Josh Bresnahan: Dip Shtick

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I don't think anyone really expects anything less from the Politico whose "journalists" did multiple hatchet jobs on Fred Thompson that, when video surfaced, were directly contradicted by facts.

There is also the famous Thompson to drop out article that appeared just as voting was starting in Iowa and which proved bogus.

Then, of course, there is the Hillary doesn't have a lock on Pennsylvania story that you had to read multiple times to even posit a guess as to why they thought so.

So today Josh Bresnahan, one of the Politico's "journalists" pours out his sarcasm on Human Events' Jed Babbin for calling Steny Hoyer "Boss Hoyer." Jed's article focuses on Hoyer's testimony before a House committee looking into Democrat violations of House rules.

Bresnahan casts aspersions on Jed's journalistic integrity while seeking to downplay what the House is looking into -- whether or not a vote was closed and then reopened in violation of House rules to ensure a Democrat win. Along the way, the "journalist" identifies Babbin as

an unsuccessful Republican congresssional candidate and former undersecretary of Defense under the first President Bush

Well, he got the "undersecretary of Defense" part right, but Jed has not run for office since high school, and he won that race.

Glass houses, stone throwing, and all that.

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