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ImageLast year, few people expected that Rep. John Murtha could be seriously challenged. A popular, but corrupt, Pennsylvania Congressman, Murtha stepped out to become the most forceful Democrat objecting to the War on Terror -- calling for total retreat and surrender.

Murtha began accusing American soldiers of savage butchery in Iraq, going so far as to label our men and women in uniform as war criminals.

ImageEnter Diana Irey. A Commissioner in Washington County, Irey took on Murtha when few said anyone could topple him and she has proven to be a hit. Troops in Iraq have been sending home campaign contributions to Diana Irey to show their support for her and their outrage at John Murtha.

Diana Irey is a Rightroots candidate and you can CONTRIBUTE NOW.

Commissioner Irey talked earlier today with Academic Elephant about her campaign, her goals once she is in Congress, and about corruption charges John Murtha has leveled against her (irony knows no bounds with John "I'll take your bribe" Murtha). You can listen to the interview here or download it via iTunes.

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Just beat him for us.

-- Troops at Walter Reed Hospital.

What a contrast with her opponent, who should be serving the rest of his term in Kansas.

The Presidency is a position more easily critiqued than attained.

1)Like rush says, she is a babe

2) Is it legal for active duty military to donate to political candidates?

Save the planet, Kill yourself

is no qualification for office.

Did the US edition of Time include the front page feature on Segolene Royale, likely Socialist Party candidate for President of France?

Quentin Langley
Editor of

I'm not saying its a qualification, but its ceartainly a plus

Save the planet, Kill yourself

Sorry. I agree with the poster. Looks shouldn't be important, but they're not nothing. But we don't want to be shallow, do we? Remember the Dan Quayle backlash?

It is a self-evident truth that Diana Irey is better looking than Jack Murtha, but as I hope the podcast demonstrates, her looks are hardly the only thing she has going for her.

"I'm kind of old-fashioned. I like to engage my brain before my mouth." Donald Rumsfeld

While I have to admit that she has a certain, je ne se quois, I don't think it's right to say "babe", because that implies something that ought to be reserved for her husband's intent. She has a kind of classy, homey, Mom-and-apple-pie look that makes me want to go out and vote.

But what I like about her is her unabashed willingness to stand up for conservative ideals:
- stay the course in Iraq
- fight terrorists generally
- build a "fence with a wide gate"
- small government
- health care improvement through tort reform and private enterprise

I just think she's great.

The Presidency is a position more easily critiqued than attained.

I thought you did a very professional job as interviewer, even thought you let your own opinion "slip" a couple of times. I guess your opinion was part of the story, though :-).

The Presidency is a position more easily critiqued than attained.

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