Crooked Democrats

Posted at 4:44pm on Jun. 18, 2008 Shouldn't the Senate Banking Chair know interest rates?

By Soren Dayton

Where do the Democrats find people like this? The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee doesn't know the interest rates:

Roll Call thought this was mock worthy:

Briefly Quoted. “I don’t know what the rates are today.”

— Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), surprising reporters on Tuesday with his unfamiliarity with current mortgage rates. Dodd, who was explaining why he planned to keep his scandal-tarred Countrywide Financial home mortgages, is the chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

It sounds like Dodd is either a criminal or criminally ignorant of the area he regulates. Will we ever find out which?

Crossposted from The Next Right.

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Posted at 10:53am on Nov. 2, 2007 Another Crooked Democrat

Some "cultures of corruption" spring up more easily than others.

By Leon H Wolf

As I think you all know, I am a Red Sox fan. Prior to 2004, being a Red Sox fan primarily consisted of holding the foolish belief, year after year, that *this* year would be different - that *this* year, we would finally get over on the Yankees. Even after decades of waiting, with much the same result, no Sox fan ever allowed himself to believe that the Sox would *never* win the World Series. So that will give you some frame of reference for the statement I'm about to make: after last year, I gave up on the hope that a Republican would ever win a Senate seat in New Jersey. If a guy like Kean - not my ideal candidate, but a solid guy nonetheless - could not beat an intellectual and ethical midget like Bob Menendez, then the people of New Jersey have apparently made an irrevocable choice that corrupt morons will represent them in the Senate from this time forward. Enter the FBI to take up yet another corruption charge against Menendez, who already has an impressive New Jersey Democrat resume despite a very short tenure in the Senate. What Menendez is alleged to have done makes the Paul Wolfowitz scandal look like nothing more than an appropriate subject for water-cooler gossip.

You know, we hate crooked Republicans around here. The actions of Duke Cunningham were reprehensible to all of us. We all deplored the use of earmarks to funnel pork into Republican districts, specifically because they invite both the appearance of impropriety and actual corruption. But give the Republicans credit for this much: it took them over a decade in office before a year like 2006 would happen. The Democrats haven't even bothered with the pretense of actually having meant anything they said about cleaning up Washington. After all, Nancy Pelosi's first act in office (which failed) was to attempt to elevate ABSCAM Jack Murtha to a position of leadership - even after this failed, Murtha still manages to steer about 30% more pork into his district than his next closest competitor in Congress. Then she attempted put Alcee Hastings - who was impeached for corruption as a judge - in an important Chair because she didn't like Jane Harman. Then came the various foibles of Allan Mollohan. And we haven't even touched on any of Harry Reid's land deals, or Pelosi's attempts to influence legislation for the benefit of her friends and aides.

The thing about politics is that people have short memories. I said all throughout 2006 that there was no way people were going to forget that these same Democrats railing on corruption made modern Republicans look like pikers by comparison back when they had power - but it appears that I was at least partly wrong. Thankfully for us, the Democrats are doing all they can to remind even those with the shortest of memories just exactly what "culture of corruption" means.

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