Lynn Westmoreland: RedState Hero of the Week

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“Westmoreland . . . chose principle over the party line.”

Seventeen hours after being named a deputy whip, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia was kicked off the team. For that, Westmoreland is our RedState hero this week.

On March 14th, aided by 22 Democrats, the Republicans passed a rule for consideration of the emergency spending bill dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan, and hurricane relief. The vote was 218-200. Lynn Westmoreland, along with John Shadegg, Mike Pence, and 25 other Republicans, voted against the rule because, among other things, it failed to offset hurricane relief costs. Leadership had refused to separate out war spending to increase chances of their fiscal recklessness passing.

Westmoreland, along with John Shadegg who was also a deputy whip, was uncerimoniously kicked off the leadership team because, in the words of Roy Blunt, "You need an example every once in a while."

According to news reports, Westmoreland said he chose principle over the party line. Westmoreland, quoted in Congress Daily AM, said, "I'm not a martyr. You do what you got to do."

Blunt said Thursday that when members are removed from the whip team, the ban only applies to the current Congress, and members like Westmoreland or Shadegg could be asked back in the 110th Congress.

Blunt also marveled at Westmoreland's tenure.

"I don't think anyone will beat his record for a while," he joked. Blunt said he will likely ask other members to fill the slots, perhaps as early as next week. Blunt does not make public his whip operation, but members are generally allowed to announce it independently.

For putting principle over politics, Westmoreland is our RedState hero of the week.

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It's often difficult, or impossible, to tell from outside a pol's head what he's really up to.  One of my favorite TV shows was a Britcom called "Yes, Minister".  A typical exchange:

    Aide: Minister, we need your position on the French controversy.

Minister: Well, my position is one of patriotism and strength, in support of our allies the French.

    Aide: So you oppose the French?

Minister: Of course, but you asked for my position.

Just TV, I know, but in my limited experience that scene is pretty universal.

...on our dime, you'd think they would be more interested in solutions than in government-by-accounting-tricks...

Westmoreland's example demonstrates to me that we really need to break up the two parties into Euro-style governing coalitions.  At the very least, people could vote their conscience more often.

I tought we picked up Blunt to take the first step toward a GOP leadership unlike Tom Delay's.

with so many truly exceptional conservatives around, i find it sad that the best we can offer is lynn westmoreland. though his voting record is reasonable, his only accomplishment was to join 26 other conservatives in offering a message. he has yet to show himself as anything more than a soso representative.

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

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