Posted at 8:23am on Apr. 16, 2008 I take back all my criticism -- this is obviously money well spent

By RightMichigan.com

Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com

I guess we can consider this a day-after-tax-day surprise from Jennifer Granholm, John Cherry and the Michigan legislature.  As if it wasn't bad enough that folks had to write bigger checks yesterday to cover that massive tax hike they passed along to us last fall we get to see exactly how some of that money's being spent today.  

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Posted at 11:06am on Mar. 25, 2008 Lets Pretend the Movie Isn't About the War? That Might Work?

By Michelle Oddis

A few months ago I blogged about “Stop Loss” an anti war/anti military film that focuses on the militaries involuntary stop loss recruitment Stop-Loss policy. Stop Loss will be out in theaters this Friday. “You Fought for America, You Gave Everything...They Want More,” boasts the trailer for the film promoted by MTV Films.

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Posted at 2:44am on Feb. 5, 2008 Caricatures Of War

By Pejman Yousefzadeh

This essay is an important one for anyone who wants to know how the dominant narrative on Iraq--less dominant now that news of the success of the surge and the counterinsurgency plan have gotten out, but dominant still--has been developed and continues to be developed. The key ingredients are a fierce determination to stereotype the war and to refuse to listen to stories that might thrown a few gray patches into this black-and-white affair.

In short, it is yet another example of how "the reality-based community" utterly fails to live up to the name.

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Posted at 9:37am on Jan. 11, 2008 "Hollywood's year of the accidental mother" (comments)

By Alexham

The always awesome Colleen Carroll Campbell notes that strange things are afoot in Hollywood regarding its (collective) attitude about the (im)morality of abortion.

Posted at 1:59am on Nov. 21, 2007 Hollywood's "Social Conscience" In A Nutshell

By Dan McLaughlin

Julia Roberts designs Armani bracelet for World AIDS Day. Mother Theresa should have been so virtuous.

Posted at 3:36pm on Oct. 25, 2007 Commies, Reagan, the Blacklist, and Turner Classic Movies

By Paul J Cella

Read about it all here. Turner Classic Movies ought to be ashamed.

Posted at 12:36pm on Oct. 22, 2007 Hillary and Hollywood, while California burns

By Soren Dayton

Governor Schwarzenegger has announced a state of emergency. Thousands of Americans are losing their homes. They are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

What about Hillary? Hollywood is throwing her a birthday party, just miles away:

Rob Reiner sang a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday, Mrs. President" in honor of Senator Hillary Clinton at his Brentwood, California, home on Sunday evening.

Celebrities came to see to see Clinton, D-N.Y., and to celebrate in advance of the former first lady's 60th birthday. Although they didn't bring gifts, celebrities from Jamie Lee Curtis, Magic Johnson, Ted Danson, Bridget Moynihan and Chelsea Handler raised a half a million dollars for the Clinton campaign and enjoyed cocktails and hors deouvres in return.

Despite the massive fires miles away in Malibu, guests were greeted by men dressed in head to toe white, with lavender bow ties saying with "Welcome to the Reiner's," as they shuffled up and down the street parking Bentleys, Porsches, and BMWs.

I hope that the wind was blowing the right direction. I bet it's hard to get the ash and soot (of people's homes and dreams) off those "head to toe white" suits "with lavender bow ties."

Next time she's says she's fighting for Americans, remember that this is what she means.

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