April 15

Posted at 8:21am on Apr. 15, 2008 April 15th... Gross.

By RightMichigan.com

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"Excuse me, you don't happen to have the time do you?"


You've seen the ads and you know that April 15th includes one stress-packed trip to the post office.  It's tax day.  If you're still working on your returns then A) you have my sympathies and B) why exactly are you surfing the net right now?  Shouldn't you be typing away on that calculator or something?

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Posted at 10:47am on Apr. 8, 2008 Broken Promises: Michigan Dem Speaker refuses to turn over documents to media

By RightMichigan.com

Tax day is literally now, right around the corner.  Like the TV commercials say, it's one stress-packed trip to the post office this April 15th and this year it's more stressful than ever.

All thanks to your friendly neighborhood Democrat State Representatives.  Particularly those of you out in the Redford area.  Small business owners in Michigan's 17th State House District owe a special debt (pun intended) of gratitude to Speaker Andy Dillon, the man, the myth, the tax hiking legend.  

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