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Posted at 12:29pm on Jun. 30, 2008 "A Plague That Does Not Discriminate By Economic Class, Race Or Age"

By haystack

[image courtesy Red Planet Cartoons]

Such has our fuel price crisis been described by AP reporter Alan Fram:

[S]oaring fuel prices are inflicting pain throughout the U.S. Nine in 10 expecting the ballooning costs to squeeze them financially over the next half-year, an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Monday says.

Nearly half think that hardship will be serious. To cope, most are driving less, easing off the air conditioning and heating at home and cutting corners elsewhere. Half are curtailing vacation plans; nearly as many are considering buying cars that burn less gas.

As the price has spiraled upward so, too, has the public's ire.

Reid and Pelosi don't care. Whatever liberties and freedoms to move about the country we might otherwise enjoy, were we able to actually afford to GET there, are slowly being taken away from us by the inaction of our elected officials. BOTH Houses of the "do nothing" Congress blew off any energy legislation to help us get through the summer...THEY are on vacation now, and we can't afford to join them. Instead, we look out our windows at cars we can't refuel and worry about how we're going to get back and forth to work so we can keep supporting these losers through ever-increasing taxes.

Nearly 70% of us are travelling less or not at all, in large part because the national average price for a gallon of gasoline climbed to $4.086, and "Gas prices have risen 2.9% in the last month and are almost 38% higher than where they were a year ago." Waddya think jumpin' genius Joe Klein over at Time says we ought to be doing?

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Posted at 10:03am on Jun. 25, 2008 I don't suppose that I could prevail upon the Obama campaign to stop pissing off Canada?

This kind of arrogant, unilateral thinking does nothing for our foreign relations.

By Moe Lane

(Via Instapundit) It is sometimes startling to see just how unthinkingly indifferent the Obama campaign is towards the sensibilities of our major trading partners:

Obama's fight against 'dirty oil' could hurt oil sands

WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed he would break America's addiction to "dirty, dwindling, and dangerously expensive" oil if he is elected U.S. president -- and one of his first targets might well be Canada's oil sands.

A senior adviser to Mr. Obama's campaign told reporters it's an "open question" whether oil produced from northern Alberta's oilsands fits with the Democratic candidate's plan to shift the U.S. sharply away from consumption of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Said campaign is touting this as being all about "greenhouse gasses," which I admit sounds better than "the ethanol industry expects a return on its investment in Barack Obama." Hey, complain to the New York Times: some of you folks are happy enough to believe them when they're telling you juicy anti-administration stories from anonymous sources, so there's no logical reason for you to change your mind about their accuracy now*...

But I digress.

Read on.

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Posted at 11:04am on Jun. 17, 2008 We've got people seeing $4.30 or so/gallon for gas, now.

This is such a *fun* graphic, we'd thought that we'd use it again.

By Moe Lane

[image via House Minority Whip regularly updated]

Nothing wrong with haystack's post, of course. Anyway: guess what? The problem's not going away, and you can't blame this one on the GOP. We like to drill for oil, remember? We like refineries. We probably all have little altars in our basements to the Great Dread God Krood. So talk to the Democrats.

And in keep this in mind: they're not sitting on oil production so that you can feel better about yourself. They're sitting on oil production so that they can feel better about you.

Moe Lane

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Posted at 12:11pm on Jun. 16, 2008 Dear Democrats: Why Does The Saudi King Know What To Do About Gas Prices, And You Don't?

By haystack

[image via House Minority Whip regularly updated]

King Abdullah seems to GET IT about how to deal with the crisis at the pumps...while our friends in the majority on the Hill continue to have no freaking clue. From The Independent:

Next month, the Saudis will be pumping an extra half-a-million barrels of oil a day compared to last month, bringing total Saudi production to 9.7 million barrels a day, their highest ever level. But the world's biggest oil exporters are coupling the increase with an appeal to western Europe to cut fuel taxes to lower the price of petrol to consumers.

You hear that Democrats?

Cut the freaking taxes and increase the freaking production. It's just not that hard, kids.

More below the stinking fold...

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