Pelosi's Screw Up Must Be Hurting

The Dems Have Called In The Hacks

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It’s apparent that the Pelosi stuff is really hurting the Democrats, because they’ve mobilized their nutroots leaders to push back hard.  This morning, Greenwald is claiming that Gingrich’s trip to China is equivalent to Pelosi’s trip to Syria.  They’re both Speakers!  They both went to foreign countries and talked about foreign policy!    And, writes Greenwald, Gingrich’s comments “deviated from the Clinton administration's”

Only, that’s not what the Clinton-era White House was saying.  Here are the relevant quotes from the press briefing at which the Clinton White House was asked about the trip.

  • Q Was he upstaged by Gingrich?  
  • MR. MCCURRY: We didn't think so
  • [...]
  • Q Did you find Gingrich's visit to China helpful, his remarks?

  • MR. MCCURRY: We have long encouraged members of Congress, including the leadership of Congress, to travel in the world, to kick the tires of U.S. diplomacy overseas. We're encouraged that I think almost a fifth of the United States Congress has gone to the People's Republic to engage in dialogue with the leadership of the People's Republic. Speaker Gingrich speaks for himself, as he always does, but we did have an opportunity to exchange views with him about policy towards China prior to his departure, but he was obviously speaking for himself as he analyzed the state of U.S. relations.

  • [...]

  • Q Do you think it's appropriate for the Speaker to make comments like the ones that he made? Is that the right thing for a member of Congress to do, as opposed to the President?
  • [MCCURRY] It's useful for members of Congress to reassert the importance we attach to relations with the People's Republic and to reaffirm longstanding policy as codified in this case by the Taiwan Relations Act.

  • [...]

  • Q But you're saying that there was no difference between the message that the Speaker and the Vice President delivered on human rights to the Chinese leaders?

  • [MCCURRY] … I think their [Gingrich and Gore] public statements stand up pretty well as an account of how much both the Speaker and the administration attach importance to the subject of human rights in China.

Greenwald has long established his reputation as a deceptive partisan hack.  This is just the latest reminder to never take him at his word. 

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Understanding Glenn Greenwald is akin to inviting Himmler to your Women's American Ort meeting. It is wrong on so many levels.

Glenn Greenwald is a mine canary for where the Sturmabteilungen of the Moonbat left are lining up for the daily assault for the Meme of the day. Greenwald isn't an idiot. He understands that Pelosi screwed up. Now he has to find a way to rationalize it.

Poor lad.

"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it"-Winston Churchill

Harry Belefaonte would make a find press sec for dear Nancy. Him or Rosie.

Seriously, what are the chances that Greenwald can make the Speaker's reckless gallivanting and foreign policy blunders palatable to the average American? He speaks our language, you know. In Nancy's world, anyway.

for a soccer game

sorry Pejman, but given the choice of tortures between meeting with Pelosi or watching a soccer game, I'd shoot myself.

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

Speaking of fruitless efforts at "spin" ...I just came from the front page of The Huffington Post (excuse me while i fight the stomach wretching) and they have on their front page this headline:

" Suicide Bomber Kills 27 with TNT and Chlorine in Baghdad"

Again, this was today, April 6th and I was more than a bit concerned, so as I drilled down through the links (Read More), i finally got to the AP story which had the headline:

" Suicide Bomber Kills 27 with TNT and Chlorine in Ramadi"

Now, I knew of the Ramadi strike, which is a bad deal to be sure but let's face it...someone just doing some headline gaping is out there right now saying, "Another example of how the Surge is FAILING!"

Now, i'm sure that the HuffPo just made a minor technical error here....or....did they?

forgot to mention the part where Gingrich stopped in Taipei and then flew on Beijing to deliver a message and ****ed up like a soup sandwich.

Oh, that's because it didn't happen.

I'm surprised Greenwald has time to do this, I thought he spent what time was devoted to making things up to sockpuppet puffery of his wit and wisdom.

"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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