The United Nations and Srebinica

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     In a ceremony today, the ten year anniversary of the massacre of Srebinica was remembered. Over 600 of the 8,000 victims were reburied today, and several meaningless statements were read:

 While we are remembering, let's not forget that the U.N. had declared Srebinica a "safe haven" for Muslims BEFORE THE MASSACRE:

     It's also worth noting that the Dutch peacekeepers had disarmed the Muslim populace prior to the Serb's invasion, and were very lightly armed themselves (gun control rarely helps victims). The Muslims who were under the protection of the United Nations were taken from the U.N. base where they had fled. Repeated requests for airstrikes were ignored, then shelved by the U.N. - until it was too late. The refugees were slaughtered.

     Darfur continues to descend into hell. Mugabe starves his citizens and kills whites who try to stay and farm their land. Political thugs and terrorists operate around the world with impunity. And Democrats believe that the "international community", represented by the U.N., and a "global test" for actions by the United States, will enhance security around the world.

     Maybe they should ask the mothers who wept at the graves of their sons today how they feel about the protection of the United Nations.

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