Steve Kagen Hides His Pork

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ImagePoor Steve Kagen (D-WI). Just a couple of months ago he embarrassed himself by claiming to insult the President and First Lady at the White House and assaulting Karl Rove in the bathroom. Now he's admitting he lied to get elected in his heavily Republican district.

According to the Majority Accountability Project, Kagen ran his campaign as a conservative Democrat promising to "require full disclosure of all earmarks" and work toward ending "all pork-barrel projects." But that has not happened.

Kagen is running as fast as he can from his pledges and won't divulge any of his requests for pork.

In a district that the Republicans will probably take back in 2008, Kagen is doing all he can to be a one term wonder.

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As in, "I wonder how he got elected to even 1 term..."

"It's a book about a man who doesn't know he's about to die, and then dies...
...But if the man does know he's going to die and dies anyway. Dies, dies willing, knowing he can stop it, then...
Well, isn't that the type of man you want to keep alive?"
Karen Eiffel, Stranger Than Fiction

The Republican party put up a rather light weight candidate (that still should have won) who spent his entire campaign blasting Kagen and barely said a word on what he stood for or what he would do as our rep (this is my district).

Kagen did the same thing - but also spent a large portion of his campaign telling voters what he would do as their Rep. It rung true enough to enough swing voters that he squeaked out a win.

It still gets my blood boiling - thinking on how poor the Republican Gard campaign was.

The Republican party needs to start gathering campaign 2006 video and statements from these DemocRATs for campaign 2008 commercials. The voters need to be shown what these DemocRATs promised in their 2006 campaigns and what they actually delivered.

If the Republican Party does not do that, then I am sorry to say they deserve what they get. They have a golden opportunity here.

Take a look at and see for yourself at the limits of what it actually focuses on. Then pick up the phone and call Mike Duncan yourself. Share your ideas where they count. Don't sulk if you haven't done so.

OH -- and email stuff like this to everyone you can. You don't really expect ANYone else, let alone the MSM, to do it FOR you, now do you?

In the OLD old days, campaign promises would come from the Party, and if the candidate switched his position 180-degrees in office, the Party would lean on him and get him back on track. Not because they care about profligate spending, they don't, but because it can embarrass them in the next election. But now, when everyone in politics is a private contractor almost, you get these fly-by-night candidates. The only one left in the Democrat Party with real power is George Soros. It's frightening. I think the campaign reform that weakened political parties was a colossal mistake.

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