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For all of the anticlimax associated with it, it was a good speech. The line encouraging checks and money orders to the IRS was a funny one. The demand for a stimulus was not, as the stimulus, as planned, will not work. Celebrating NCLB was not my cup of tea, especially given the lack of any call for school choice, but I was pleasantly surprised that at the very least, there was rhetorical support for entitlement reform given in the speech. I also appreciated the robust defense of free trade and the foreign policy section was very strong--doubtless because the success of the surge gave the President many good things to talk about.

The trick, as always, is to follow up. This doesn't have to be a lame duck season for the President and he can do something, even in this political year, to make a difference. He should start by giving a number of speeches throughout the country, expanding on his State of the Union themes. Will he? We can only watch and wait to find out.

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POTUS Bush said things that even made me want to stand up and applaud, however, when I looked at the Democrats in the wings, there were only soupusses. How will the rest of America interpret these actions? I mean really, Bush is not that bad and you mean to tell me that ALL of his intentions are evil? Is this indicative that there are now, finally, two Americas? Sorry for all the questions, but I am really curious how most Americans that watched the speech interpretted the non responses of the Dems to some of his best proposals. Time will only tell....

"Two legs bad, four legs good."

all but the pandering to Dems to get a small piece of the much needed pie.I would have rather heard silence and boos for Bush to say what we really need to do in congress.The contempt on the faces of the high profile Dems in the media was so obvious alarm bells should have went off in every conservative's brain to keep hitting them with what we need done and really ticked them off.The more unsettled the left is the better for our Country.How long are we going accept we must play nice with Dems just to get something passed in congress.Where is the common sense in our elected officals to see the mistakes we have made and have the guts to do something about it.

I'm dying for a president who will scrap the "new tone".

Bush should have presented a bold agenda that would get the attention of the American people, instead he came off as representing an Administration that has no grand purpose.

Imagine today's headlines if Bush had committed to strengthening the American dollar. As Steve Forbes and Larry Kudlow have argued the weak dollar is contributing to many of our economic problems. And not only would this help correct our economic imbalances it would restore some patriotic pride (the last President to use a weak dollar as a economic tool was Jimmy Carter.)

Moreover, why the silence on North Korea's failure to fulfill its commitments under the agreement that gave it aid (paid for by American taxpayers) in exchange for information about its nuclear program. Whether Bush acknowledges it or not treating North Korea with kid gloves has backfired.

As far as speeches go you can say this: It was better than the Democrat response.

Last night was a great speech by a President that will be remembered as one of our greatest in the long view of history. Despite my disagreements with the administration on spending issues and the like, last night reminded me of why I'm still proud to have voted Bush in the last two elections. He had humor, dedication to the cause of freedom and victory in the war on terror, and came up with some new ideas to stop earmarks and cut spending.
I have to correct the poster here though, President Bush did address vouchers/school choice in a bigger way then he has in several years. His $300 billion dollar Pell grants for kids proposal is the largest school choice plan in quite a long time. It is a bold plan to introduce school choice all over the US. Sorry you missed it.

Bush Adios Vaya con Dios
This President, who like his nemisis McCain has broken with the conservative base of his party, will soon depart and none too soon for us the scorned conservatives.He insisted on stuffing illegal immigration down the throats of not only conservatives but 70% of the public who opposed his amnesty-shamnesty.He has locked up 2US border patrol agents and even a county deputy sheriff for doing their jobs.He has built bigger and more expensive federal domestic programs (ala LBJ)like DOT airport inspectors,no child left behind(still not educated),prescription drug programs,AIDS programs for Africa,all while we the tax payer get broker and broker,the dollar becomes worthless,and we borrow from China and the Arabs because we have NO WEALTH left!We do have worthless paper printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve that is supposed to make us feel ok. Our country is flooded with ILLEGAL ALIENS who represent a National Security RISK along with sucking up our free health and education services.Thank you Mr.Bush for no vetoes on the pork ears from the Rino Congress,and thank you Rino Congress especially RINO SENATORS for screwing your base,the budget, and our children's future. A pox on both your houses!To quote Oliver Cromwell to the British Parliment,"For the love of God Go Home!"

Jorge? His "nemisis" McCain? I don't think that means what you think it means. Alsoputspacesafterthings.

Former Fredhead, Current McCainiac

Go use Latin names as an insult somewhere else.

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was their opposition to freedom. When President Bush said things that absolutely every American would support, the Democrats saw in the statement their policy disagreements and sat on their hands.

The ones I can remember most clearly was when he said that they should propose something, anything in order to get a handle on SS. There sat the frogs.

Then he said, in the context of healthcare reform, that he supported initiatives that empowered individuals not the government (loosely paraphrased) and there sat the frogs. What American doesn't want power with the people? What American wants power with the gov't? Even their own base doesn't want to give over authority over their lives. (Though I'll acknowledge that it's difficult to see that from the policies they defend and the people they support. I'll only say that most of them are ignorant, uninformed or condescending to the rest of us)

I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful 100 percent.

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