Just Like Oil-For-Food But a Lot Less Effective

the unsc is pwned by the thirst for iranian petrodollars

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Much has been said about the UN Security Council voting to impose sanctions. Some have claimed that the humiliation of it all led Ahmadinejad to cancel his stand-up act. Victor Comras at Counterterrorism Blog sees things differently:

The UN Security Council, unable to come up with a consensus on meaningful sanctions measures against Iran, has settled on an effete set of measures unlikely to cause Iran to change course. In fact, UN Security Council Resolution 1747 (2007) breaks new ground when it comes to watered- down language, obfuscation and confusion. The new obligations are so trite and vague as to risk serious damage to Security Council credibility and to the future effectiveness of sanctions as a foreign policy tool.

Must be real bad because we'd always thought "trite and vague" was the way the UNSC did everything and short of wearing clown outfits that "serious damage to Security Council credibility" wasn't possible.

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...well, I just can't think of an example that has so little effect on anything or any one.

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