolinking?

Is there a thread somewhere discussing site issues? Is this the first use of Drupal, or did the old site use that too?

Well, right around when you said that, this line showed up in the Input format box: "Web and e-mail addresses are automatically converted into links."

So clearly Erick or somebody was adding a feature to comments, and well it hiccuped a bit, heh.

I know how that goes. Just shows that the Red State guys are hard at work trying to appease all the people complaining about the new software.

"In this day and age, you're not going to get a fair shake in the media" -- Lance Armstrong

He acknowledged the noble freedom fighter Iraqi insurgents are a terrorist organization. They'll have to give him a stern talking to.

The same grade of nonsense can be found in the right blogosphere. Case in point, the Freepers had an enlightening thread going yesterday on the topic of "al-Reuters":

If Reuters is best Known for it's news coverage, but that only accounts for 10 percent of their company's income.....Is it possible that Reuters is slanting their news to influence financial markets.

3 posted on 08/10/2006 1:06:31 PM PDT by AmericanMade1776
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Sort of reminds me of the story I read about the Battle of Waterloo. Seems that Napoleon was marching toward Waterloo, and the whole world was experiencing the jitters. The Rothschild family received a messenger pigeon from one of their operatives at the front. Napoleon had been defeated.

So the Rothschilds spread the news that Napoleon had been victorious. The stock market crashed. They bought up all the stocks at rock bottom prices.

Then a horse and rider arrived in London to reveal the truth, and the stock market soared.

They did not have the SEC in those days, so they got away with it.

15 posted on 08/10/2006 1:12:26 PM PDT by Brilliant
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Or from Little Green Footballs this morning:

#101 Doug 8/14/2006 02:26PM PDT

Islam is a cancer...

I'd say it's high time to break out the raditaion therapy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the insane sector of the left blogosphere and I'm ashamed to have them on my side, but the recently coined Kevin's Law would seem to apply. If you weed your backyard and we tend to ours this whole Internet thing'll be a much better place for all of us who at least try to be reasonable--liberal, conservative, whatever, no ideology is free of these crazies you're pointing out.

If you're not responding to correct me, question me or elaborate on what I'm saying, please don't bother.

And the Freepers are a pretty "out there" bunch. The difference is that Huffington, KOS and DU are much, much bigger sites and have Democratic officials and heavy hitters who regularly contribute.
It's sort of like comparing Bush Derangement Syndrome with the Conservatives who obsessed about Clinton. There were lots of people like that in the 1990's but they were not major journalists, opinion makers (except maybe Rush), or elected officials.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

Yes by zuiko

And the numbers of people obsessed with Clinton were far, far smaller than the portion of the moonbat population currently infected with BDS. I didn't care for the guy, but I didn't seethe about him and blame every cloudy day on him, either.

There are a lot of posters around there lately who've been quelling the most absurd memes that have been going around the far left blogosphere since it rose to prominence in late 2004 (United 93 being shot down, blaming lost elections on Diebold, et al.). DailyKos went pretty far "out there" in 2005 and became unreadable in 2005 because of their noble leader's hands-off approach to comment moderation, but now that the community's started to take matters into their own hands it's coming just a little bit off of the lunatic fringe--judging by comment ratings, they're up to about 3:1 or 4:1 posters who attempt to be reasonable against real, deranged moonbats. Huffington and the DU I don't read, but I'd put them on par with the FR in terms of blogospheric influence--maybe there's an occasional decent post or comment, but anyone who takes much of what goes on there seriously needs to be put down fast and hard.

100% with you on Bush Derangement Syndrome being pathetically prevalent among almost all modern liberals, though. If and when the left gets past their hatred of this administration and can engage in substantive debates on policy I'll be much less bitter about being on their side.

If you're not responding to correct me, question me or elaborate on what I'm saying, please don't bother.

Well, occasionally you'll find a reasonable response on the Lost Kos, but that is, unfortunately, very occasionally. Too many of them know only one adjective, and if you find a thread with 300+ comments, finding anything of merit therein becomes a real task, and I'm just not that patient!

Your last paragraph does raise an interesting question, however: whether this election or in the future, eventually our friends on the left will regain governing power. Will we be more reasonable and more polite to them than they have been to us the past 5½ years?

Common Sense Political Thought

The freepers, much to their chagrin, have been marginalized by the GOP (for what that is worth). I write that with sadness, since it was buckhead the freeper who played a key role in busting Rathergate wide open. I only wish they would realize that sitting out is a vote for Kos and Nasrallah.

Right now, they are too much into the Malkin "*&^k the immigrants" camp for my taste. Also, they are the home of the "sit this one out" crowd, so I feel they really aren't welcome in a party trying to fight back the MSM/Kos/Hizbullah/AlQaida crowd.

As to how you can compare the speculation of whether Reuters has financial motives in the GWOT with the cavalier attitude of the left toward a kidnapped reporter for a news organization.

I'd consider "slaughter the Muslims problem solved" to be just as patently offensive to a sane mind as indifference to the kidnapping of a civilian, and engaging in a debate about the moral relativity of individual posts made by conspiracy theorists seems pretty pedantic to me. At the end of the day, they're all crazies, and not a one of them is worth defending.

If you're not responding to correct me, question me or elaborate on what I'm saying, please don't bother.

As to how you can compare the speculation of whether Reuters has financial motives in the GWOT with the cavalier attitude of the left toward a kidnapped reporter for a news organization.

and my heart ache. Why on earth should we care who was kidnapped and why should anyone say stuff like that? We should all be focusing on the families involved and sending our thoughts and prayers to them and the people who were kidnapped. The negativity and subhuman behavior is barbaric. I'm bringing my child up in a world where we are more concerned with politics than basic humanity and that, my friends, is sick and twisted. I'm disgusted.

"I'm just beginning...The pen's in my hand...Ending unplanned"

"Always be honest with yourself even if you are honest with no one else...
...It helps you keep track of your lies..."

You took 3 opinions? If you're going to apply those opinions to everyone who supports a democrat - then save some space and give a link because no one really cares about 3 random idiotic opinions.

based on 3 opinions from one of the most inflammatory web sites on the net? Couldn't someone just as easily find 3 equally vile comments from freerepublic or similar and use it to portray the entire Right? What do these three comments prove, besides that idiocy in schadenfreude (and Fox-hating) knows no bounds?

For the record, I think Fox News is a joke, but that would never translate into wishing their staff ill, or defending those who would commit violence against them. I suspect you would find that to be the view of the vast majority of left-leaning folk, just as I imagine the vast majority of conservatives would feel the same if the person in question was someone like Janene Garofalo or John Stewart.

Quite honestly, and I am not saying this lightly, I think the GOP may need an electoral defeat to get back on track. Narrowly holding both houses could lead to a serious, long-term setback later on. And that could really be costly.

But consider if, say, Dems retake the House. Nancy Pelosi is much further from the mainstream than the Democratic leadership in '93-'94, from Capitol Hill to Clinton. That might remind voters of what the Democrats really are, because some of them probably have forgotton.

In politics, you don't ever let your opponent win. You just don't. There is nothing to be gained by it., and a lot to be lost, especially when your opponent has plans to impeach your President.

More brilliance such as that can be found at the Academy. And yes, I know how pretentious I sound.

Everyone knows what the Democrats are. The people who support them do so regardless. They are not going to suddenly "discover" that she is out of the mainstream in December.

The only lession the GOP will take away from a loss of the House is that they have not been liberal enough and that they need to reach out more to the left and be sensitive to their feelings. Turning this ship around will take work, not sitting on your hands to "send a message".

I think Bush will be remembered with the same fondness as Jimmy Carter. The Republican(?) Congress is beyond pathetic. I won't bother to go into detail, but the only ray of hope remaining from the past 5+ years is temporary tax rate reductions and Roberts & Alito. I'm pretty much disgusted with everything else.

I am going to the polls in November and voting for Republicans down the line. I happen to be fortunate enough to live in John Shadegg's district so I get to vote for him and for Jon Kyl. Life is good. I would, however, suck it up and vote for almost any Republican candidate over ANY Democrat.

If "pro" is the opposite of "con", what is the opposite of "progress"?

Bush bet the pot on establishing freedom in the Middle East. We won't know for another few years how that will turn out. If it turns out well he will be regarded as one of the all time greatest presidents. If not, it was still a noble effort, IMO.

The solution to our problems is more Shadegg's and Kyles. And more Talants and Santorums and Steele's. And perhaps what Art Chance has said, getting conservatives to start entering the government bureaucracy.

Jon, Socrates (and eddiebear upthread) are right about 2006. Rarely has taking a "tactical" electoral loss ever worked out like its clever planners expected. Ask Sen. Jack Kemp about that.
It reminds me of one of those "Here, hold my beer, I want to try something..." ideas.
The newly-empowered Dems will spend every waking moment of 2007, 2008 savaging Bush and his fellow Republicans; holding hearings into every activity of the admin that the left doesn't approve of. The media will be applauding and will fill their pages and air with a torrent of leaks and lies - all embarrassing to the admin and the GOP.
I'm not sure I'd bet the farm on the American public being sufficiently outraged (at least for some time).
The only survivors will be sellouts like Arlen Spector, Chris Shays, the Republican Main Street goofs...
Having spent many decades in Washington I always get a laugh reading some of these "the end is nigh..." type blogs and responses. Rarely is the end nigh. Have a little patience.
Furthermore, sadly the Bushies and all conservative Republicans in Washington, face a never-ending battle. It is very difficult to get much done in Washington or on the world stage. Those Red Staters who seem to think that Bush can demand a conservative course for the nation and the lack of such activity is proof that he isn't sufficiently conservative are grossly mistaken.
Between sabotage from weak-tea Republicans like Spector, Hagel, et al, permanent insurgency from within the Dem-controlled bureacracy - it is amazing anything remotely conservative ever gets accomplished. We don't need to be adding friendly fire when it's unnecessary.
If you liked the Medicare reform or No Child Left Behind then elect more Dems because that is exactly what you'll see a lot more of with a Dem congress. It's bad enough with Ted Stevens in charge don't make it worse (and it can get a lot worse) by sitting on your hands in November.
(Don't get me wrong, Bush's feet and the chucklehead Congressional leadership's feet do need to be held to the fire on more than a few occasions but the battles need to be picked.)

Our friends here who do not recognize that American politics are cyclical have their head in the sand. I would rather a small loss now than a huge loss in 2008.
It might also refocus the attitudes of the Republicans. That being said. I don't think we should support Deomcrats. I just say vote for your Republican candidates IF they are not Rino's
But don't vote for a Rino just because you think Republicans should win.

"Nothing works like freedom, Nothing succeeds like liberty"

Conclusive proof that voting democrat is bad!

I could just as easily cherry-pick three similar comments from this site, and none of you would say "uh-oh, the GOP has lost my vote!"

Pick three similar comments from this site. Get going.

Accusing others of rejoicing over the kidnapping and potential execution of American citizens: Check.

Borderline journalist snuff porn: Check and check.

Hit me with a stick if I'm wrong, but I think we've all said things that were out of line on the Internet--it's just more common in some places than others, and I do think it says something positive about RedState that I had to do some digging with the Search function to find three posts that struck me as pretty offensive.

If you're not responding to correct me, question me or elaborate on what I'm saying, please don't bother.

of the people you called out here, my only defense is that you are either simply incapable of reading or of comprehending what you have read. I think the other two guys you called out would offer the same interpretation.

I have no intention of arguing with you over your rather heightened sense of propriety and I really care little if you are offended or not.

Hmm by r0cket

There were some rather nasty suggestions made about Jill Carroll, for instance. Or those CPT activists who were kidnapped.

comments like those from the subject site is called: AN EXAMPLE.

Take your meds go back to the CartoonNetwork.

If "pro" is the opposite of "con", what is the opposite of "progress"?

Mbecker. Go browse some of them. The ones posted here are mild to the ones there now.

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