The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: a preview

Hagel and Meacham on Easter. Find the egg.

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For Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008


FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace talks to surrogates: Ed Rendell for Hillary and Bill Richardson for Barry. Then he talks "yea/no recession" with former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and former Chairman Glenn Hubbard of the Council of Economic Advisors.

This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos talk to Jon Kyl and Chuckie Schumer about the economy, then to Chuck Hagel about the future of the Republican Party.

Meet the Press (NBC): Host Tim Russert talks recession with two CNBC reporters: Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett. Then he talks about things which smell from talking heads with Eugene Robinson, Peggy Noonan, Jon Meacham, and Chuck Todd.

Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer talks to Lindsey Graham, Jack Reed, Wonkette, and Doyle McManus.

Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer chats it up with Senators Arlen Specter, Ron Wyden, and Evan Bayh; then he uses his Wolf-like cunning on Iraqi national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie; and there will be his usual cast of thousands.

= = = = =

Not many surrogates this week, but Rendell vs. Richardson promises to be interesting, with Richardson proclaimed by the media to be a towering intellect and Rendell being the old fashioned, break-your-legs mob type. On the economy, Mr. Hubbard ought to me able to hold his own against Clinton (Bill)'s last sec. of Treasury.

Kyl should hand Schumer on the economy, but he can't stop Chuckie from the snideness eternally leaking from the New Yorker's pie hole. Aside from that, there's a cynicism in a producer booking Chuck Hegel for a Sunday Show to discuss the future of the GOP, yet I'm drawn to it. I think I'll record this one to watch later. Like on Tuesday.

The MTP roundtable will be unwatchable because of that dullard Meacham. (Sure, Robinson's almost as bad as Schumer, but at least he doesn't concoct non sequitur about a religion on its major holidays.) Peggy Noonan's Peggy Noonan, and Chuck Todd knows his stuff.

Be nice to Lindsey. He's the nominee. (Of course not, but he is a natural surrogate.) Jack Reed? Pox, pox, pox.

Specter, Wyden, and Bayh. I don't think Evan will be Barry's veep pick, as they're both from States which begin with the letter "I." That's my Sesame Street Rule. Specter will probably threaten to hold hearings on something, probably "PASSPORT-GATE." I wish Leahy would tell him that he's not chairman this year. And I thought Wyden had died in a plane crash a few years ago. That was the Minnesota guy? Never mind.

Tomorrow is Easter. There will be no review, but it'll be back next week.

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be the Veep for Barry because he is running around campaigning for Hillary. He is a super delegate in Hillary's camp, as well.

to Barry, they could have the reasonable Evan Bayh switch sides to help stop the bleeding. (Kind of like Richardson, whom I'm convinced was a Hillary supporter 'til Obama needed the help.)

Also, picking Bayh would be appealing to whites frightened by Wright's rhetoric and Barry's proximity thereto. It would also be a sign of party unity, selecting one of Hillary's old shills.

But do not forget the power of the Sesame Street Rule.

become increasingly more conservative in his criticisms of dems?

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