Blog Call with Mike Pence

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Mike Pence participated in a blog call for about thirty minutes between 12:10 p.m. and 12:40 p.m. today. Lots of blogs participated.

Of note, Pence says that with the possible exception of Jeff Flake, every member of the GOP in the House deserves some blame for the defeat. He admits that he has taken earmarks for his district, which he had always considered part of his job. He also thinks that he, Barton, and Boehner are approaching this race as a choice and not a negative political contest between the candidates.

Why should someone choose Pence? He says he thinks he is best able to defend core beliefs and fight the White House when it is needed. Pence clearly has lined himself up as the guy with the conservative ideas in this race. That's just another reason we're supporting him.

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Are there tapes of the different meeting or are they private?

What's the next move for us conservatives who really want the Republican Party to fully reform itself and become a very conservative political party once again if the "establishment Republicans" end up winning most to all of the leadership races in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate?

By most definitions Pence and Shadegg are ones. They are not exactly outsiders. The same is true for McConnell in the Senate. He was the number two man behind Frist - where are the calls to bypass him in favor of a new face? Hmm, Martinez has only been in the Senate two years ...

Somehow Anti-Establishment Republican strikes me as surreal if not downright oxymoronic

He says he thinks he is best able to defend core beliefs and fight the White House when it is needed.

Whether Pence is capable of either is the question that must be answered.

If more Members of Congress were frank and honest like Jeff Flake, it would go a long way to help our country.

I've never met Mr. Flake personally, though I'd like to, but in the times that I've seen him speak to the media he's always been consistent in his message and he's never had to invoke God, sin, or fear in relaying the importance of what he's trying to do.

As for Conservatism, Mr. Pence's form of conservatism is a little too strong for me. Mr. Boehner is a little too much of the status quo. As long as Mr. Blunt is flushed out of leadership I will be happy.

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