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Posted at 10:41am on Jun. 15, 2008 Just the latest senior Obama man who is "awash in cronyism"

By Jeff Emanuel

On June 12, RedState's Soren Dayton introduced us to Eric Holder, a member (formerly along with not the Jim Johnson Barack Obama used to know) of the Obama vice presidential search team.

At the time, Dayton wrote the following:

I would like to introduce you to Eric Holder, Bill Clinton's former Deputy Attorney General. Holder was involved in the pardon of Marc Rich, the Democratic donor who had fled the country. In March of 2003, the NYT wrote about the case. They make it clear that Holder is awash in cronyism, skirts ethics laws, had horrible judgement, and is simply incompetent. He also advocated for clemency for terrorists. And this is Obama's primary advisor on his first decision as the Democratic nominee.

So this is the change Obama brings. Warmed-over shady operators from the Clinton administration. These guys do favors for each other for jobs. They give favored access to donors. They skirt around ethics rules. And they don't do their jobs.

Oh yeah. And he argued that members of a terrorist organization should get clemency.

This isn't a hypothetical. This is the change that Obama is bringing to Washington right now. This is the guy that Obama is putting in charge of his first major decision, after his previous choice was found to be ethically flawed.

Now, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has caught on, as well, running an op-ed from Jack Kelly titled "There goes another one: Obama seems blind to the ethical problems of his associates," which says:

A day later than would have been politic, Jim Johnson joined the burgeoning crowd under Barack Obama's bus.
In a press conference in St. Louis Tuesday, Sen. Obama dismissed criticism of Mr. Johnson as "a game," and said he would keep him on.

"Obama's cavalier response utterly contradicted his campaign's supposed crusade for reform," said pundit Craig Crawford. "Not only did these words come across as tone deaf to the very ethical issues that he has raised in this election, but his remarks sounded like the ethical relativism we so often hear from the Washington business-as-usual crowd that Obama claims to be running against."

A day later, after The New York Times and The Washington Post raised more serious questions about Mr. Johnson, he resigned.
We may see this pattern repeated soon. The more problematic appointment to his vice presidential search committee may be Eric Holder, deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration. Mr. Holder was a key figure in the last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, whose ex-wife, Denise, was a major contributor to Clinton campaigns and to the Clinton library fund.

Mr. Rich, who fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution on 51 counts of tax fraud, was not eligible for a pardon under Justice Department guidelines. But Mr. Holder circumvented normal procedures and kept other Justice Department lawyers in the dark. A congressional committee described his conduct as "unconscionable."

If Mr. Obama were as smart as he imagines himself to be, he would have thrown Mr. Holder under the bus at the same time as Mr. Johnson. But some people are slow learners.

The Obama New-Politics Express appears to be running a bit behind schedule, mowing down friends, advisors, and confidantes after, rather than before, they embarrass the candidate in a very public way.

In fairness to Barack Obama, though, it's got to be tough to be a "quick learner" when you grew up steeped in, and continue to represent, the oldest brand of politics America's Second City has to offer.

Changing the wrapper is easy, as Obama has shown with his Potemkin HopeChangeHopeChange campaign. Actually changing yourself, though, to represent and embody something different than the identity-politicking, underhanded, cronyist world you come from and have always worked in?

That would appear to be a far more difficult feat -- and it is one that Obama, if trying at all, is failing at miserably.

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Posted at 3:18pm on Jun. 9, 2008 Nick Lampson (Like ALL Democrats) Likes To Bite The Hands That Feed Him

By haystack

Ever notice how Democrats like to demonize those they promise to save us from while they surreptitiously take money from them all the same in order to get themselves re-elected? In today's episode of Democrat hypocrisy, let us consider the money Nick Lampson has received from the very groups he wants to make his potential voters believe are the biggest problem this country has ever faced.[mp3 audio] Lampson suggests there are 4 main industries that are getting all the money in our country. 1- Defense(not the troops but the defense industry) - the weapons makers. 2- Oil. 3- Insurance. 4- Pharmaceuticals. The money quote starts at 1:18:

"Across the board, where those industries are putting their finances into, you’ll see that politicians get the big contributions from the lobbyists who work for those four industries and they work on the legislators to pass the legislation that benefits those industries so that more money will go there.

So, I asked myself..."haystack? Where does Lampson get his campaign contributions?" and shock of all's from many of the same types of people he tells this audience are the biggest problem with the country today.

Hunh? Whodathunk?

I worked up a little summary from my clicking around a bit. Between 1998 and 2008 (near as I can figure), compliments of these 4 so-called evil industries, Lampson has dumped a lot of cash into his pockets:

Defense Oil/Gas Insurance Pharmaceuticals

$72,500 $92,923 $7,250 $14,000

He goes on to suggest the whole money game is an iron triangle. Funny, that. Out here in the sticks we use a triangle to call everyone home for supper. Wonder how long before Lampson goes hungry once his donors find out he's tearing them up behind their backs...

Oh, and by the way, it looks like Lampson received $329,117 in contributions from on top of that...boy howdy...he's doing pretty good for being out to save the little guy, ain't he?

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