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Just read this:

A baby boy had both legs broken by supporters of President Robert Mugabe to punish his father for being an opposition councillor in Zimbabwe.

Blessing Mabhena, aged 11 months, was seized from a bed and flung down with force as his mother, Agnes, hid from the thugs, convinced that they were about to murder her.

She heard one of them say, "Let's kill the baby", before Blessing was hurled on to a bare concrete floor.

Blessing, who may never be able to walk properly, was one of the youngest victims of atrocities against the opposition party Movement for Democratic Change in the run-up to last Friday's sham presidential election.

The degree to which the Mugabe regime continues to horrify reasonable people of humane sentiments continues to utterly and completely boggle the mind.

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special place in hell prepared for Mugabe and his supporters.

McCain for POTUS so the left can't ruin SCOTUS.

'special place in hell prepared for Mugabe and his supporters.'.....

That would include Jimmah Carter and his silence here (Mugabe's mess and abuses) is telling.

Putting a weakling and a fool in as POTUS is a danger to FREEDOM and Life .

I'm sensing a new line of Mugabe hats and T-Shirts that will be all the October rage of dumb rich white kids.

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