An additional note on Rush Limbaugh, the $400 million man.

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I am writing this at 4:45 a.m. For the last week and a half, I've been getting up while the majority of you are comfortably in bed and hosting a three hour radio program from 6am to 9am here in Macon, Georgia. The channel, AM940 WMAC, is the Rush Limbaugh station in the Middle Georgia area.

I have always had profound respect for what Rush Limbaugh does. Those who hate him and are most critical of him, I have found, are often those who have never listened to more than an hour of his show. While passionately and uncompromisingly conservative, Rush is also a great entertainer.

After this last week and a half on the radio, I have even more respect for Rush than I did. You try speaking for 120 minutes non-stop off the top of your head with no written script in front of you (3 hours with 40 minutes of talk per hour). Try also to make sure you are engaging, entertaining, and have necessary information at instant recall to be informative. It's a damnably difficult thing to do.

Naturally today, the left is up in arms over Rush's deal. I am too. For what Rush Limbaugh does, Clear Channel got him cheap. It's easy to throw stones at the man, but it is virtually impossible to duplicate what he does.

Tony Snow has always been my favorite guest host for Rush. In the past year, however, I think Jason Lewis is my favorite. Both Jason and Tony are witty, very conversational, highly informative, and pleasant to listen to. Jason Lewis, in particular, has an impressive knowledge of economic and financial data ready at the recall to explain most any subject for any caller. Neither of them, however, are comparable to Rush in style, humor, or engagement with the listener.

As I head out this morning with IV of caffine, I have my well prepared stack of stuff, made all the easier because of what my day job is here at RedState — I'm constantly sifting information. The feedback I've gotten has been very positive. I will aspire to do what Rush does on the radio as well as Rush does it, but I also know that I never will reach his level. He is unique. And $400 million is a small price to pay for a man who does something better than anyone else on earth and who single handedly revitalized a dying medium.

And yes, I do make sure both of our children, though one is still comfortably in the womb, get their daily dose of Rush. After all, according to the New York Times, Rush Limbaugh listeners are smarter than NPR listeners and also 99% less pretentious.

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And they are always willing to tell people how much they should make. The only people that have a say here are clear channels share holders and Rush

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

about Rush, I re-upped for 2 years for the website/Letter. (I am a Charter Subscriber.)

I actually was shocked that it is only $400 mil for 8 years, but then to me Rush is priceless. Plenty of people make way more who contribute absolutely nothing of value. Then again, Rush asked yesterday who gets to decide what value is? THE MARKET DECIDES. The Left cannot stand this. He rips them continuously using their own miserable words and deeds and they cannot stand him. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are desperate to shut him up. The drive-bys cover him with obsessive fascination, their efforts to diminish him only having the exact opposite effect.

His value to our side is immeasurable. Here's to another 20 years!

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

Since hearing Jason on Rush's show, I now podcast his show from MN. He is a great host, not Rush but enjoyable.

"Where I stand does not depend on where I'm standing." Fred D. Thompson

We in MN are very lucky to have him covering state issues. He is just like Rush in that he has a very sharp wit, but prefer him because I think he has a better grasp of economics and less of an ego. Even though I with Rush most of the time, the guy is an arrogant jerk, and sometimes I can't stand to listen to him.

If you are going to get his show, you should get it from in their podcast section, so you can help boost his ranking. (I would link to it, but I can't access from this computer).

Have you added to the population of the McCain 2008 minicity yet today?

I drive a car powered by hydrogen - C8H18 to be exact.

After I started listening to him 2 years ago, I was hoping he would run for state office here. He would make a great governor because he would be able to clearly articulate his positions to Minnesotans and get the support from the populace he needs to things done.

But with his success on Rush's show, I'm sure its only a matter of time before he gets his own national show.

Have you added to the population of the McCain 2008 minicity yet today?

I drive a car powered by hydrogen - C8H18 to be exact.

When I lived up there, I listened to a guy name Joe .... yeah, not even going to TRY and spell his last name (which is why I can't find it on the internet)

I suppose phoentically it'd be Shu-shir-ay

I liked him, but now that I'm down here I don't hear him.

Dependence is Slavery.

I'm sure Rush gets only the best substitutes available when he's gone, but I've always pitied the folks who have to sit in his chair. How must that feel, knowing that a good share of your audience is going to be disappointed when they hear it's you and not The Man? I've always wondered how much his audience dips when he's gone. Are there any available stats? Of all the subs I have heard, Mark Steyn is my personal favorite.

I only heard him sub for Rush those 3 days I believe last summer. Wish he'd do it again. Actually, if anyone meets Rush's knowledge and entertainment standards, it's Mark Steyn.

Jason is great but I also really like Roger Hedgecock, who apparently isn't on the bench anymore. There's several who really are not up to snuff IMHO.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

The Steyn guest host apperance was hysterical. When he opened the show with "Rush is now outsourcing his show to other countries" I couldn't stop laughing.

"If they were merely incompetent, then at least SOME of their actions would have been to the benefit of the country."

listening to you these last couple of weeks. Local talk will have a hard job meeting the new standard you've set.

that is definitely high praise.

Fight On!

Rush has been doing it for more than 20 years...He has evolved over that time...

Erik, you will grow over the next 20 years...and there's no reason you cant be just as big..

FF to 2015....Redstate Radio...#1 in conservative talk...Nation wide...30 million better get to work

Where can we get your show from? I didn't even know you had one.

Have you added to the population of the McCain 2008 minicity yet today?

I drive a car powered by hydrogen - C8H18 to be exact.

I'm lucky to have Jason Lewis on in MN daily or you can stream the show from the 100.3 KTLK FM radio station website. He is top notch.

Elite liberals hate that millions VOLUNTARILY of their own free will tune into Rush. They call us dumb, naive, sheep. LOL. But they want to force us to listen to some liberal crap. You'd think if they were real liberals they'd cheer Rush's success even though they disagree with him. NOT!

Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me. Washington Elected Elite

As one who wakes up each morning at 6:00am to the daily talk of AM940 WMAC I have always been happy to hear that Erick would be a guest host. You have been doing a great job. Keep practicing and perhaps one day I will hear the opening song of the Rush Limbaugh Show followed by "and today sitting in for Rush behind the golden EIB microphone its Erick Erickson."

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