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Posted at 2:00pm on Dec. 6, 2007 Romney Blew It

By California Yankee

Promoted by Jeff. Ben's opposing viewpoint can be seen here.

I watched Romney's "Faith in America" speech.

It was mercifully short, it was decent and there was no point in Romney giving it.

As Romney said in advance, it wasn't a JFK-esque speech. So why give it? In essence all he said is that there should be no religious test for president, and we should follow the separation of church and state as designed by the founders:

Read on.

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Posted at 9:31am on Nov. 30, 2007 Hillary's Albatross: the trouble with Bill

By Richard H Collins

Hillary Clinton owes a great deal of her popularity – her shrinking standing in recent polls notwithstanding – to an odd sort of nostalgia surrounding her husband. Rank and file Democrats generally hold him in high esteem and friends and critics alike admire his formidable political skills. Her eight years in the White House give her an aura of, if not actual, experience.

But his recent statement that he was against the war in Iraq “from the beginning” points to the risks involved. Thanks to these almost offhand remarks, Bill once again made the news cycle about him and the potential negative impact on his wife. He also raised the difficult and unhelpful issue of the slippery nature of both Clinton’s positions on the war in Iraq.

The question of whether Bill is good for Hillary’s campaign is still an open, and popular, debate amongst the media. He brings a great deal of experience; he is nearly unmatched when it comes to retail politics – something that clearly can’t be said of his wife; and he is still very popular with Democratic voters.

On the other hand, he has a tendency to overshadow his wife and frequently steps on her media message by creating a series of mini-scandals nearly every time he speaks. And, and as the discussion over his latest remarks made clear, he isn’t without his detractors within his own party.

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Posted at 2:30pm on Nov. 28, 2007 The Least Experienced Namedropper in the Race

A Bird in Hand is Better than Stealing from Bush

By Mark I

Yesterday, at an event with a group of black ministers in South Carolina, Sen. Hillary!™ Clinton showed that when it comes to foreign policy, she has the most practical experience in the Democratic presidential field. While her chief rival pledges to sit down at the feet of any dictator, anywhere, anytime, Sen. Clinton knows that the presidency is too important an institution to be seen to kowtow. She!™ knows it’s much better politically to have someone famous do it for you.

Sen. Clinton recognizes the value of the Special Envoy, the High-Level Delegation, and the Presidential Emissary. She demonstrated this by floating a name of such high respect and stature as a potential Good-Will Ambassador to the World, her rivals for the nomination must surely be staring in awestruck amazement. Who cares if she hasn’t actually spoken to him? It’s the thought that counts, and the political savviness behind it.

”I won’t even wait until I’m inaugurated, but as soon as I’m elected I’m going to be asking distinguished Americans of both parties — people like Colin Powell, for example, and others — who can represent our country well, including someone I know very well. Because I want to send a message heard across the world. The era of cowboy diplomacy is over”

President Bush used to float Colin Powell’s name a lot on the campaign trail back in 2000. But there was just one difference. Many of those times, candidate Bush did so with Powell standing right beside him. According to his spokesperson, Peggy Cifrino, Hillary!™ hasn’t even spoken to the general cum diplomat about his willingness to do her bidding. “He’s not been in touch with Senator Clinton in regards to this, and has no comment,” she said.


Sen. Clinton, if you just want to throw names on the table, you could at least look around and see who is on stage.

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Posted at 11:30am on Nov. 28, 2007 There He Goes Again

Rememembering The Meaning Of Is

By California Yankee

Bill Clinton made a political blunder of monumental proportions when he claimed that he "opposed the war in Iraq 'from the beginning,'" A statement even the New York Times found "is more absolute than his comments before the invasion in March 2003."

Is More Absolute?

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" - President Clinton

At Time, Mark Halperin reminds us that Mr. Clinton said he supported the War in 2003. On April 14, 2003, Clinton praised President Bush:

“In his first speech in Minnesota since leaving office, former President Bill Clinton on Sunday praised President Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq. But he criticized Bush’s domestic priorities and urged the administration to offer North Korea aid and a pledge of nonaggression in exchange for an end to that country’s missile and nuclear weapons programs." [Minneapolis Star Tribune, 4/14/03]

On May 19, 2003, the Associated Press reported Clinton said he supported President Bush:

"Former President Bill Clinton accused President Bush of spending more time fighting the war on terrorism than on domestic issues during a commencement speech at Tougaloo College. 'I supported the president when he asked for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we can’t be forever strong abroad if we don’t keep getting better at home,' Clinton said Sunday to a crowd of about 8,000. […] The Bush administration, Clinton said, 'is still focused on defeating terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and that’s good, but not good enough. The power of our example is just as important as our military might.'"

Clinton may have questioned the timing of the invasion, but Clinton didn't oppose it "from the beginning."

On June 23, 2004, CNN reported Clinton revealed that he continues to support President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq:

[There's more, including a video.]

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Posted at 5:00pm on Nov. 27, 2007 The Iowa Race Is Close

By California Yankee

Political Wire got an advance look at a new Strategic Vision poll in Iowa that shows Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama tied in the Democratic presidential race at 29%, with John Edwards trailing at 23%.

On the Republican side it shows, Mitt Romney barely leading with 26%, followed closely by Mike Huckabee at 24%, Rudy Giuliani at 14%, Fred Thompson at 10% and Sen. John McCain at 7%. [Read on]

Posted at 12:26pm on Nov. 27, 2007 Gingrich Predicts Obama Win

By California Yankee

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts Barack Obama will win the Democratic Caucuses in Iowa:

"My guess is Senator Obama's going to win Iowa and that he's going to win it by a surprising margin," the former Speaker of the House told ABC News' Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America."

[. . . Read on]

Posted at 11:49am on Nov. 27, 2007 Huckabee Plays The Religion Card

A Losing Hand?

By California Yankee

Republican presidential wannabee Mike Huckabee has played his experience as a Southern Baptist minister and president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention into second place in Iowa polls.

Huckabee has moved from about 8 percent last summer, to 24 percent in a recent Washington Post-ABC News survey.

The Los Angeles Times reports Huckabee being backed by 44 percent of evangelical Protestants, who make up four in 10 Republican caucus goers. But the Times points out there are doubts about Huckabee:

Some conservatives are leery of his views on taxes, pointing to his Arkansas record.

The Club for Growth, which advocates limited government and lower taxes, points out that as governor he increased taxes on sales, gasoline, cigarettes and nursing homes. He says he had little choice because of court-ordered spending increases or rising federal entitlement spending for programs "over which you don't have executive control."

That's an issue which was hammered home by conservative columnist By Robert Novak in an article titled, "The False Conservative:"

Read on.

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Posted at 7:51pm on Nov. 25, 2007 Fred Claims Fox Bias

By California Yankee

In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson accused the network of bias against his campaign.

During the interview, Chris Wallace pressed Thompson on how some conservatives have lambasted Thompson's campaign and showed clips of Fox conservative commentators Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes criticizing the former senator. Fred responded by attacking Fox:

"This has been a constant mantra of Fox, to tell you the truth." He noted that other conservatives have praised his bid for the GOP nomination and took issue with a Fox promo that focused on polling in New Hampshire, where Thompson is registering in the single digits.

He said he is running second in national polls and has been leading or tied for the lead in South Carolina for "a long, long time."

Thompson, in a firm, but measured tone, scolded Wallace: "...for you to highlight nothing but the negatives in terms of the polls and then put on your own guys who have been predicting for four months, really, that I couldn't do it, kind of skew things a little bit. There's a lot of other opinion out there."

Fred didn't come off well in the exchange, which reminded me a little of Bill Clinton's temper tantrum during a Wallace interview.

You can watch a video clip of the exchange below:

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Posted at 7:44pm on Nov. 23, 2007 My Problem With Mike Huckabee

By Pejman Yousefzadeh

The Economist spells it out and the following excerpt speaks for itself:

. . . Mr Huckabee calls himself a free-trader, but on the stump he does not sound like one. He rouses nativist crowds by fretting that America cannot be secure unless it is self-sufficient in food, energy and military hardware. "I don't want to see our food come from China, our oil come from Saudi Arabia and our manufacturing come from Europe and Asia," he says. "There is so much foolishness in that one sentence it is hard to unpack," comments Rich Lowry, a conservative columnist. America hardly imports any food from China. Mr Huckabee's promise of energy independence within 10 years is impossible. And cheap imports benefit precisely the cash-strapped folk Mr Huckabee purports to champion.

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Posted at 8:58am on Nov. 22, 2007 MI Morning Update: Presidential Primary Back On

By saul anuzis

350 Days until Election Day


Michigan Presidential Primary is set for January 15th!!! See Supreme Court order and release at:


House Democrats should pass the “fix” bill that passed the Senate two weeks ago putting all the Democrat candidates back on the ballot. Michigan deserves to have EVERY candidate campaigning in our state. If they want our votes…they should ask for them.

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Posted at 7:07am on Nov. 19, 2007 MI Morning Update: MI Prez Primary up in the air, AG to file appeal w/ State Supreme Court

By saul anuzis

353 Days until Election Day


Presidential primary is still in question. We are hoping that the House Democrats pass the “fix” legislation that has already passed the Senate. We are working on a number of legal remedies and we expect the Attorney General to file an appeal on behalf of the Secretary of State with the Supreme Court ASAP to try and settle this. If we’re lucky, we’ll know for sure by Wednesday?

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Posted at 3:32am on Nov. 17, 2007 The Empire Strikes Back

By Pejman Yousefzadeh

So, I suppose that this was expected. Or should have been; to be sure, Hillary Clinton was not going to let her campaign's slow bleed continue any longer than she had to. She showed that she learned from the mistakes that she made in her previous debate and last night, she let her opponents make the mistakes. To the extent that they sought to take her on, she bashed back. The conventional wisdom will duly reward her.

But that doesn't mean her vulnerabilities still don't exist, especially with the raft of negative stories that came out over the past couple of weeks about her. And that doesn't mean her opponents can't continue to take advantage of those vulnerabilities. Hillary Clinton is a tough and resourceful candidate and no one should underestimate her. But we all have learned that she is not ten feet tall.

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Posted at 4:38pm on Nov. 14, 2007 Fred's Immigration Ad [comments enabled]

By Dan McLaughlin

Allahpundit thinks it's a terrible ad because it's so generic. I'd agree that the ad could use to be a mite more specific to distinguish himself from the field, but I don't think it's such a bad ad; the average viewer's just going to get the point that Fred thinks this issue is important enough to run an ad on it. It's hard to do much more than that in 30 seconds. And Fred does the border-security issue without sounding mean.

I did think that the part where he looks at the words popping up on the screen was a little strange, though, but strange works sometimes in making people remember an ad.

Posted at 1:43pm on Nov. 14, 2007 Re: Giuliani's First TV ad

By Dan McLaughlin

It's an excellent first ad, really summarizes what Rudy had accomplished before September 11. Rudy is going to play the "look at the results" card, which is his strongest suit.

The one thing that's missing: families. The word never appears in the ad. The people in the ad don't include a lot of married couples with their children. I would hope that Rudy's next ad zeroes in on how specifically Rudy made NYC a better place for families: how his battles against crime helped restore neighborhoods, how his fight to clear smut peddlers from Times Square made some of NY's great tourist attractions OK to visit with your children again. That's the Rudy record that was so popular with, say, homeowners in the outer boroughs.

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