William Jefferson

Posted at 11:08am on Jul. 4, 2008 Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-LA): Not Guilty of Bribery, Because He's a Thief

By Vladimir

Or so goes the apparent defense that Jefferson's attorney will mount in his Dec. 2 trial on corruption and bribery charges.

Jefferson will be a Superdelegate at the Democratic national Convention Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

Bribery defense hinges on risky tack

Jefferson has promised an "honorable explanation" will be provided at his trial, which is scheduled for Dec. 2, and has so far declined to elaborate.

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Posted at 11:44am on Jun. 21, 2008 Sister of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) Cops a Plea

By Vladimir

Jefferson sibling pleads guilty in fraud

Bill Jefferson's sister Brenda copped a plea on Wednesday, agreeing to exchange testimony against brother Mose, sister Betty Jefferson, and neice Angela Coleman in exchange for a lesser charge of misprison of a felony -- basically, knowledge of and failure to report a crime.

Dealing a blow to her family's hang-tough legal posture, Brenda Jefferson, the youngest sister of embattled U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, pleaded guilty Wednesday to concealing her knowledge of a conspiracy to skim money from nonprofit groups controlled by relatives.

The plea marked the first admission of guilt by a member of the Jefferson family, five of whom have been charged with federal crimes in the past year.

In doing so, Brenda Jefferson agreed to provide truthful cooperation, according to her plea agreement. A summary of the government's case against her, which she signed, says she knew of and participated in various schemes being carried out by relatives who are now facing corruption charges. Brenda Jefferson also said that two of her family members charged in the charity scandal made out checks to her from the charities' accounts, then forged the endorsement and deposited the money in their own accounts.

While Brenda's testimony may not directly bear on the bribery and racketeering charges against Bill, it is the first crack in the previously solid wall presented by the Jefferson clan.

Rep. Jefferson will serve his party at its August convention as a superdelegate, as will Mose Jefferson's Main Squeeze Renee Gill-Pratt. Rep. Jefferson has declared his intention to run for reelection this fall. His Federal trail is scheduled for December.

In today's editorial, the Times-Picayune calls for Bill to step aside.

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Posted at 9:11am on Jun. 18, 2008 LA-02: Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) Announces Reelection Bid

By Vladimir

While defending his a$$ in court, ...

Jefferson will defend his seat in Congress

Personally, I think anyone who casts a vote for any Democrat for office anywhere should be held to account for this shameless clown. This will be his second election while under indictment on bribery, corruption and racketeering charges stemming from the August 2005 search of his residence that discovered $90,000 in FBI cash hidden in his freezer.

The entire extended Jefferson clan have systematically exploited government funds intended for their needy constituent base in the New Orleans inner city for a generation. At what point do their crimes merit prosecution under RICO?

Jefferson will serve his party as a superdelegate at its August convention, as will family associate Renee Gill-Pratt.


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Posted at 8:28am on Jun. 15, 2008 LA-02: Reelection Prospects of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)

By Vladimir

Well, this should be entertaining.

Odds facing Rep. Jefferson's re-election bid grow longer

In a nutshell, in the district, Democrats have a 6-1 edge. This is the first time 'round for closed primaries and a Dem vs Repub runoff in the general. The three day qualifying period closes July 11.

State Sen. Karen Carter (D), who Jefferson narrowly beat in the last election, may or may not run. State Sen. Derrick Shepherd (D), who ran third, is facing Federal money-laundering charges and will not run.

The fallout [from the scandals revolving around Jefferson, his entire extended family, his political machine, and everyone in Orleans Parish named "Jefferson"] appears to have put a serious crimp in William Jefferson's fundraising. Heading into the 2006 election, he had a $325,000 war chest. Jefferson's latest finance report shows that as of March 31, he had $57,000 in the bank, plus more than $255,000 in debt. The latter sum included nearly $190,000 of his own money loaned to the 2006 campaign.


With Jefferson enmeshed in controversy, challengers have begun to eye his seat, which represents most of New Orleans, most of Jefferson Parish's West Bank and parts of south Kenner. Though nearly a month remains before the July 9 start of the three-day qualifying period, state Rep. Cedric Richmond of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee announced last week that they are running. Former WDSU-TV news anchor Helena Moreno is expected to declare her candidacy July 8. All three are Democrats.

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Posted at 6:04pm on Jun. 13, 2008 The Case of the People vs Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)

By Vladimir

Trial set for Dec. 2. After the election. Naturally.

Posted at 12:13am on Jun. 5, 2008 Not to pile onto William Jefferson (D, LA-2) (Super-delegate*)...

...Oh, by the way? In his *FREEZER.*

By Moe Lane

...Constant Reader Vladimir is covering the latest controversy between Jefferson and the government. But guess what? Yup, the net's been cast wider (via Instapundit):

Indicted: 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson
by Gordon Russell and David Hammer, The Times-Picayune

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten announced this afternoon that 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson, an elder sister of U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, has been indicted on a host of fraud-related charges by a federal grand jury. Also indicted were Jefferson's daughter, Angela Coleman, and her brother, the previously indicted Mose Jefferson.

The charges are the culmination of a probe into charities run by members of the Jefferson family and their allies. In a rare move, the FBI announced it was investigating the nonprofits after a 2006 Times-Picayune story revealed apparent self-dealing at them.

And yes, before you ask: I know that the Democratic Party doesn't actually give a tinker's dam about civic corruption unless they can hang it around a Republican's neck. Jefferson's continuing place in the House Caucus is proof enough of that. But it does make me feel better, at least, to note this sort of thing.

Moe Lane

*Senator Obama, of course: Senator Clinton has more sense. She certainly has more than the DNC, given that they're letting him have a vote in their Presidential selection process.

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Posted at 10:57pm on Jun. 4, 2008 Cash Management, a la Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)

By Vladimir

Or: Secrets of the Yahyah Brotherhood

There is already a serious problem with the government's case, according to the new Jefferson brief.

The 16-count indictment returned one year ago by a Virginia grand jury, makes mention of a secretly recorded conversation between Jefferson and cooperating government witness Lori Mody. According to the FBI transcript, Mody asked the congressman if he delivered the $100,000 in cash she had provided him to the Nigerian vice president. Jefferson, according to the transcript, said the "African art" -- which prosecutors say was code for cash -- had been delivered to the vice president.

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Posted at 7:04pm on May 31, 2008 In the Matter of the U.S. vs Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)

By Vladimir

An update on the trial status, just because it's important not to forget...

Judge turns down Jefferson's plea to throw out charges

Jefferson's lawyer challenged most of the charges, on the basis that, in order for a Congressional Representative to be bribed, he must be engaged in his "official duties". Or something like that. I guess the assertion is that Bill Jefferson's influence peddling is more of a pastime, and not an official duty.

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Posted at 11:26am on Apr. 26, 2008 More Fingerpointing at Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-LA) and Brother Mose

By Vladimir

In 2004, one of the partners of high-powered New Orleans law firm Adams and Reese was caught having transferred some $30 million from a clients' trust account into his personal Swiss bank account.

Not blogworthy.

Of course, this guy was a "gaming" specialist, and the alleged web of intrigue extends to former Governor and current Federal "guest" Edwin W. Edwards (D) and associates.

Not blogworthy.

But this scrumptious little tidbit is buried in the article, which should be of interest to my fellow RedStaters: in the process of giving back the $30 million and getting right with Jesus, said barrister claimed knowledge of seven-figure bribes paid to Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) and his brother and partner-in-crime Mose Jefferson, with the intention of influencing Jefferson protege and disgraced former New Orleans DA Eddie Jordan. Furthermore, he alleges that the information was turned over to Federal prosecutors and ignored.

HI-YO! Please read on...

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Posted at 8:54am on Apr. 11, 2008 Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) Fingered in Money Laundering Case

By Vladimir

Both Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) and his sister, Betty Jefferson, are reportedly implicated as co-conspirators in the money-laundering indictment of State Sen. Derrick Sheppard (D - Marrero).

Bill Jefferson is currently awaiting trial on 16 counts of bribery. He is also awaiting the Democratic National Convention, where as a superdelegate he will help select the party's Presidential nominee. His brother Mose was recently indicted in a separate public bribery case involving the Orleans Parish School Board.

Read on . . .

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Posted at 9:06am on Apr. 9, 2008 Paragons of Virtue: New Orleans' Jefferson Clan

By Vladimir

Because I ... just ... can't ... help ... myself.

Mose Jefferson pleads innocent

Mose is the older brother of U.S. Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), the Democratic superdelegate who is currently awaiting trial on 16 counts of bribery &etc. Mose's girlfriend is ex-N.O. city councilwoman Renee Gill-Pratt, also a member of the extended Jefferson clan and Democratic superdelegate.

As we have found on many previous occasions, if there is a Public Teat on which to be sucked, there you will find a Jefferson.

Among the article's juicy tidbits:

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Posted at 6:44pm on Apr. 2, 2008 Mose Jefferson, Brother of Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-LA), Indicted

By Vladimir

This is a story of an extended family who has raised Sucking The Public Teat to an art form.

Mose Jefferson, older brother of the illustrious Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA, he of the $90,000 in his freezer!), was indicted today by a Federal grand jury. Mose is charged with bribery of a public official.

Indicted congressman's brother charged with paying bribes

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Posted at 9:53pm on Apr. 1, 2008 In the Matter of Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-LA): SCOTUS Declines to Review Appeal

By Vladimir

This appeal has to do with the fact that FBI agents removed documents from the Congressman's office. The other appeal, yet to be heard, has to do with the admissibility of grand jury testimony of Jefferson's Congressional staffers.

Administration Rebuffed on House Office Search

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration failed on Monday to persuade the Supreme Court to hear its argument that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s highly unusual search of a Louisiana congressman’s office nearly two years ago was carried out properly.

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Posted at 1:14pm on Mar. 21, 2008 The Trial of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), Superdelegate

By Vladimir

Way cleared for Congressman Jefferson's appeal

Every man is entitled to his day in court. It's time Rep. William Jefferson of New Orleans, now the dean of Louisiana's congressional delegation and Superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention, had his.

The issue that is under appeal is whether it was proper to question Jefferson's staffers as part of the grand jury inquiry into his, um, alleged ethical shortcomings. As I understand it, the case against him is not built upon the testimony of his staff; rather, a key piece of evidence seems to be the wads of FBI cash that were wrapped in Saran Wrap and stuffed into frozen green bean boxes in his freezer. No, the testimony of the staff was used to establish that Congressman Jefferson had been active in African trade legislation back in the 1990's, which supports, but is not central to the prosecution's case.

But when you're a Congressman trying to keep a death-grip on that sugar teat of a job and the local, state and national influence that goes along with it, prosecutorial abuse such as that suffered by the intrepid Congressman challenges the sacred principle of separation of powers that our country was founded upon, your honor, yes, even our beloved Constitution itself!

Blah, blah, blah, yaketa-schmaketa. More below the fold. Emphasis gleefully added.

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Posted at 12:00pm on Feb. 21, 2008 The Trial of Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA): Judge's Ruling Appealed

By Vladimir

Appeal To Stall Jefferson Trial For Months

Well, this should make for an interesting election season. Let's just hope that the timing of Jefferson's trial, if it comes to that, doesn't interfere with his participation as a superdelegate at the Democratic convention. [Or, for that matter, the superdelegate status of Renee Gill-Pratt, part of the Jefferson coterie, and brother Mose Jefferson's main squeeze. Gill-Pratt is the ex-N.O. City Councilwoman who ended up driving a late-model SUV that FEMA thought it had donated to the city of New Orleans after Katrina, but that's a topic for a whole 'nother blog.]

Note that if Jefferson's contentions prevail (namely 1) that Congressmen can't be guilty of bribery unless they change their votes on the floor, and 2) that grand jury testimony of congressional staffers is a violation of the separation of powers), then our esteemed Congressional representatives will pretty much have a green light to participate in all kind of shenanigans without fear of prosecution.


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