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Posted at 9:35am on Jun. 18, 2008 A morning of strange admissions from the Michigan Left


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Fewer taxes equals more jobs.  It's not rocket science and even the current crop of Democrats in Lansing, the biggest tax hikers in the state's history regularly admit it these days.  Including today.  They just approved tax breaks and credits for a handful of projects the administration proudly claims will "create" 3,900 jobs. (The list of projects and tax breaks is available HERE.)

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Posted at 6:22pm on May 12, 2008 Your Tax Dollars at Work: Energy Subsidies

By Vladimir

Wind ($23.37) v. Gas (25 Cents)

That's a link to a Wall Street Journal editorial that is guaranteed to make the top of frequent poster moderich's head explode.

It is a look at how much energy we're getting for our subsidy dollar. An exhaustive look, by the Energy Information Agency (EIA) of the Department of Energy.

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Posted at 8:29am on Apr. 4, 2008 Welcome to the Michigan Democrat Party-- Please leave your principles at the door


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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave up on Michigan about three-hundred days ago.  The Michigan House Democrats gave up on Michigan when they went on a two-week Easter vacation back on March 20th, walking off the job with only a few calendar days left to get something done to avoid the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of Michigan voters.

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Posted at 11:41am on Mar. 5, 2008 Economides on Geopolitics and Oil's Future

By Vladimir

Dr. Michael Economides, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Houston, and consultant to the likes of CNOOC, is no shrinking violet when it comes to his opinions about energy supply, global warming, and alternative fuels.

As I noted elsewhere, I saw his talk yesterday morning at the annual meeting of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. I thought you might getting a sampling of his comments.

Economides is no "peak oiler", but neither does he think that $30 oil is coming back anytime soon.

“What is the price at which people will walk away from the pump?” he asked.

“My answer is $7.50. We are not even close to that.”

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Posted at 8:47am on Feb. 28, 2008 Liberal media bias on Democrats new $8 billion hidden tax... right on cue


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Right on cue, here comes the mainstream media with their typical liberal spin.  Spin might actually be a generous term because that implies that they're reporting on something and then allowing, intentionally or unintentionally, their own personal lefty bias to affect the way they discuss it.  What we have in today's Ivory Tower is a case of a columnist appearing oblivious to some details and intentionally leaving others out entirely.

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Posted at 9:44am on Feb. 27, 2008 Granholm and House Dems pushing hard for new $8 billion hidden tax hike


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If Michigan is in a backwater and you've been captaining the ship for the last six years what does that say about your ability at the helm?  I'm just asking.  

Jennifer Granholm returned from Washington D.C. and decided it was time to get serious, for the first time since she was elected in 2002, about encouraging alternative energy production in Michigan.  Apparently she's abandoned the carrot and stick method and gone exclusively to the stick.  Criticize the State you're leading and then slap residents struggling to make ends meet under the yolk of your last $2.4 billion tax hike with a brand new record shattering $8 billion tax increase.  That ought to clear up whatever ails us.  

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