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ImageIn a year when Republicans look like they could be swept out to sea, there is a very bright light in Michigan shining. Sheriff Mike Bouchard is taking on Senator Debbie Stabenow, a legislator with practically zero accomplishments under her belt. Senator Stabenow would be the Calvin Coolidge of Congress she's done so little, except she's voted consistently to expand government and protect illegal aliens. Noted pundit, Charlie Cook, has said Sheriff Bouchard has the best chance of any Republican to pick off a Democrat incumbent in the Senate.

Sheriff Bouchard, a tough on crime kind of guy, has been a small businessman and state legislator in Michigan. He's seen what the Granholm-Stabenow recession has done and he has solid ideas to fix it and help bring people back to Michigan -- entrepreneurs and families, not out of state convicts, which is Michigan's Governor's plan.

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Editorial Note: Our previously promised interview with Rep. Mike Pence will be up on Monday morning by 6 a.m. Due to a scheduling conflict, we swapped Friday and Monday's shows.

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"Noted pundit, Charlie Cooks, has said Sheriff Bouchard has the best chance of any Republican to pick off a Democrat incumbent in the Senate."

Seriously? That says more about the state of other races than it does about Bouchard's viability, especially since McGavick in Washington has faded away. Most polls seem to have Bouchard 10 points down - if that's the best hope, it's a faint one.

And what about Kean in New Jersey for that matter - unless Menendez is not considered a true incumbent?


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