Can Bloggers get pulitzers?

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If they can't they should, and this man should top the list.

I realize there is supposed to be lots of comments and stuff, but in this case you should just read it.

You can't help but have respect for the Lt Col in this story, and the sad thing is that he was injured in a fire fight by a man who had already been picked up by the coalitoin forces, and had been released from detention just a few weeks ago.

Michael Yon's words and pictures describe the men and the war in a way I haven't seen by anyone else in the media.

I emailed Michael Yon today expressing the same thought.

If you haven't hit his tipjar, please consider it.  That one man > every major news bureau in Iraq AFAIC.

And LTC Kurilla is a genuine American hero.  As are many of his men.


I am sure his men will miss him.  

things I have heard on the war in Iraq.  I listened to Hugh Hewitt's reading of it today, and I was riveted...the men in the story are truly inspiring.

And, if they did, these days it sure wouldn't go to one that didn't have a liberal slant.

THat having been said ... yah. Michael Yon should be top of the list.

You are probably right in that, which is a shame.

Yon isn't writing his reports with a slant-he is in reality doing what journalists are supposed to do-covers what he sees so that those who aren't there to see it, have an understanding of what is going on.

It would be nice if the MSM reporters could do even half as well.

are an "in-house" industry sort of prize.  Alas, that fin story you linked to won't even be considered.

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