George Allen Comeback

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At the Chicago Tribune's Washington Bureau's blog The Swamp, Mark Silva writes that former Virginia Senator George Allen may be preparing for a possible comeback:

His new Web site,, touts his travels around Virginia, mostly in Republican-friendly territory. A press account posted on his site of a Republican fundraiser in Harrisonburg quotes supporters urging him to run for governor in 2009.

Silva also focuses upon Allen's recent stint as guest host one morning on WRVA radio’s "Richmond Morning News" show which got a lot of attention for an interview with Fred Thompson.

Silva claims that Allen has sidestepped questions about his future, noting that Allen says he is "focused on helping Republicans retain control of the General Assembly this fall," and "few who know him would discount the possibility of another bid for statewide office."

Silva must have missed Allen's speech at the Jimmy the Greek's restaurant in North Stafford:

Allen, however, says he will not be a candidate for governor or senator again any time soon.

Instead--due in Richmond that afternoon--he joked that the only place he would be running was "down I-95."

An Allen comeback will take a lot of work and who knows how much time. In politics, the two years before Virginia's 2009 gubernatorial election is an eternity.

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Allen may want to run for Warner's Senate seat if he doesn't run for re-election. Allen is a great conservative, but a terrible politician. Still, he may be the best candidate the GOP has to fill this vacancy. Despite being a relatively conservative state, the GOP in Virginia is in shambles.

"Back in the thirties we were told we must collectivize the nation because the people were so poor. Now we are told we must collectivize the nation because the people are so rich. "

William F. Buckley, Jr.

I'm not convinced that John Warner is going to retire but if he does I *am* convinced the Mark Warner will run and unless something unexpected happens to really shake up the political landscape between now and then, I think that he will be nearly unbeatable by George Allen or anyone else in Virginia GOP politics.

I expect that we've not heard the last from George Allen, but 2008 is too soon; I think that it's in his best interests to lay low for a few cycles, earning some dough in the private sector or, even better, doing some feel good, charatible work.


for Hillary's VP choice. Any designation that uses the word "mate" in conjunction with The Hildabeast is so revolting as to bring on nausea!

No more George Allen. Rubes like him has effectively shifted us to blue status!!!!

As someone who is currently attending college in Harrisonburg and who has also attended a few fundraisers with Mr. Allen in attendance, I would have to echo fast200's "ugh." I appreciate what he did for this state as both Governor and as Senator, but his time has passed.

George Allen's daughter attends the same college I do, and they really are great people and a wonderful family, but I think the Virginia GOP needs fresh blood. The Northern Virginia suburbs are making this red state too purple for my taste, and the only way we will remain a red state is to inject some new power players into the lineup.

Lt. Gov. Bolling is a strong conservative who has the ability to appeal to centrists, as well, and would be a great candidate for either Governor (which he is undoubtedly shooting for), or for Senate. Attorney General Bob McDonnell, while a conservative, is seen as too divisive (and is portrayed as "big, bad scary evangelical man" in the press) and would most likely not have electoral success in higher office.

I still think Mark Warner dropped out of the Presidential sweepstakes by cutting a deal with Hillary. He will be her VP choice, and will pass on the Senate (for now).

Whatever good qualities Allen has, he's an incompetent politician. Virginia is trending purple, so a doofus like Allen as Republican nominee for any statewide office is a gift of that office to the Democratic candidate.

Just losing the 2006 election in a bad year for Republicans isn't by itself proof of Allen's unfitness. However he lost it with the advantage of incumbancy against a clown like Webb, while making a fool of himself mishandling what should have been a minor speedbump with the macaca flap, and coming across like he was trying to hide his Jewish ancestry. He just doesn't have what it takes to beat a halfway competent Democrat opponent anywhere except in the reddest of red states.

I hope Jacob is wrong in his comment further up, that "he may be the best candidate the GOP has to fill this vacancy" for Warner's seat, but I'm not well versed on VA politics and maybe he's right. I think Democrats generally have a bigger pool of competent politicians to choose from than Republicans, as a result of self selection. Government is making laws that tell people what to do, and acquiring the power to tell people what to do is a lot more attractive for someone with liberal ideology. Thus a bright liberal is more inclined to run for office than a bright conservative, so a liberal as politically incompetent as Allen probably would have fallen by the wayside in the competition within the Democratic Party. It's only the loony ideology that Democratic politicians have to defend, that make them vulnerable to their frequently less politically competent Republican opponents.

...for me was not Macaca, or when he responded with leftist-style indignation when the question about his ancestry was asked. For me, it was when a question was asked about aff action/racial preferences. Webb actually criticized such policies if they are based on the diversity rationale, and said if they are to be given out on such grounds, then disadvantaged whites should also be included. Allen was then asked for his thoughts on the subject, but instead of taking an opportunity to attack a completely indefensible public policy -- preferences to achieve diversity -- he completely passed on the subject and used the time to talk about something much less interesting. This isn't an exaggeration; he said NOTHING about preferences.

If it has gotten to the point where even 'conservative' Republicans will not strongly oppose racial preferences, then I fear for the future seeing as how an ever-increasing share of the population will be technically eligible for them.

And bring the friggin' football too!

He doesn't enter his next run the same as his last.

He is no longer a Reagan like pol, with an interesting bloodline and a country boy image.

He is now a dumbass.

Note, I didn't say racist, or bigot, althought some will think that and call him that.

Nope, his biggest weakness now is that he has just plain exposed himself as a dumbass. He ain't that sharp, which is why his mouth gets him in trouble.

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