Posted at 12:52am on Jan. 10, 2008 Skill vs. Enthusiasm Watch, 01/09/2008

Or, "Age and Treachery will always beat youth and inexperience, Part MCMXXXIV."

By Moe Lane

The trap jaws have already sprung shut, but, hey: at least they're trying. For all the good it will do them:

Voters Face Confusion in Michigan Dem Race
By Peter Slevin

CHICAGO -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only top-tier Democrat on the Jan. 15 Michigan primary ballot, but followers of her chief rivals are hoping to wound her all the same.

A fresh poll suggests that running nearly unopposed will not mean winning nearly 100 percent of the vote.

The campaigns of Sen. Barack Obama and former senator John Edwards are urging their supporters to cast ballots for "uncommitted," according to state Democratic party chairman Mark Brewer. The Obama campaign says there may be "grass-roots efforts," but that the Chicago-based campaign is not involved.

Via Protein Wisdom, and more here.

Read on.

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