BREAKING: Bobby Jindal vetoes pay raise.

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From a gubernatorial press release:

“I have opposed this pay raise at every turn and from the very beginning. A doubling of legislative pay is clearly excessive and it takes effect prior to the next election, which I believe is bad policy,” Governor Jindal said. “This bill would also have set up a system to give legislators automatic pay raises in the future without additional legislative votes - which is a lack of accountability that we cannot accept.”

The Governor had previously said he would not veto the pay raise to allow the legislature to conduct its own internal affairs. “I clearly made a mistake by telling the legislature that I would allow them to handle their own affairs,” Jindal said. “As with all mistakes, you can either correct them or compound them - I am choosing to correct my mistake now.

“I have said that I was not going to stop legislators from more than doubling their own pay by vetoing this because I did not want to give them any excuse to slow down the momentum of our reform movement here in Louisiana. It turns out this is an unsustainable position. I have come to realize that the reforms I have been fighting for are simply incompatible with this legislative pay raise.

“I was trying to preserve our reform agenda and our momentum by tolerating this legislative pay raise that I knew was completely excessive. But the two cannot coexist.

“The bottom line is that allowing this excessive legislative pay raise to become law would so significantly undercut our reform agenda, and so significantly diminish the people’s confidence in their own government, that I cannot let it become law. So, I have vetoed the bill.”

The Governor continued to say that, “The sideshow over massive legislative pay raises has already taken up far too much time. It’s time to get back to doing the people’s business. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done in our state…there are roads to build, jobs to create, business to open, and kids to educate.”

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Why throw cold water over Jindal's good decision, CfG?

"Unfortunately for the Louisiana Governor, at this point, the veto looks more like a politically calculated move than an act of political courage."

Unfortunately it does look like a political calculation instead of a principled stand....but who cares? I believe it was a bit of both. And anyone relying only on CfG for their political news obviously needs to read more.

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That CfG page has updated with Jindal's press release, and they respond beneath it: "Well said, Gov. Jindal". So it seems that they've accepted his explanation.

In my book, it's an act of courage to publicly admit that you were wrong and then set about fixing the mistake.

Bravo, Gov. Jindal.


If the Dope from Hope had 1/10 of Jindal's intelligence or integrity C4G would have left him alone. They were 100% right on Huckabee and they've been 100% consistent (and right) on Jindal.
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on yesterday's Late Edition, and Crowley began teasing him because he had said that he would not veto this and it was not in keeping with Jindal's professed conservatism. The governor held out hope that he could talk the legislature out of this move, believing he had more time than he obviously did, but refused to rule out a veto.

Not to belabor a point, but the late Tim Russert would have underscored that Jindal had not ruled out a veto. Crowley, who is not a regular host, let it fly over her head. I'd like to think Wolf would have caught it, as well.

Good for the governor. His prior indication that he would not veto seemed to be a "get along" kind of thing, keeping the legislators tame while he rammed through his important reform agenda. I hope it was the people of Lousiana who reminded him that this was too important.

Nobody walks away from crossing the powers-that-be in LA. Jindal's going to have to dissapear, and that means either go into the witness protection program, or become the Vice President.
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You could actually equate this to what Reagan did in CA....he didn't have the support in the legislature so he took it to the people....Maybe that was Jindal's plan the whole time...Explain to the people of LA that he didn't want the pay raise but would accept it in order to move forward...then the people say..."wait that's not what we elected you for"...and BAM!! Gov. Jindal now has the people's support for the veto vocalized in the press...Will the legislature go against not only the Gov. but also the people? I don't think so....Gov. Jindal has studied Reagan's time as CA Gov. and it shows.

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I don't expect any of the state legislators to publicly oppose the reforms, but there's a LOT of legislative food-dragging and obstructionism that can go on away from the prying eyes of the press, even while publicly claiming to be a strong supporter of reform. LA has a well-deserved reputation for that sort of politics. Jindall wouldn't be the first southern governor to make a few reform-minded splashes before finding himself hopelessly mired in a tarpit.

I wish him all the best, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope for his long-term effectiveness, now that he's ruffled the wrong feathers.
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Please sign Newt's Drilling Petition. I have included a link to it in the below. Thank you.

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Too long of a wait, we need Jindal in 2012!

Leave his Louisiana work half-finished to try to primary a sitting President? No thanks.

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4.62, 0.51

I'm sorry, I had to.... ;o)

Impeach the 5 usurpers

Especially with his excellent explanation.

And as I noted in Red Hot, he has a tendency to flip the right way after listening to the right people. It's a good habit to have.

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actually gave him some good advice: "I would advise him never to give up his pen, ever."
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I hope people are equally passionate about Jindal vetoing SB312, the fluoridation mandate bill that will require fluoride chemicals be added to drinking water as a drug to reduce tooth decay, with citizen input.

Many professionals world-wide are calling on Louisiana Governor Jindal to veto a bill which would force fluoridation on almost the whole state. SB 312 was quietly pushed through the legislature by PR firms without most Louisianans knowing it was happening.

Fluoride is added to water ostensibly to reduce tooth decay but according to many professionals contacting Jindal, recent evidence indicates that fluoride poses many health dangers (NRC, 2006).

On June 19, 2006 the American Dental Association was forced to admit that fluoride can be harmful to all kidney patients, not just those on kidney dialysis.

Among professionals writing to Jindal are Dr. Kathleen Thiessen, and Dr. Robert Issacson, panel members of “Fluoride in Drinking Water” a landmark review by the National Research Council (NRC, 2006); Dr. Doug Everingham a former Australian Health Minister and Dr. Vyvyan Howard, president of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment. They are among 1700 professionals calling for an end to water fluoridation worldwide. See

With American Dental Association funding, the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA), hired public relations and lobbying firms to promote the fluoridation bill. The LDA boasts that they have huge access to legislators. On their website they state that their activities include “the use of staff and contract lobbyists, governmental publications, legislative reporting service, dinners for legislators, Dentists’ Day at the Legislature, and VoterVOICE!”

“In the interest of fairness, Governor Jindal should Veto the fluoridation bill, so that citizens can find out what fluoridation entails and allow legislators to hear the latest evidence of fluoride’s dangers. Governor Jindal has been tapped as a future leader and more than anything else people expect leaders to act fairly," says Paul Connett, Phd, Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network.

The Fluoride Action Network asks all concerned citizens to contact Gov. Jindal to veto SB 312 by sending an online message at or phoning 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121.

SOURCE: Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net

Fluoride, Chemtrails, you name it. He's One Of Us.

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In our fervor to find our own Obamassiah, let us not blinker ourselves. Jindal ran on a platform of reform and PROMISED not to allow legislative payraises. Once in office, his pet programs (no matter how admirable they may be) took priority over campaign promises. I highly suspect that the number of recall petitions requested from the Secretary of State's office and the massive media barrage against the good Governor prompted his change of direction on this issue.

Jindal ran as the candidate of ethics and truth. He is beginning to look like a man who governs on political convenience. In other words, let's try not to put lipstick on Jindal's first pig. I am willing to give him more time to show his true colors here; he has only been in office a few months. This entire affair was of his own making, however. Had he simply kept his campaign promise, none of this would have happened. The legislature was on the losing side of the ethics reform bills; direct appeal to the people would have won Jindal the day. Instead, he chose the convenient route, the expedient route. Now, he pays the price.

Jindal is new to this high of an office, so it will take some time for him to get used to it. If he's still playing this game of political convenience over his ethics/truth/reform platform in a year, then we can pillory him, but for now, I, at least, am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this.
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He said he had made a mistake and he wanted to fix it rather than compound it. His stated that he changed his position because he realized that letting the pay raise go forward in its current form would undermine rather than enhance his reform program. No rationalization or excuses; just explaining what had changed in his understanding and thinking.

I'd rather have an elected official who admits mistakes and learns from them than the usual practice of trying to explain away why he really hadn't made a mistake, or worse, trying to rewrite history or straddle the issue. This press release was very refreshing.

And Rightly So!

This took some guts. Big respect. I'm sure he's really upset the apple cart with the legislature now.

I for one am opposed to underpaying legislators. You get what you pay for. The pay should compensate you for forgone opportunities. Of course it won't cover 100% but it should cover more than 50% at least!

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