James Webb

Posted at 12:43am on Jul. 8, 2008 Scratch Webb from the VP list.

Pity. I was pretty sure that we could have gotten him to flip out without too much trouble.

By Moe Lane

No, I'm not going to tell you my plan, because it's a), kind of lame; and b), if it actually would work, well, the man presumably will be running for re-election in four years. Anyway, via Hot Air I see that Webb has preemptively removed his name from consideration:

In a press release issued Monday, Webb said that he expressed to Senator Obama and Obama's presidential campaign his intent to stay in the U.S. Senate.

Webb has represented Virginia in the U.S. Senate as a Democrat for one-and-a-half years.

Webb said, "Last week I communicated to Senator Obama and his presidential campaign my firm intention to remain in the United States Senate, where I believe I am best equipped to serve the people of Virginia and this country. Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for Vice President."

Read on.

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Posted at 9:50am on May 29, 2008 Putting the Webb VP speculation in perspective.

Short version: Please pick this man. Oh, *please*, pick this man.

By Moe Lane

I've been officially undecided whether Obama (assuming that he gets the nomination) picking Webb for the VP slot is a good idea, or a bad one: but this roundup of reactions by James Joyner to the idea (see also Ross Douthat, Yglesias guest-blogger Cathy G*, The American Conservative for a take from a demographic that Obama might theoretically want to go after, and last but definitely not least, BeldarBlog, who would have as much fun with this as I would) (H/T: Glenn) has convinced me: if Obama gets the nod, he should go with James Webb.

It'll be a gas. We have years and years of the man's comments and observations, and while his convenient apostasy may have been acceptable for a Virginia Senate campaign, Webb will not be able to run as a stealth Republican in the general election. He'll be the running mate of a man who has Code Pink leader Jodie Evans bundling for him (via Melanie Morgan); it is not only acceptable, but actually necessary to pin the man down on whether he was lying then, or lying now, about what he believes in. And the really funny part is: you know that temper thing that Democrats keep trying to pin on McCain? Yeah, well, let's just say that Jim Webb may not be exactly the most phlegmatic guy in the world, and leave it at that.

So by all means, Senator Obama: please go with this guy.


Moe Lane

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