Who Will Stand On Either Hand And Retake the GOP With Me? The Battle Plan . . .

Fair warning to the House GOP Steering Cmte. We will not yield.

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We will target their in-district donors. We will target in-district reporters. We will spread Ken Calvert's dossier. And if they will not change, we will wipe them and replace them. We cannot afford to yield on this.

There have been some over these last few days who have objected to this war of mine.   Some think it needed, but object to calling it a war.   Some object to fighting it at all.   But this is a war.  And it is a just war.  It is a war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.   My party. Your party.   The party that, had it not lost its way, would not now be having to defend our troops from a position of weakness against a Democrat majority intent on surrender in the War on Terror.   This is a war worth fighting.

This war is not about Ken Calvert.   The people of his district elected him and he has every right to represent them.   He should not, however, be on the Appropriations Committee.   Already on the Appropriations Committee -- that committee which doles out taxpayer funds -- Republicans have seen Duke Cunningham go to jail, John Doolittle resign because of a federal investigation, and Jerry Lewis most likely to soon be indicted.  Calvert is just the most recent unfortunate example of why this war is necessary.

This war was not originally about the House Republican Steering Committee, though it has now come to that.   They are now the targets.   They are the leaders who continue to ignore the message the voters and their base sent them in November.   The list includes J. Dennis Hastert , who presided over a House that defended William Jefferson when the FBI sought evidence of his bribery and corruption.   It includes Jerry Lewis, who, it appears, will soon to be indicted for corruption.   They are Don Young, who has fought for a bridge to nowhere, despite clear voter disgust.   And it includes John Boehner , who, when placed in the minority by the voters, declared it not good enough to just deny plum positions to indicted congressman, but that they "should expect more from each other."   They have not practiced what they preached.

Below the fold, the battle plan…

If the House Republican leadership is so out of touch and willing to blatantly ignore their base — a group of men and women across this nation who are tired of defending a party that continually puts into positions of power *known* perverts, louts, and corrupt common criminals — we must be willing to wage war upon them until they bend to common sense and decency.   We cannot present an effective alternative to the Democrats when our very leaders act like Democrats.   We must force our leaders to return to Reagan's legacy and the Spirit of 1994.

Make no mistake about it - I do not relish fighting this war.  I do not relish partisan political organization like CREW cheering us on.  I did not wake up excited about the prospect of taking on my own.   I know the media will turn it into a spectacle.   But it must be done.   If not this, then what?   Unless we beat them on this most basic point, they will continue to ignore us, their base, while demanding from us our time, talent, and treasure so that they can remain in office and continue ignoring us.

Today the battle is joined.   The battle plan is announced.   If we must take on the vulnerable members of the House Steering Committee and contribute even to their electoral defeat, so be it.   This party of ours must be pruned and it must be pruned by those of us who care about it before meeting the butchers' shears in the hands of the voters again in 2008.   This pruning will make us stronger.   It may not look pretty.   It will not be pretty.   But for the long term health of our Republican Party, it must be done.

Each day we will target one member of the House Republican Steering Committee.   We will flood their phone lines.   We will demand to know if they voted for or against Ken Calvert and if they will support removing him from Appropriations.  

Concurrently, each day we will call Tom Cole , the Chairman of the NRCC, and we will pledge to give not one dime nor bit of energy to the NRCC until Ken Calvert is off the Appropriations Committee.   We will call Tom Cole every single week day.

Once we have compiled a list of those who voted for Calvert and those who do not want him to step down, we will start over, but this time with letters.   We will hit them in the pocketbook.   We will send letters to their largest donors with copies of Calvert's arrest record, reports, pictures, and articles about his FBI investigation.   We will send the same to the Congressmen.   We will question their judgment.   We will target them - in order of most vulnerable to defeat to least vulnerable - for defeat.

If this battle must then be continued, then we will target members of the media in each of the districts of the members of the House Republican Steering Committee.   We will begin with the most vulnerable to defeat.   We will provide to specific journalists a total dossier on Ken Calvert and on the fact that the Congressman in question voted him onto the Appropriations Committee despite this knowledge.

This will be ugly.   It will be hard.  It will be difficult for us to do.  But it must be done for the good of the party.  The House Republican Steering Committee heard the base, and they ignored the base.  The Committee heard the voters, and they ignored the voters.  We will now target them in their districts.  We will target their contributors.  We will hit them in the pocketbooks.   Then we will hit them in the media.   If they refuse to hear that change is needed, we will wipe them out and replace them with new blood that recognizes that a corrupt party rejected by the voters will not be embraced again by those voters until the corruption is purged.

Who will stand on either hand and retake the GOP with me?   We will not and we cannot afford to yield.

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Who's the Congressman of the Day for Monday?

I'll put that up in the morning. I want to surprise his staff. ;)

War is messy. *checks cell phone minutes* Good to go.
These people wouldn't happen to have blogs that we can comment-attack, do they?

What can be done to pressure our people ?

One question why be partisan about this ? I have no love for a crook in office regardless of their party affiliation. You can't tell me the democrats don't constitute a target rich environment.
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

Erick, This is LEADERSHIP. BRAVO!!!

and Joliphant, you're right. This will make the elimination of corrupt democrats that much easier.

This isn't the time for the same ol', some ol'.
Yet, that is what the Republican Party keeps reaping on us. The Republican House Leadership learned nothing from the '06 elections. If they are content to bury their heads in the sand, then they should prepare for the consequences.

And Franz, Prince of Dogness is willing to make the trek from our lovely Arizona to Washington to kill and eat anybody necessary.


CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

And statesmen at her council met
Who knew the seasons when to take
Occasion by the hand, and make
The bounds of freedom wider yet
- Tennyson, _To the Queen_

while I agree that corruption must be stamped out where it is found.

I don't know how else to put this out there without being direct so here goes...

Will the attention garnered by this benefit you in any way?

Well done is better than well said. —Benjamin Franklin

It will benefit everybody who's sick of defending corrupt Republicans in the name of party loyalty. If voters can't trust the GOP to get rid of the crooks within its own ranks, then they'll never trust the GOP to run the government again.

The time to stop defending these earmark-loving, big government liberals is now.

dude, that's crap.

I would allow a question along the lines of, "Are you angling or hoping to benefit from this internecine war thing, and are you in any way motivated by whatever benefits you may receive from the added personal attention?"

I find your question offensive, because it puts out there the notion that IF Erick were to benefit from whatever comes, then somehow his motives were tainted from the outset.

SOMEBODY had to stand up and call patriotic Americans to arms. Erick has done so. Why is that not enough?

It's war -- so when can we start shooting back at the enemy Democrats?

like it verses my blunt approach.

I wholeheartedly applaud his sense of outrage and willingness to do this so openly and loudly.

I make no claims of tainted motives, my intent was more one of soul searching and reflection. Erick certainly has more on his plate than this and the intersection of those things are perhaps involved. I make no claims at mind reading.

Perhaps time will tell.

Aside from all that, as I said, take them down if they are corrupt.

Well done is better than well said. —Benjamin Franklin

I don't think Erick would mind me quoting his message from the RedState facebook group since it's relatively public. Here's an excerpt:

"You can post the graphic on your site if you like. It will be without a RedState logo to encourage people to claim this project as their own."
"I'll make all the information available on a daily basis. Any of you who wish to participate in this -- and I hope all of you will -- can link to my post at RedState or copy it to your site. Credit is not important. Making sure Leadership understands their conduct was unacceptable is what is important."

(emphasis mine)

I think that last line answers your question.

A strange question from a strangeguy...

And statesmen at her council met
Who knew the seasons when to take
Occasion by the hand, and make
The bounds of freedom wider yet
- Tennyson,

To the Queen_

but 4 out of 5 people reading your original question would interpret that as a snide way of casting aspersions on Erick's motives. I've got no doubts about his motives, and in this war against the House GOP leadership, I'm taking on anybody who wants to go after Erick's knees. My "allowed question" was actually more direct -- getting out in the open what you seemed to imply.

According to your follow-up, that's not what you meant. I believe you, so I'm done here. I'm not Dr Phil the advice guy, but I would suggest that 'unambiguous' takes a little more work than 'blunt', but it's worth it. That way you don't have guys on the same side grabbing their knives and guns.

It's war -- so when can we start shooting back at the enemy Democrats?

via another post, I have to admit that I was a bit put off that this war started immediately after an announcement of running for office.

Any decision to do that would have to be only taken after a great deal of thought, deliberation and based on my reading of the man, prayer and consultation with a higher power. In other words this was probably no overnight thing.

Regardless, this undertaking announced on the most widely read conservative blog was sure to catch many an eye and attract attention, some of it is going to be unwanted and THAT was my caution.

Well intentioned and passioned for sure, necessary and timely, my fear was that it could be turned around and end up looking as a negative in the long run for the poster, I hope I'm wrong.

Not the message, but the wrong timing for the messenger. Erick I wish you luck with this, honestly, I also hope you avoid "blowback" to use a bad term from last night's debate.

Well done is better than well said. —Benjamin Franklin

I'm already in. Call on me.

It's war -- so when can we start shooting back at the enemy Democrats?

completely supportive of your efforts. Keep up the good work. You have been shown to be a true leader in this fight and have my respect. Keep up with your efforts and don't back down to anyone!

After the news on Thursday it appears the GOP is LOST.

Than facing fearful odds ...

I'll go with you, Erick, but I don't have any illusions. Most of the people here are ideologues of one stripe or another; the people who hold office aren't. They look down on all of us as people who've never had whatever it is that causes one to put one's name on a ballot. There is that caste system in politics; the people who'll put their name on a ballot, and the people who won't, or haven't yet anyway.

I don't think they'll listen. I think this is a forlorn hope, but I'll go there, for the

Ashes of our fathers/
And the Temples of our Gods.

In Vino Veritas

I'm supportive of the effort and think it's high time that the people of the party stood up and held the leaders responsible. I love the intensity behind this fight. I feel that it can truly change things in Washington, for the party, and the country as a whole. I'm not a big fan of the word war being used in it so much, but understand if it helps the overall objective.

We are but warriors for the working-day.

In Like Flint was just a play on the original coloquialism for the purpose of selling a movie. But who remembers Errol Flynn these days, anyway?

“Political Correctness” is just short for “Capitulation to Extortion.”

Thank you for the leadership Erick! Sometimes the truth must be told!!! I gave your Battle Plan a shout out at my site.

I guess this is necessary, but frankly it's nauseating to think that we have to fight Republicans when we should be fighting Democrats.

...but if you try to bite off more than you can chew, you'll end up with even less influence than you had before. The trick is knowing what you can deliver on. I wish I knew what that was.

I don't relish this fight. We're eating our own... But I'm with you Erick. We must clean up our party. Even if the Demo's don't clean up theirs.

because they're not like us. We won't stand for corrupt government, yet they will. We have, have, have to separate the GOP from this kind of mess now or we will never have any credibility. What the Steering Committee has done hurt our GOP.

The only time they stand with us is...

Well, actually, I've heard them use the line to get us to vote for them, but it never seems to work when it is one of US on the line...

'Cause calling some politicians and writing some strongly-worded letters is just like laying down your life in a battle field. If you're anxious to fight a real war, I hear Petraeus is taking applications.

Yes, I'm a Democrat. No, I don't hate Republicans.

Answer in your next post - and if the answer's 'no', you jad best include a apology.


PS: No excuses, no justifications, no whines.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

I hadn't seen your post on MyDD; which pretty much tells me that I'd be wasting my time. There's nothing more useless than arguing with a junkie.

Particularly when it comes to his fix.



PS: Look on the bright side: you no longer have to pretend that you don't hate Republicans.

The Fuzzy Puppy of the VRWC.

...but, as a Democrat, as a voter, as a person, I it only as nobel to hold one's own to the highest standards.

It chaps my hide, that we Democrats have to allow Jefferson to stick a D after his name.

..."I can only label it as nobel"...

George W. Bush: He's A Folder ... Not A Fighter.

...but again, trying to make THIS a chickenhawk things was classless.

Mbecker had Clayton correct the code to make everything he posts into something brilliant (something I could use as well), but Clayton went a step further and added a component to our liberal guests such as yourself to make their posts incoherent - well, more incoherent than they usually are. Heh. So respond away, fun will be had by all (except you, that is). Double heh.

The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson


Clayton's not finished with my fix yet. If he did the other fix first Franz, Prince of Dogness will have him for lunch. Literally.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

That post didn't look like that in Preview. Darn.
CongressCritter™: Never have so few felt like they were owed so much by so many for so little.

set you to "Liberal" I'm sure it's a minor error that was overlooked and should be fixed any day now...
The CIA has better politicians than it has spies - Fred Thompson

'Cause calling some politicians and writing some strongly-worded letters is just like laying down your life in a battle field. If you're anxious to fight a real war, I hear Petraeus is taking applications.

Yes, I'm a Democrat. No, I don't hate Republicans.

I'm a Republican and I DO hate Democrats, but I have a little left over for chapping some Republicans who deserve it.

In Vino Veritas

from a cheap little college boy.

Looking at your democrats.org photo I'd be surprised if a recruiter could keep from laughing until losing bladder control if you walked in the door.

Funny how little pencil necks like you always write about "military issues" when they've never had the guts to find out what its like to wear the uniform.

"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

...to the photo of Francis. I live in NC and would like to say hello should I run across him.

It's going to be ugly, but I am in too.

I never expected to be saying that of myself on something like this. Wow

"Wubbies World" - MSgt, U.S. Air Force (Retired): "Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." -Jer 33:3-

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right...

---Thomas Paine---

Right next to you, brother.
First State Politics

I respectfully say this seems a bad idea to me. Whether or not someone is on the "Appropriations Committee" is an inside the beltway thing which no one cares about.

The first, and most important thing here, is that we have "the rule of law, not men". So what should be happening is that the Republican caucus has specific written rules for handling situations like this. Those rules should be applied to everyone involved, not just Calvert.

If something needs to be changed, we should be asking to change the rule, not just throw one specific guy off a committee.

I'd be the first to admit that I don't know what the rules and tradition say about situations like this. To be honest I don't care.

If there is an organized campaign for anything, it should be to try and save the war, and protect the lives of the troops who are there. Day after day the Democratic organizations spend millions "Swift-Boating" the war; Republican politicians never answer back. That is just one of dozens of issues which I think are more worthy of a full-court press than whether someone sits on the Appropriations committee. Our party is doomed if the only citizen action our voters take is to throw one of our own off the Appropriations Committee.

The two most important committees in the House are the Rules committee and the Appropriations committee. The first decides how things will be voted on. And I will guarantee you that if I get to write all the rules, I will always win. The second one determines how much money everybody gets to spend to obtain their objectives. Between the two of them they control everything else that goes on in the House.

While I would normally agree on the rule of law, not of men, I subscribe to the even higher law of God. And when the rule of law is not in concordance with the rule of God, it devolves into the rule of men, and they who follow it shall reap accordingly. Throwing one corrupt man off the committee to set the example that other must follow is a good thing. And if we didn't need to defend against the charges of party corruption, it would be easier to respond to the weightier issues. This is simply a different variation of the Broken Windows principle Guiliani used to clean up New York City. (No, I still won't vote for him, but I will recognize him when he sees clearly and does good things.)

This war was not originally about the House Republican Steering Committee, though it has now come to that. They are now the targets.

Whether or not anyone here intends it that way, this has the feeling of infighting. It is also totally unnecessary. Absolutely unnecessary.

As I said before this should be about a rule, not a leadership decision about one man. But in any case, we could simply ask for an up or down vote amongst the entire caucus, instead of focusing all the energy on the Leadership. They probably already talked to the Caucus, but if they haven't, no one is stopping the Caucus from talking to them.

When the Democrats face issues like this, they settle them in the Caucus room, then the whole Party comes out united. That is the way of winners.

It is completely necessary. Maybe some more job losses will help bring some clarity to the Republican Party.

Someone said it long ago, and I will repeat it. I am a conservative who happens to be registered as a Republican, and sticking to your principles is the way of winners.

What could be the result of this? We could find ourselves in the minority in BOTH the House and Senate, with idiots like Waxman, Pelosi, Reid and Levin running the show. Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter and John McCain could say whatever they want, regardless of how it affects the party, and the Democrats could control the debate on any issue they choose.

Wait a minute...on second thought, I'm in. "Democrat Lite" is no way to go through life, and better to do this now than finally getting around to it in 2024.

without representatives who hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct and accountability. So yes, although this will be nasty, it is necessary.
"Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." -- James Madison

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
John Paul Jones (letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont,16 Nov.1778)

Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter and John McCain could say whatever they want, regardless of how it affects the party

So are we trying to throw Specter and McCain out of the Party? I didn't see any mention of a campaign to do that. Just trying to use the wrong technique to throw one of our own off the Appropriations Committee.

though not for President. But Specter is another story. I'm originally from PA, and didn't know any Republicans there who liked the guy. Bush's support of Specter over Toomey was the first sign of the coming Republican defeat. Bush surrendered to the weaker candidate in the name of maintaining the Republican majority, and in the next election lost both houses.

the same way, Gadfly. I was living in PA when Bush and Santorum came rushing in to rescue Specter from the will of the people. Made me sick.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" -Ronald Reagan

While we're at it...

Specter is the most worthless Republican in the country. Bob Novak had him pegged years ago. Graham and McCain aren't much better, with McCain's service record and heroism while in captivity the only thing in his favor - albeit a big thing in his favor.

I'm a law student at Boston College... And one of very few Republicans here. I'm stuck being represented by Ted Kennedy (a man who drove a woman off a bridge) and John Kerry (need I say more?).

You can be sure I'll call these GOP congressmen every day. Thanks for putting this together Erick.

By the way - I encourage everyone to help us get a Republican elected to Congress this summer from Massachusetts. It's a long shot, but retired Air Force Lt. Col. Jim Ogonowski is running for Rep. Marty Meehan's soon-to-be open seat. Here's his website, which isn't fully functioning yet. But stay tuned and donate if you can!


be prepaired to be in it until we win we also need drag every Republican into it. No sitting on the side lines in this one.
I even want the Pres. frontrunners to be in this, one way or the other.
Intergrity is what will keep us solid. To me it is more important to trust a person than it is to agree with them

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
John Paul Jones (letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont,16 Nov.1778)

let's kick up some dirt.

" in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abe Lincoln

...until we take care of business within the party. I'm with ya, Erick. The Hastert era has to fully come to a close and be put behind us.

Have you thought about calling Calvert's office first to put pressure on him to resign from the Committee? It might not work, but it'd be worth a shot to avoid this.

He's already been on here saying he did nothing wrong, so I figured it would be a waste of time.

It doesn't have to be about whether he actually did anything wrong. If he feels like he's going to get the brunt of it as opposed to those with the power to replace him, it might. If people in his district will hear more about the arrest and the allegations, if he feels like his own seat in Congress is at risk and that his family will undergo a tough ordeal, it might not matter whether he thinks he did anything wrong. It's not every day that someone gives up a seat on Appropriations, and it's definitely a long shot, but might he run on the sword so we could avoid a war with the House GOP leadership when we should be fighting the House Democrat leadership?

I don't care for that tactic. It is used too frequently to force good people to resign from positions when they actually haven't done anything wrong. Muddying the water by using it to get rid of a bad apple won't help maintain integrity over the long haul.

Are you trying to recreate the brilliance that is "Daily Kos"? Just wondering, because they tried the same tired shtick.

How about spending the time and energy on supporting our troops, winning a global war, or protecting the homeland maybe?!

United States Air Force

You will never get it if you don't get it now. I will not waste my time.

BTW, I notice that most of the self declared Rudy supporters at RS are also the people most likely to not like this idea. I wonder why that is.

I would just like to see us hit the other guys as well. Preferably closer to election dates but hit them just the same.

There is one thing both the serious right and left in this country hate, corrupt politicians (is that redundant ?)
"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

In fact one of my thoughts about Rudy that I think is a plus for him is his strength in fighting crime.

I think he would have the DOJ make a lot of Washington very unhappy, or at least I hope he would!!

Well done is better than well said. —Benjamin Franklin

How about spending the time and energy on supporting our troops, winning a global war, or protecting the homeland maybe?!

I agree with you. It is an amazing thing to see, on a Republican site, that our top priority is not fighting Democrats, is not supporting the war, is not attempting to pass Republican legislation, but to knock a Republican off a committee. And we are supposed to do this in the politically bloodiest way possible, one which "targets" Republican leaders and massively divides the Party.

If we put this kind of grass roots effort into last year's election, we could have defeated two Democratic senators and still would have been in control of the Senate.

recognize that we have to fight the conservative fight on many fronts. I'm in.

Little late to the party on this one, but whole heartedly agree. If the leadership is unwilling to remove corruption (or appearence thereof) from the causus it is up to each and every one of us to pressure them to do so, or resign. Either way you look at it the Dems are going to use this against us, only when these crooks are out of the party can we truly be on the high ground. Pretty difficult to go after "In his Freezer" when we have our own messes brewing. As an aside, it sure has been a long 45 day wait to see what they found in his office hasn't it??

"Cowards cut and run, Marines never do"


I've been watching for your announcement of your first targets, and just now noticed the small blurb in the right hand column mentioning John Linder and Tom Cole. Given how low down this information appears on the front page, I'd recommend that you post this info as a front page blog if you want more people to see and act upon it. Just a suggestion.

in ammo to toss around, this would have a chance in hell of succeeding. but you don't. you have no leverage on these guys. plus what is your timeframe for accomplishing this cleansing of the GOP? 6 months? better get it done fast because, um, Hillary is waiting, you know. 80% of the GOP would have to go if we wanted a corruption-free, Reaganite party. i know i'd rather have corrupt Republicans in office than corrupt Communists. if Hillary wins, there won't be a recovery for the GOP or America.

I think nothing would spark a GOP majority faster than President Clinton.

That said, I don't understand why it's acceptable to have just any Republican in office, even if they've got shady pasts. These people do not need to be in leadership positions.

If it takes washing out 80% of the party to get to a corruption-free, Reaganite party, then fine, that's what we should do. It's about morals and integrity, not having the most seats. I'd rather be an upstanding majority that people can believe in rather than a soulless majority that governs recklessly and tacks personal interests ahead of the good of the country. It should be noted that we're a minority now because the soul of the party is dying. Someone pointed out recently, but I don't remember where, that the Senate is currently predicted to get bluer in 2008. That means things are getting worse.

To fix things, we have to realize that it will likely get worse before it gets better, but won't we be glad we went through the worse to get to the better? I think so. When we prune out the unacceptable parts, we will nurture the plant and watch it grow, full and healthy. That is the only way we will be a majority again.

with a super-majority Congress, you can pretty much kiss America goodbye. there won't be a comeback

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